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Granite is a popular and beautiful choice for kitchen countertops. And why not? It’s 100 percent natural, extremely durable, and available in hundreds of colors. However, as beautiful as it is, this igneous, crystalline rock needs care and maintenance if it is going to retain its good looks.

Granite is porous and if it’s not regularly treated with a special granite sealer, the surface could absorb oils, juice and wine, which will be impossible to remove. Even worse, bacteria can also infiltrate granite if it’s not sealed properly. That’s why if you are considering granite for your kitchen countertops where you will be preparing food, it’s important to have a granite sealer to make the surface impenetrable.

If you use your kitchen countertops daily, you might need to reseal the granite at least one a year, if not more. To help you find the right granite sealer for your needs, we’ve curated a list of the best you can purchase online.

1. Editor’s Choice: Granite Gold Water-Based Sealing to Preserve and Protect Granite

If you are thinking of upgrading your kitchen with granite countertops, then you’ll want to be prepared to care for them properly to maintain their beautiful surface and retain the durability for which they are famous. To do that, you’re going to need a granite sealer to get the job done.

We’ve chosen this one from Granite Gold as our top pick for a number of reasons. The water-based sealer checks off a lot of boxes for a relatively eco-friendly experience. The formula is non-toxic, non-acidic, pH balanced and safe for food-prep surfaces. It is also biodegradable, contains no phosphates or ammonia and has no offensive odors.

The sealer is highly effective in sealing granite with a simple spray and wipe process. Once the counter is clean and dry, spray on the sealer, immediately wipe it into the stone and then buff it dry with a lint-free cloth. Repeat two or three times and in two or three hours, you can use the counter again.

This sealer will protect granite, marble and all other natural stone surfaces against stains, etches and soil build-up.


  • Easy spray and wipe application
  • Free of phosphates and ammonia
  • Biodegradable


  • Must do small sections and buff immediately
  • Don’t let the sealer dry before buffing off or it will leave a dull film

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2. Runner Up: Trinova Granite Sealer & Protector

Our runner-up pick is from Trinova, a brand that is well-known for its products that protect everything from granite and other natural stone to fabric and leather. The water-based granite sealer has an emulsified polymer formula with no dangerous or volatile chemicals to worry about.

The product is suitable for granite as well as marble, quartz, quartzite, travertine and soapstone. Like most granite sealers, it’s important to clean the surface of the stone thoroughly before applying. The spray formula is composed of a blend of polymers that penetrate the stone’s porous surface and act as a layer of protection to keep stains from seeping in and becoming permanent. It also prevents water spotting and keeps food from sticking.

This granite sealer has also been enhanced to provide granite surfaces with a glossy shine. You can also use it on the grout in your shower or bath tiles to guard against stains. The downside of this choice, however, is that the brand recommends using it at least once a month to prevent stains.


  • Water-based formula
  • A blend of polymers that penetrate the surface
  • Leaves a glossy shine


  • Needs to be used monthly for best results

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3. Best Set: Rock Doctor Granite & Quartz Care Kit

When sealing your granite counters, it’s important to clean the surface first. Of course, you can use any cleaner that you want, but how convenient it would be to have a granite care kit that has a sealer plus and cleaner and a polisher, complete maintenance in one package.

The Rock Doctor granite sealer kit comes with one can each of cleaner, sealer and polish. All three products work on a variety of stone surfaces such as granite, marble, quartz, limestone and Corian, although some surfaces such as Corian and other pre-fabricated stone do not require a sealer.

The cleaner has a non-abrasive, non-acidic, streak-free formula specifically designed to safely clean all stone countertops, vanities, and tabletops and will not harm the seal on the stone. Once the counter is clean, the water-based sealer will cover approximately 100 square feet and protect the surface from moisture and stains. Finally, the polish is the last step, leaving a water-resistant protective coating on the surface to help safeguard against glass rings, spills and etching.


  • Convenient set of three granite care products
  • Comes in 100 percent recyclable metal cans
  • Affordable


  • Not everyone will want the cleaner and polish
  • Some users complained of a harsh odor

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4. Best Two-in-One: Black Diamond Stoneworks GRANITE PLUS! Cleaner & Sealer

When using most granite sealers, you need to make sure the surface you want to seal is clean before applying the sealer. What’s great about this product, is that it cleans and seals at the same time, saving you time.

This granite cleaner and sealer from Black Diamond is safe for surfaces that come in contact with food, with a pH neutral, no-rinse hypoallergenic formula. Although it’s not a stand-alone sealer, which means you will need to use a good sealer once every three years to really penetrate the porous surface, this cleaner’s built-in sealer makes surfaces easier to clean and will protect it against staining. It will also help to protect your countertop against oil, coffee, food, wine, peanut butter and other residue. In fact, you can use it every day for cleaning, each time fortifying the performance of the granite sealer you will use every three years.

This product is safe to use on marble, travertine, limestone, ceramic, quartz, Corian and Silestone. Just spray onto the counter and wipe clean with a dry cloth until dry.


  • Hypoallergenic formula
  • No rinsing
  • Cleaner and sealer in one


  • Not a stand-alone sealer, needs to be used in conjunction with a granite sealer

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5. Best Color Enhancer: Tenax Ager Color Enhancing Granite Sealer

This granite sealer from Tenax will not only give your granite and other stone surfaces protection against stains, but it will also leave your countertops looking shiny. Although it doesn’t polish stone, it is generally applied to sanded or smoothed surfaces to give a wet look.

This resin-based sealer will also enhance the color of the stone, with each application bringing out a deeper, richer hue. It will also conveniently solve the problem of color matching between a surface previously polished with a resin polish and a lighter colored polished edge of the same material.

