Learn Sous Vide Book

Simply Sous Vide cookbook

Perfect steaks shouldn’t be exclusive to expensive restaurants.

Fluff-free and full of flavor, Learn Sous Vide will open the world of food perfection by giving you a foundational understanding of sous vide, including thorough equipment guides, tips and hacks, step-by-step searing instructions, and core recipes every newbie should master.




The Ultimate Beginners Guide

In Simply Sous Vide: The No-Nonsense Beginners Guide to Cooking Sous Vide, you’ll first learn everything you need to know about sous vide equipment – sous vide machines, water baths, vacuum sealers (do you need one?), sous vide bags, and even sous vide torches! Here’s a peek at the table of contents.

From there you’ll learn how to prepare and cook your food, including what temperatures and times are appropriate for different meats. Another important section is the searing guide – searing your food is often the critical final step to a sous vide cook that turns an great tasting meal to an unforgettable one.

searing guide from the book

Recipes Every Beginner Must Know

In the final section of the book, Derek shares his favorite sous vide recipes that all beginners should learn and master. These recipes form the building blocks of sous vide cooking that will allow you to expand into more elaborate meals as you gain experience.

All recipes come with awesome full-color photos, and cover every type of dish you can imagine, including: Steaks and Beef, Pork, Chicken, Lamb, Seafood, Eggs, Vegetables, and even Desserts.

recipes from the book

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