Cuisinart DHR-20 Review

Cuisinart DHR-20

Few shopping sessions are more intimidating than hunting for a new kitchen appliance. It’s tough to know where to even start. Sure, over time we all get to know out appliances a little better and find it easier to spot what we’re looking for. But when you’re attempting to research everything that there is to know about a specific kitchen appliance for the first time, it can be a lot of work. Food dehydrators are no exception to this rule. Yes, they all dehydrate food, but all of them do it in very different ways. It can be tough to find a trustworthy dehydrator with no experience. Fortunately, the Cuisinart DHR-20 is one that even dehydration virgins can trust.

What to look for in a dehydrator?

Some of the common features to look for when purchasing a dehydrator include unit dimension, power voltage and consumption, temperature range, total drying area, number of trays, tray size, and the reliability of the thermostat. But that’s not all. Other important features include fan size, color, product warranty, availability of an on-off switch, the space between trays, and the type of sheets available, and of course, the design of the food dehydrator. There’s vertical flow and horizontal flow food dehydrators. Overall, that’s a lot to consider for one purchase which you don’t have a base reference for.

So, let’s pause and consider one very important factor first: the thermostat. A reliable thermostat is key to set temperature range and get superior drying results for a variety of different foods, whether you’re drying fruits, veggies, or meat. Some units feature electronic computer control, which offers precision drying. However, Cuisinart DHR-20 offers adjustability between low, medium, and high fan settings only. This provides many tempting dehydration options. For example, you can set low heat to prepare rich raw vegan nutrition or set your temperature to about 33 degrees Celsius or 92F for a specified duration to dry your cashew nut yogurt and preserve its digestive enzymes. The possibilities are endless! Another vital component to consider is the warranty, which covers factory replacement or repairs for flaws resulting from the manufacturing process. The warranty typically runs from 1 to 12 years. Fortunately, this machine offers almost everything that a dehydrator customer could possibly look for, including a limited 3-year warranty.

The Cuisinart DHR-20 model dehydrator preserves food naturally without compromising the taste or the nutrition value. The appliance is ideal for anyone who wants to prepare their own snacks at home or an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys activities like travelling and hunting. This appliance is ideal for preparing dried snacks like fruit roll-ups, dried fish, potato crisps, dried herbs, yogurt, meat jerky, and much more. The excellent design, add-on features, and competitive pricing, make this dehydrator one of the best buys for a modern kitchen. This machine truly offers customers everything that they could possibly want out of a modern dehydrator.

You can stack up to 9 interlocking and BPA-free trays on your Cuisinart DHR-20 to enable drying a variety of foods simultaneously. You’ll find the capacity particularly alluring if you want to dehydrate food in big batches to save time, have a large family which isn’t going to be pleased with small snack portions, have your own garden which yields large amounts of produce, or want to be equipped with a healthy pantry for your camping trips. There is also a special fruit roll-up sheet that gets everything covered to avoid any unpleasantly sticky surprises. The ability to use this kitchen appliance with such a wide variety of foods will help you prevent food waste and ultimately save you a great deal of money. Of course, you’ll also save money on your grocery trips, because when you have delicious and healthy homemade snacks at home, there’s no need for the preservative and sugar laden snacks that grace store shelfs. The plastic components are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. However, the base motor should be handled with utmost care to prevent damage. The product comes in a variety of colors (the most popular options are steel grey, black, and white).

Key Features

Want some specific specs about this machine? You got it. The dehydrator features a motorized fan with a potent 620-watts capacity and a fast-drying top vent. The product specs include a weight of 9.60lbs and a dimension of 11.5’ H x 15.5’ W x 13.5’ L. Cuisinart DHR-20 comes with a 5 year motor warranty straight from the manufacturer alongside the limited warranty we mentioned before. If you want to learn more about the product there is an accompanying CD-ROM and detailed user manual. It’s something that will fit comfortably and stylishly into any kitchen and is easy to use for even those most worried dehydration novice

Most people who use this appliance credit it for its durability, low noise levels, and efficient drying. It is a a machine built to last, looks absolutely gorgeous, and works both efficiently and effectively, allowing you to set it up and go about your day as you’d like. Are there dehydrators out there with more bells and whistles or specific options? Sure, but they are more expensive, designed for experienced customers with very specific needs, or maybe aren’t as easy to use. If you are a beginner who is just about to start their food dehydration journey, the Cuisinart DHR-20 is an ideal place to begin. It will live up to all of your food dehydration dreams and change your diet forever (yes, not only will this machine be loved by you and your family but also your doctor). So don’t waste anymore time reading reviews. You just found your first food dehydrator. Hit the “buy now” button and start making healthy dehydrated snacks today! Take the leap, trust us, you won’t regret it.

  • Performance - 6.6/10
  • Ease of Use - 7.3/10
  • Design - 6.7/10
  • Features - 6.5/10


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