The one-quart size covers around 160 to 180 square feet. Make sure the surface is cleaned and once applied, the sealer will dry in about 60 minutes. It will take about 24 hours for the full water-repellent feature to take. It’s important to follow the instructions, use the granite sealer in a well-ventilated area and wear chemical resistant gloves to protect your hands.


  • Leaves a wet look on the surface
  • Brings out the stone’s natural colors with each application
  • Dries in 60 minutes, cures in 24 hours


  • Pricey
  • Needs to be applied in a well-ventilated area

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6. Best Long-Lasting: Clean-eez Grout & Granite Penetrating Sealer

This grout and granite sealer is a bit more expensive than some others on this list but since it seals grout and granite, at the end of the day, you’re getting more for your hard-earned dollars.

The water-based sealer is almost odor-free and will penetrate deep into the grout or stone without changing the look of the surface. The long-lasting formula is easy to apply, even if you’re sealing grout on the tile floor of your bathroom. The manufacturer suggests applying the sealer using  a paint brush taped to a broom pole. Let it sit for five minutes and then mop off with a clean mop.

The sealer will protect your granite countertops against all water and oil-based stains, and allow you to easily clean all types of foods, grease, wine, coffee stains, and even soap scum. It is also suitable to seal slate, quartz and marble.

The grout and granite sealer also comes with a microfiber towel to apply your sealer, and then you can also use it to do daily cleaning and polishing of your stone countertops and vanities.


  • Seals granite and grout
  • Water-based formula
  • Protects against oil and water-based stains


  • A bit pricey

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7. Best Multi-Purpose: 386 Professional Granite Sealer and Polish

With this product from 386 Professional, you’ll be able to seal your granite surfaces and polish them at the same time. The multi-purpose sealer was specifically formulated to help protect natural stone surfaces and maintain their shine.

The multi-functional formula helps to smooth out imperfections and fill in tiny cracks on professionally sealed and polished surfaces. Once applied, it forms a protective finish that ultimately gives the stone surfaces its shine and a smooth feel. The protective coating also helps guard against stains, dirt, hard water spots, etching, abrasions, glass rings, moisture and UV damage.

You can use this granite sealer on most natural stone surfaces such as granite, quartz, marble or travertine and on kitchen countertops, shower and bath walls, bathroom vanities and tabletops. It also comes with a 300 GSM microfiber applicator cloth. This granite sealer will last up to six months before you will need to reapply, however, it’s important to note that this does not replace a professional penetrating sealer.


  • Sealer and polish in one
  • Includes a microfiber cloth
  • Last up to six months


  • Not the same as a professional penetrating sealer

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8. Also Consider: Miracle Sealants 511QT6 511 Impregnator Sealer

If you have a lot of natural stone tile and countertops in your home, then you may want to consider this one-quart size sealer from Miracle Sealants. This product can be used inside or outside on a variety of surfaces such as sanded grout, ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glazed tile, stucco, travertine, marble, slate, granite and terrazzo and protects against water, stains and slippage.

This large size covers up to 1,000 square feet, giving you a lot of value for the price and allowing you to care for all of your natural stone surfaces. The granite sealer’s formula is oil and water resistant and creates an invisible, impermeable barrier to provide stain protection that is UV transparent and resists all weather conditions.

Easy to apply, you will need a clean, white lint-free rag, a Miracle Sealants applicator sponge and applicator tray. Then, wipe on the sealer, wait three to five minutes and wipe off any excess sealer. Repeat once, and you’re done. You’ll need to wait three to five hours for it to dry to touch and for best results, keep the area dry and free from staining agents for 72 hours.


  • Value size
  • Covers up to 1,000 square feet
  • Can be used inside or outside


  • Need to use a special applicator and tray

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Some commonly asked questions:

Why use a granite sealer?

Most of the granite you have in your home, be it countertops, vanities or tile, don’t need to be sealed if it has been done professionally at the time of purchase. That being said, regularly applying a sealer to your granite or other natural stone surfaces will help to protect it against dirt and spills that can cause etching and staining.

Although granite is moisture-resistant, it is also porous. Using a sealer will block liquids from seeping into the granite and a properly sealed countertop will cause water or other liquids to bead on the surface. This is especially important if you use grape juice, red wine, cooking oil and fat on or near your granite surfaces, because all of these can discolor your beautiful granite if it is able to penetrate the surface.

How often does a granite surface need to be sealed?

Many natural stone professionals recommend sealing granite kitchen countertops once a year. However, that is a general rule of thumb because the reality is, different kinds and pieces of granite and other stone have different levels of porousness. Some countertops may have to be sealed more often than others. If you want to know if your granite countertop needs to be sealed, there is a simple test you can do. Drip a tablespoon or two of water onto different areas of the countertop. If it beads up, you have a good seal. If the water soaks into the granite, it’s time to get out the granite sealer and protect the surface.

Is it difficult to seal a granite surface?

Most granite sealers are easy to apply. It generally consists of spraying, pouring or wiping the sealer on the surface and waiting a pre-determined amount of time. Some sealers need to be applied in small areas at a time for the best results. Each brand will recommend a time to wait after application, and that can be anywhere from three minutes to 15 minutes or more, so it’s important to follow the directions. The next step is to wipe off any excess sealer and then buff it dry. Sometimes, depending on the product you choose, you may have to reapply two or three times.

Are granite sealers toxic?

Many granite sealers are water-based and food safe, which means you can use them on your kitchen countertop. In fact, if you will be using the sealer on countertops where you will prepare food, make sure you choose a product that is designated food safe. You can also look for one that has an ammonia- and phosphate-free formula that is also biodegradable.

However, it’s important to note that some granite sealers are resin-based. These contain harsh chemicals that can produce odors. It’s important to read the instructions to see the safest way to apply the sealer, and on which surfaces it works best.

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