homemade Arby's venison sandwich

Sous Vide Venison

  By Sous Vide Guy    

February 26, 2018

If you think you don't like venison but haven't tried it sous vide yet, your opinion is VERY likely to change once you do. This traditionally tough and gamey meat turns remarkably tender and mouth-watering after a 3 hour water bath.

  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Cook: 3 hrs
homemade Arby's venison sandwich


Thick cut venison steak

Sea Salt

Cracked Black Pepper

Garlic powder (optional)

Avocado Oil (or another high smoke point oil for searing)



1Pre-heat water bath to your ideal temperature (see chart above).

2Generously season the venison with sea salt, cracked black pepper, and garlic powder, if preferred.

3Vacuum seal the venison or place it in a heavy duty Ziploc bag using the water displacement method.


1Place bagged venison in water bath and cook for 2 hours. If your venison steak is larger than 2" or frozen, increase it to 3 hours.

2Remove venison and pat dry with paper towels.


1Pre-heat cast iron pan on medium-high heat and add avocado oil (or another high smoke point oil).

2Sear steak on hot cast iron pan for approximately 1 minute, flipping every 15 seconds.

3Add butter and any aromatics to the pan for added flavor and crispness. Sear for an additional 30 seconds.

4(Optional) Break out the searing torch if you're feeling adventurous for a perfect crust.


1Before serving, use a spoon to top the venison with the leftover juices and butter from the pan - this will help further develop the crust and add flavor.

2Cut against the grain. Serve as a steak, or craft yourself a homemade Arby's venison sandwich!


3 Reviews


November 24, 2019

The recipe says to cook at a temperature from the “chart above” but there is no chart in this posting

Samuel Sachs

June 19, 2019

Why is there no temperature setting on this recipe??

Caleb D.

December 21, 2018

Great way to cook vension that you don’t necessarily want to add as Steak.. I wouldn’t add the vension frozen, it skews all of the timings AND, the meat isn’t as tender.

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