Vacuvita Review: Automatic Vacuum Sealer for Sous Vide

Vacuvita review

Vacuvita Automatic Vacuum Sealer for Sous Vide Review
  • Design - 10/10
  • Features - 10/10
  • Performance - 8/10
  • Ease of Use - 9/10


Vacuvita’s unique design wow’s everyone who sees it in action. Its poised performance proves ideal for sous vide cooking and food storage, but takes a big bite out of counter space.

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Vacuvita Vacuum Sealer Review

Netherlands-based Vacuvita focuses their entire business on keeping food as fresh as possible, as long as possible. This young company was founded in 2013 as a crowdfunded product and quickly raised over $350,000 by more than 2,700 backers. We got our hands on a full Vacuvita vacuum sealer, along with the add-on storage containers, to use and review before ultimately comparing it to the best vacuum sealers. Let’s take a look at this innovative food storage system.


The Vacuvita arrived at my doorstep in a BIG brown box branded with their logo – I was surprised at how large and heavy the box was but then remembered my order also included their food storage containers with lids and also two additional boxes of vacuum sealer bags.

unboxing the Vacuvita system

Inside, I found the Vacuvita Home Base, food storage containers, and two additional boxes of bags, all in their own boxes. The packaging was immaculate – especially considering how large and heavy the shipment box was – and the packaging design is really impressive. At this point I was really excited to try this out and see if it holds up to the hype.

Vacuvita boxes

So, How Does Vacuvita Work?

I’m sure you noticed that this device is unlike any other vacuum sealer on the market. That’s because this device serves multiple purposes, way beyond vacuum sealing a steak. Let’s break down the different pieces of the Vacuvita system.

Home Base

Vacuvita Home Base

This is the bread and butter of the product. The Vacuvita Home Base prolongs the life of shelf-stable food, such as bread, fruits, and cookies, by removing the air and moisture from inside the container. Think of this as a mini chamber vacuum sealer. Every time you close the lid, it automatically pulls the air out of the container so your bread and fruit are essentially vacuum sealed. When you push the button on the front, air is expunged from the base in an eerily futuristic way. Seriously, take a look at this video and listen to the sound it makes:

The Vacuvita Home Base is incredibly sophisticated and modern with sleek curves and glossy colors that give off an Apple-esque feeling. The vacuum sealer comes in 5 different colors, including:

  • Caviar Black
  • Olive Green (this is what I have)
  • Oval Room Blue
  • Pearl White
  • Royal Orange

The first thing you’ll notice is the simplicity of the device, with only one main button located on the front of the device. Now, if this was simply an expensive tech-focused bread box, we wouldn’t be too interested at the price point – but the fun begins with the next set of features.

Vacuvita Food Storage Containers

Vacuvita Food Storage

Vacuvita’s external food storage containers provide similar functionality as the Home Base, which is an air-less container to keep food fresh. This works by connecting a vacuum tube from the Home Base to the external container. The Home Base will then suck out all of the air from the container. This is amazing for soups and leftovers, and especially perfect for meal preppers who like to cook up large batches of food on Sundays. There are also a few other great features including:

  • BPA and BPS free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Clear “window” to see what’s inside
  • Scan-able QR code to use with their app to remember when you sealed it.

Vacuum Bags

vacuvita sous vide bags

It wouldn’t be a true vacuum sealer without bags! Vacuvita bags can be used with sous vide machines or simply to prolong the life of your food. Simply place your food inside one of their bags and use the vacuum tube on the designated area of the bag to suck out all of the air. The end of the bag is still a click-locking seal, so you want to be careful in very hot sous vide water baths. I actually clip the end of the bag to the top of my container, much like I do with Ziploc bags, just in case the seal were to open.

Performance and Final Thoughts

Overall, the Vacuvita system proved to be an incredibly unique and beneficial addition to my kitchen. I usually keep my vacuum sealer tucked away either on top of my fridge or in a closet out of site when not in use. With the Vacuvita, it becomes more of an everyday use and warrants counter top space. I basically place this right where my bread usually sits, so it’s essentially not taking up any more space.

The external food storage containers are also awesome (especially because they’re dishwasher safe… washing dishes is the worst), however they’re often marketed as great ideas for snacks, cookies, etc. I wouldn’t want to seal up anything that might be opened regularly for snacking, because sucking the air out of these things can take between 1-2 full minutes. Nonetheless, I frequently use the containers for sealing up leftovers and for prepping meals for the week.

I give the Vacuvita vacuum sealer two thumbs up – I love that it has multiple functions now instead of dragging it out from a cupboard whenever I vacuum seal a steak for sous vide.

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