sous vide shrimp

Sous Vide Shrimp

  By Sous Vide Guy    

January 31, 2018

Cooking shrimp is incredibly simple, but there's nothing worse than overcooked shrimp. Take the guesswork out of cooking and improve the flavor by cooking your shrimp sous vide directly in your favorite marinade.

  • Prep: 5 mins
  • Cook: 20 mins
sous vide shrimp


1lb fresh shrimp (peeled)

2 tbsp Butter

1 Shallot

Salt/pepper to taste


[120F for 20 minutes] Soft texture, but still nearly raw.

[130F for 20 minutes] My favorite temperature as it has significantly more of a bite to it, yet still super tender. Color is also more opaque instead of translucent.

[140F for 20 minutes] Traditional texture (bite) but much juicier than you can achieve with ordinary cooking methods.


1Preheat water bath to your desired temperature shown above; I prefer 130F.

2(Optional) Kenji J Lopez-Alt of Serious Eats suggests adding a tiny bit of baking powder to the shrimp 30 minutes before cooking to improve the texture. I agree with this!

3Gently place the shrimp in a large Ziploc freezer bag. You can use a vacuum sealer as well, but it may deform their shape a bit. Add 2 tbps of butter and a chopped shallot to the bag. (Here is when you can really get creative - as you can cook the shrimp directly in any marinade you plan on using, such as the chipotle lime in the picture of this recipe.)

4Place bag into the water bath using the water displacement method.

5Cook for 20 minutes if fresh, or about 30 minutes if frozen.

6Remove and serve; or finish them off with a QUICK cast iron sear.


1 Review

Greg J

March 10, 2021

Finally making shrimp the first time with the perfect texture. Not chewy and overcooked… Thanks!

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