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Have you been thinking about stocking up on food, or are you the type of person who has always bought food in bulk, just in case you ever need it and you can’t get to the grocery store or you just don’t want to have to leave the house? Well, keeping extra food on hand can definitely be a smart move during an emergency, and it can also come in handy when you suddenly realize that you ran out of the ingredients you need to prepare a meal for your family.

The problem, though, is that a standard freezer (the one that is built into your refrigerator) might not give you the room that you need to keep all of the frozen foods you want to store for later use. So, for long-term storage of a variety of ingredients, consider getting a chest freezer.

You Can Find the Right Chest Freezer for Your Home and Your Expectations

Chest freezers come in a range of sizes, so even if you do not have a lot of room in your home or you don’t have a garage, don’t worry, as there might be a perfect option for you. This type of freezer is surprisingly easy to set up and maintain, and it will provide you with plenty of storage space so you can keep as much or as little food as you want in it until you need to use those foods to feed yourself and your family.

Basically, if your regular freezer just isn’t cutting it and you find yourself lacking the space you need, a chest freezer might be the solution you’ve been looking for. And, once you have it set up and running and you have been using it for a while, you might even start to wonder why it took you so long to buy one.

Differences Between an Upright Freezer vs. a Chest Freezer

There are several differences between an upright freezer and a chest freezer, and it is worth considering those differences, as well as weighing the pros and cons of these two options. That way, you can decide which one is right for you.

Generally, a chest freezer may be able to give you more space than an upright freezer, but the only way to know for sure is to look at the cubic feet of storage space that is offered by each product. Also, a chest freezer might not have anything inside, giving you plenty of room to work with, especially when it comes to frozen foods that are large. On the other hand, an upright freezer might have shelves that could be helpful in certain situations but could also make it harder to fit everything that you want to store in it.

Some chest freezers do come with baskets that you can use to organize your food like you would in a freezer with shelves, while still giving you greater flexibility than you would get in an upright freezer. And because you open a chest freezer by opening a big door on top (unlike an upright freezer that opens from the front), you might find it easier to store and grab whatever you need from it.

Also, when it comes to where you will set up your freezer, you might find that a chest freezer is easier to work with because of its size and shape compared to an upright freezer that might be too tall. And if a chest freezer has wheels, you will be able to move it around easier too.

Yet another thing that might make you decide to go with a chest freezer is its energy consumption. By reading about different products, you might discover that an energy efficient chest freezer can help you save more money on your electricity bill than an upright freezer. Just compare models to see which ones require the least amount of energy.

Let’s Take a Look at Some Chest Freezers!

Whether you are ready to buy a good chest freezer or you are still on the fence about it, the list of products below can provide some more information on what is available. As you will see, there are various brands and models that you can choose from, and there are small to large chest freezers that have a variety of features to suit your needs and preferences. So, keep reading to learn more.

1. Editor’s Choice: BLACK+DECKER 7.0 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer

This chest freezer from BLACK+DECKER is a good place to start, especially if you have never owned this type of freezer before. You get 7 cubic feet of space, which means you can store upwards of 245 pounds of frozen food in this freezer. It also lets you control the temperature manually, and there is a basket inside to help you keep everything neat, organized, and easy to reach.


  • This chest freezer has 7 cubic feet of storage capacity.
  • There are adjustable leveling legs to ensure this chest freezer will work well no matter where you set it up.
  • The easy access drain makes it easier to defrost this chest freezer.


  • This product has a manual defrost.

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2. Runner Up: Honeywell 7 Cubic Feet Chest Freezer

Another option that is worth checking out is this Honeywell chest freezer, which also boasts 7 cubic feet. Its features include an easy-to-clean interior, an adjustable thermostat, a high temperature alarm, and a wire storage basket that you can remove if you wish. Plus, there is a convenient drain outlet. And this chest freezer is a good size for a variety of spaces because it measures about 32.2” wide by 21.7” deep and 33.5” high.


  • This chest freezer features 7 cubic feet of storage space.
  • You can use the removable basket to keep things neat and within reach when you open the freezer.
  • This white chest freezer can be a good size for those who don’t have a lot of space for a larger freezer.


  • You need to manually defrost this chest freezer.

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3. Best on Wheels: LifePlus Chest Freezer

If you want the convenience of having a chest freezer on wheels, this one might be the right fit. It features seven temperature modes that you can choose from for cold storage, preservation, and freezing. It is also designed to run quietly, and its compact size can make it a good choice for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of space in their home for this type of freezer. Other features include a storage basket, thermal insulation, and D-shaped condenser.


  • The four wheels on this chest freezer make it easy to move it around and set it into place.
  • This chest freezer runs quietly and is energy saving.


  • This is a small chest freezer with 3.5 cubic feet, so it might not be enough if you’re expecting to store a lot of food in it.

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4. Best Large: KoolMore SCF-24C Chest Freezer

When you have the space for a large chest freezer, this one will give you 24 cubic feet of storage space so you can buy in bulk and store all of your food in it. There are two doors at the top, and there is also a lock that you can use to keep it securely closed when you aren’t using it. Plus, the caster wheels on the bottom of this wide freezer make it easier to move it around and get it into the perfect spot.


  • This chest freezer is designed for home and commercial use.
  • This chest freezer has 24 cubic feet of storage.
  • You can move this around easily, thanks to the wheels on the bottom.


  • This chest freezer’s size might not make it suitable for many homes.
  • This is a pricier option than others on this list.

