Nomiku on Shark Tank: Will the Nomiku Sous Vide Machine Land a Deal with the Sharks?

Nomiku on Shark Tank
On it’s 8th season, Shark Tank has long been a ratings success story, even winning two Primetime Emmy awards. On Friday December 2, 2016, Nomiku will pitch an investment deal to the sharks on ABC. Earlier this year we interviewed Lisa Fetterman, CEO of Nomiku, and learned a few inside scoops about the wonderful company and co-founders. Now, the question is, will the Shark Tank sharks like Nomiku as much as we do? Keep reading to see why Nomiku stands above other sous vide machines and immersion circulators.

Does Nomiku get a Deal on Shark Tank?

Where to Watch Nomiku Live on Shark Tank:

Nomiku Shart Tank Discount

If you spotted Nomiku on Shark Tank and wanted to grab one for yourself, you’re in luck! Here’s a $50 OFF coupon for the new Wifi Nomiku!

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Lisa Fetterman on Shark Tank

WiFi Nomiku

The innovative Wifi Nomiku was an unbelievable Kickstarter success, generating over $750,000 in pledged support. The powerful heater can be operated using Nomiku’s own app so you can start cooking just as you leave the office and have a chef-quality meal ready when you get home.

Nomiku Sous Vide: The Brand

Nomiku is a brand that has an absolute passion for everything sous vide. This is one of the main reasons we root for the company. Not only did they create a truly innovative sous vide machine, which we’ll dive into below, but Lisa herself authored one of the best sous vide cookbooks ever. Even better, Nomiku started an innovative sous vide delivery service: no-prep sous vide meals, which are created by Chef Scott Peabody. These chef-created dishes come sealed, pre-cooked, and ready to heat with your Nomiku sous vide device. We believe this will be a strong selling point and differentiation for Nomiku as they pitch a deal on Shark Tank.

Nomiku sous vide company

One thought on “Nomiku on Shark Tank: Will the Nomiku Sous Vide Machine Land a Deal with the Sharks?

  • December 3, 2016 at 3:30 am

    I love a great new Shark Tank pitch that I haven’t seen before, like the beer guys that had a device that gave you a perfect pour from a can of beer using acoustic technology. The Nomiku is not like that.

    A wifi sous vide cooker for home use already exists and is available from a company that has been around for a while on Amazon — for a cheaper price, I should add. Even with the special ‘$50 off’ limited-time offer, the Nomiku is still more expensive.


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