Amazing Sous Vide Black Friday Deals 2020

Let’s face it, cooking up the holiday meal – even 2020’s abbreviated version – has to be the ultimate test in determining which of your kitchen appliances is truly your trusted friend and which needs to be kicked to the curb. Right? I mean, who needs to discover that when the pressure’s on, your blender / microwave / electric carving knife (insert name of offending appliance here) isn’t up to the task?

So, how unfortunate for that dodgy food processor that black is back and its better than ever with Amazon’s deeply discounted Black Friday sales event. Tip of the day: while it officially kicks off on Friday, November 27, Amazon releases new deals every hour on the hour, starting the week of Black Friday. And this means that prices on all your favorite brand name appliances are going to start to nose dive as early as the Monday before. Yes, starting November 23, you can start to peruse some of those extra special deals and maybe even pick up some new holiday essentials to employ on the day of the big cook-off.

Now unlike most retailers, Amazon doesn’t send out a big flyer to announce what, when, and how much you can save on purchases. What it does is deliver deep deals on an extraordinary array of items. Have you been coveting a brand new stainless-steel Sous Vide cooker? What about that 12-in-1 Instant Pot? Don’t wait to see if all your hints to family will see it end up under the tree – take charge and pick one up for yourself. And at the prices you’re about to see, you might also want to pick one up for someone special on your Christmas list.

But hold onto your apron strings, because there’s more. Amazon is notorious for their surprise Deal of the Day offers that deliver a range of deeply discounted items for, well, just one day. And with their Lightning Deals, they feature new items as frequently as every five minutes. Seriously, it’s hot products at unbelievably low prices and you’ve got just 300 seconds to say “I want that” before they revert back to their original pricing.

Now, for those who don’t want to see all those extra savings used on up pesky delivery charges, you really need to sign up for Amazon Prime membership. Free shipping, fast turnaround and a wealth of other benefits await you. From Prime Video with unlimited streaming of movies and TV, to Prime Music for ad-free listening to hundreds of Prime Playlists. And if you’re like me and only want top-quality ingredients in your culinary creations, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without Prime Fresh. This perk lets you purchase all your grocery needs on-line while also receiving year-round deals when shopping at everyone’s favorite, Whole Foods Market.

Best of all, Amazon’s offer to those who just can’t make a decision is the opportunity to try Prime free for 30 days. Just click here to become a member and start enjoying the benefits from the moment you make your first purchase.

Yes, its time to introduce some new friends to your kitchen and housewares family. So, get ready to block some time and claim the comfy chair… because you’re going shopping and we’re here to help!

Live Black Friday Sous Vide Deals

Belifu Vacuum Sealer Machine – Save 51%

While you can use a regular ziplock bag when you’re in a hurry, for truly superb sous vide results, you’ll want to use a vacuum-sealed pouch. It will completely prevent the air from getting in, lock in all those juice and flavors, and ensure that the temperature is evenly distributed across the contents of the pouch. This automatic vacuum bag sealer will make the process of sealing sous vide pouches fast and effortless- as well as fully customizable as it has a built-in cutter bar that prevents waste of bags and allows you to get tailored pouch sizes for each meal.

In addition to the vacuum sealer machine, you’ll also get 5 medium vacuum bags, 5 large vacuum bags, and one extra-long vacuum bag roll. It also comes with an air suction hose that helps you suck out the air out of various containers, so you won’t be limited to sous vide use- this is an all-around useful machine to have in your kitchen.

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GERYON Vacuum Sealer – Save 44%

This vacuum sealer is sleek, compact, and versatile. It works with standard vacuum sealing bags and bags with folded sides- it fits up to 12” wide vacuum sealer bags and rolls with texture on sides, so you can adapt the size of the roll to your needs. It is a great choice if you want something that’s simple to use but gives you great results: it might not have any bells and whistles, but it gets the job done remarkably well.

To make this vacuum sealer beginner-friendly, it comes with 5 heat-seal bags and one vacuum bag roll, so you’ll have everything you need to get started in one place.

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HadinEEon Sous Vide Immersion Circulator – Save 53%

To make restaurant-quality meals at home, you’ll need a reliable, high-quality sous vide cooker. This immersion circulator is a great choice if you want something that’s affordable, compact, and simple to use. It is not Bluetooth or WiFi-enabled- which is a fault in some people’s eyes but a big advantage for others- so you won’t be able to remotely control it, but on the other hand, this makes operating it a no brainer. Just set the time and temperature with the controls and you’re all set. No fussy apps or additional cost to use it!

Don’t be fooled by this cooker’s simplicity, though, as it is quite a performer. With 1000W of power and a temperature range of 32℉-194℉ (0℃-90℃), this elegant sous vide cooker is more than capable of tackling all kinds of sous vide meals with ease.

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Anova Culinary AN500-US00 Sous Vide Precision Cooker – Save 30%

For those of you that want to make the most out of what technology offers us, this innovative sous vide precision cooker will be just the thing. With a WiFi connection, this immersion circulator can be remotely controlled through an app, which is great if you want to monitor the process while you’re away, but it’s not the only advantage. The app also comes pre-loaded with thousands of exclusive recipes tailored for sous vide cooking, so you’ll never lack inspiration or sources for your next sous vide meal.

The impressive temperature range of 77°F to 210°F (25°C to 99°C) makes this versatile and powerful sous vide cooker suited for all your cooking endeavors, whether you’re preparing a big family dinner or a meal for one.

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Dash DBBM450GBAQ08 Deluxe Sous Vide Style Egg Bite Maker with Silicone Molds – Save 26%

If you love Sous Vide egg bites from Starbucks but don’t want to spend a pretty penny to enjoy them or put in the effort to make them with a regular sous vide cooker, this nifty gadget comes to the rescue. Designed specifically to help you make sous vide style egg bites without any extra equipment- or hassle- it makes the process foolproof and effortless. The device includes 4 silicone molds in which you put your egg mixture, close the device, and cook. The auto-shutoff feature prevents overcooking and will turn off the machine when the eggs are ready. That’s it!

Compact and easy to store, this egg bite maker is ideal for beginners- it’s both easy to use and comes with a recipe book and recipe database access so you won’t be short on ideas or cooking advice.

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KitchenBoss vacuum sealer bags – Save 43%

Vacuum sealer bags in a roll are a part of every serious sous vide enthusiast- they make the process smoother and more efficient. This set includes 3 rolls that measure 8″ by 16.5” and 3 rolls that are 11″ by 16.5”. They are convenient to use even if your vacuum sealer doesn’t have a built-in bag cutter as they come packaged in special cutting boxes that allow you to quickly and efficiently cut the bags to the desired size.

BPA-free and FDA-approved, these transparent bags are ideal for sous vide use since they are both non-toxic and fully customizable size-wise. To boot, the design incorporates embossed air-removal channels to further improve efficiency.

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Reusable Storage Bags – Save 38%

You can be eco-friendly and get to enjoy sous vide both: if you are not too crazy about the idea of disposable plastic bags every time you prepare a meal, there are equally effective alternatives that are good for the planet. Made from food-grade & refillable PEVA material, these reusable bags offer a way to do sous vide without wasting vacuum sealer bags or Ziploc bags: once you’re finished with cooking, simply hand wash them and reuse- indefinitely!

The set includes 12 bags in 3 sizes: 2 gallon-sized bags, 6 sandwich bags, and 4 snack-sized bags, so you can use these to prepare a wide range of sous vide meals- from family dinners to sauces and sides.

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