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5. Best for Garage: Danby DCF072A3WDB-6 7.2 Cu.Ft. Garage Ready Chest Freezer with Basket and Front-Mount Thermostat

If you are planning on storing your chest freezer in the garage, this one from Danby should be on your radar. It will give you 7.2 cubic feet of storage, you can easily control the temperature, and the interior is designed to be easy to clean. This product also features front leveling legs and rear rollers to help make it easier to set it into the ideal location. Plus, the foam insulated cabinet and lid are beneficial for energy efficiency.


  • This chest freezer can work well in garages.
  • This freezer has a front mounted drain for easier defrosting.
  • The adjustable wire storage basket is a convenient way to keep smaller foods organized.


  • This chest freezer requires manual defrost.

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6. Best Commercial: Kelvinator Commercial KCCF210WH Solid Top Chest Freezer

With 21 cubic feet of storage capacity, this chest freezer is going to give you plenty of room for all of your frozen foods. The lid has a lock on it for security when you need it, and the white exterior gives it a clean and modern look. There is also a defrost drain, rubber bumper guards that are removable, and adjustable temperature. And because it is on heavy-duty casters, you should find it easier to move this freezer around and set it in place.


  • This chest freezer is large, with 21 cubic feet of storage space.
  • The lid has a lock, and there are removable rubber bumper guards.
  • You get a wire basket to help you organize everything stored in this freezer.


  • For such a large freezer, you only get one basket.

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7. Best Compact: Northair 3.5 Cu Ft Chest Freezer

When you are searching for a compact freezer, this one from Northair has 3.5 cubic feet of storage space and might be the ideal solution. You get two wire baskets, you can set the temperature that you want, and you can rest assured that this unit is designed to run quietly. Plus, the lid will stay open while you are putting things into the freezer or taking things out of it, which is certainly convenient.


  • This is a good option if you are looking for a small chest freezer that will operate quietly.
  • You get two removable baskets with this chest freezer.
  • The temperature is adjustable.


  • This chest freezer only holds 3.5 cubic feet, so keep that in mind if you think you might need more storage space.
  • You need to manually defrost this chest freezer.

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8. Best Budget Friendly: Midea MRC050S0AWW Chest Freezer

Finally, if you are looking for a budget friendly option, check out this chest freezer from Midea. It has a capacity of 5 cubic feet, but it can fit in smaller spaces. It also has several attractive features, such as an adjustable thermostat and a wire basket. And the door on this chest freezer will remain in place when you need it to stay open.


  • This chest freezer is great for those on a budget and who don’t have a lot of space.
  • The thermostat on this chest freezer is adjustable.
  • Features include a defrost drain, adjustable legs, and removable wire basket.


  • This chest freezer needs to be manually defrosted.

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Things to look out for:

Whenever you are shopping for a major appliance, it is smart to take your time and do some research to learn about the many features that you can look for. As you search for the right chest freezer for your home or business, consider the following, as doing so might help you make a choice that you will be happy with for a long time to come:

First, you want to figure out where your chest freezer will go. It will likely need some space around it to ensure it will function optimally, and you will also want to be able to put it in an area that will be easy to access. The last thing that you want to do is set it up in a place where you will find it difficult to get what you need out of the freezer. Many people opt to put these freezers in their garage or in their basement because that is where they have the space. Some models even have wheels that make it a snap to move them and set them in place.

As you can see by the list above, there are chest freezers that are labeled as garage-ready. This means that they can work well even in areas that get hot or cold. So, if you are planning on putting your chest freezer in a room that isn’t temperature controlled, this type of chest freezer may be the right way to go.

Knowing where you will set up your chest freezer will help you figure out which size to buy. Although you might be tempted to buy the biggest chest freezer you can find, the truth is that you may not have the room for it. You want to find something that will work in the space you have, so take measurements and then find a product that will be the right match.

In addition to checking the exterior dimensions of a chest freezer, check the interior storage capacity in cubic feet. This will give you a better idea of just how much food you can potentially store in it. And you might be surprised by how much you can fit in even the most compact chest freezers that are made for small spaces.

As you shop for a chest freezer, you will also notice that some of them come with baskets that you can use to keep certain foods within easy reach. Baskets are a great way to keep everything organized, so they are definitely worth considering.

Defrosting your chest freezer is another important thing to be aware of. If you don’t mind doing it manually, that’s great. Just follow the instructions to do so properly and safely. However, you might find models that have the ability to defrost automatically without you needing to worry about it – those could be extremely convenient and time-saving, though they might cost more.

Extra features, such as a safety lock to keep your kids out of the freezer and a light bulb inside to make it easy to find what you are looking for, can come in handy as well. But also consider narrowing your options down to those freezers that are deemed energy efficient. Looking for the Energy Star label can make it easier to spot options that use less electricity and have features that help conserve energy. This could help you save some money on your utility bill when running your chest freezer.

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  • November 28, 2022 at 9:02 pm

    You always listed “manual defrost” as a con, but it can also be a very good thing as food doesn’t partially thaw and refreeze every day to stay frost free. This causes freezer burn if not wrapped properly, bread to get hard edges etc. In a manual defrost you could put a frozen turkey in the bottom and 5 years later it will be just as “fresh” as when you put it in.
    I do love my new auto defrost freezer, but some things I miss from the old one. Not that I would keep anything over 2 years anyway. But I do know the lady with the 5 year old turkeys.


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