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About SousVideGuy

While Sous Vide has been around for a while, we’ve been watching the technique take off over the past few years with anticipation. That’s when we decided to put our passion to paper (so to speak), and help guide you with the ideas, recipes, and equipment needed to make a truly exceptional sous vide experience. Our goal is to help you achieve a better understanding of how to bring sous vide into your home. We know how sous vide brings out the true flavors of whatever it is you’re eating and we want everyone to experience it! Feel free to let your creativity run wild – no matter if you’re new to the technique or an experienced hand, SousVideGuy.com offers tips and tricks for every kind of sous vide chef.

Editorial Staff:

Jack Lawson

Jack’s interest in kitchen started young when he and his father, Peter, pretended to have their own cooking show called Rocket Chef and Billy Bob. Since then his interest has only grown to include many distinct flavors and cultural traditions. Part of what makes food great is its diversity plus the combination of both art and science. Sous vide is the perfect extension of these two prongs.