Top 6 Benefits of Vacuum Packing

To understand what’s so great about sous vide cooking, we have to break it down into the specific benefits that each of the two steps of sous vide cooking offers; vacuum packing and water bath immersion cooking.

In this post, we’ll delve into the benefits of the first step of sous vide cooking, which is vacuum packing.

No Loss Of Moisture During Cooking
With conventional cooking methods like grilling or pan­frying, moisture is often lost at the cooking stage and that results in dry, chewy or bland foods. Just take steaks for example, vacuum packing seals in all the moisture and the result is juicier steaks!

No Loss Of Flavors
Every cook is trying to pack as much flavor as they can to what they are cooking with their marinades, spice rubs or brines. Vacuum packing just ensures that these flavors are much better retained and absorbed in the food.

Locks-­In Nutrition
Compared to raw foods, any form of cooking immediately results in a loss of nutrition. By vacuum sealing, we have less nutrition loss compared to conventional cooking methods.

Efficient Heat Transfer
So the earlier three benefits make the case for sealing. But why vacuum seal? Why not just stick the food in your regular zip­lock bag and toss it into the water bath? The answer is that vacuum packing allows for a much more efficient transfer of heat from the heated water to the food item. You don’t want your steak to float like a boat on top of the water bath right?

Better Shelf Life
Food stored in vacuum sealed bags last longer when stored in the fridge simply because there’s less much less danger of contamination from exposure to other elements in the fridge.

Efficient Storage In Fridge
Vacuum sealed bags can be stored very efficiently in a much more space economic way than conventional storage methods. So there you have it. Now you are starting to get a better sense of why all around the world, sous vide cooking is taking the world by storm. And we’ve only just covered the benefits of the first step of sous vide cooking. Stay tuned to find out more when we discuss the benefits of water bath immersion cooking.

In the meantime, sous vide soon and bon appétit!


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