Top 5 Benefits of Water Bath Immersion Cooking

To understand what’s so great about sous vide cooking, we have to break it down into the specific benefits that each of the two steps of sous vide cooking offers; vacuum packing and water bath immersion cooking.

In the first post, we discussed the benefits of the first step of sous vide cooking, which is vacuum packing. Here in Part 2, we’ll examine the benefits of the second step of sous vide cooking, water bath immersion cooking.

­Control Equals Consistency
In trying to cook a medium rare steak on a conventional grill pan, it takes skill and experience to know when is the right moment to turn the steak over and when to take the steak off the grill to stop the cooking process. We rely on our senses to let us know the optimal moment to make these decisions.

With the temperature set and programmed in your sous vide water bath, you can get perfect execution every single time. Whether it is medium rare or medium well that you want, you can get it right, always.

­Great For The Multi­tasking Cook
Another benefit of sous vide water bath immersion cooking is that you have a bigger window of time to play with if you are multi­tasking in the kitchen. Conventional cooking is much less forgiving. If you leave your pasta in the boiling water for 5 minutes more then needed, you can be left with a soggy mess in the pot.

­Prep Before The Party
If you are serving guests at a party, you can do all the initial prep and pre-cooking beforehand and then just before the guests arrive, you can simply drop the vacuum packs into the sous vide for half an hour or so to warm it up and it would be almost ready to serve. Then when you are ready to serve, you just have to sear the meats and voila, moist and juicy steaks ready to be plated.

­Tough Cuts Made Tender
One of the big reasons why sous vide cooking is growing rapidly in popularity is the ability to take a cheaper, tougher cut of meat and make it as juicy and tender as a expensive piece of wagyu beef. The tough cuts of meat can be cooked at temperatures low enough such that they don’t dry out the meat whilst still high enough to break down the tough connective tissues.

­Ideal For Seafood
Water bath immersion cooking is one of the most ideal ways to cook seafood. The biggest challenge in cooking seafood is that you have to make sure it is cooked thoroughly before serving but over­cooking it will leave you with squid that’s chewier than beef jerky! And it is very, very easy to overcook seafood. By cooking sous vide, you can have perfectly cooked seafood that’s moist and juicy, time after time!

And now, with the points covered in Part 1 and Part 2, you now have a better understanding of just why sous vide cooking is fast becoming a vital culinary technique in kitchens all over the world.

So sous vide soon and bon appétit!

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