Unboxing Of The Oliso VS95A Vacuum Sealer Starter Kit

Vacuum sealers are starting to be a must-have appliance in every modern kitchen these days. Oliso’s vacuum sealers have quite a few things going for them. They are able to do much more than the average clamp style vacuum sealer without costing a whole lot more. It is able to handle moist sealing and the starter kit also comes with useful accessories like the Wine+Olive Oil Freshkeeper and their very reusable Pantry Bag. In this article, we show you what’s in the box when you buy the Oliso VS95A Vacuum Sealer Starter Kit.

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Oliso is a company based in San Francisco. Their team of inventors and engineers come up with some interesting products like the Smart Iron, an iron with built in scorchguards® that help prevent burns.


Looking at their products, we can see why they say that their goal is to “disrupt any stagnant industries that have been dominated by the same few companies”. We can certainly see why the Oliso VS95A Vacuum Sealer is quite different from others in the market.


The Starter Kit comes with:

  • 1 Oliso®PRO™ VS95A Vacuum Sealer
  • 3 quart-sized Vac-Snap® Bags
  • 2 gallon-sized Vac-Snap® Bags
  • 1 large Pantry Bag
  • 1 Wine+Olive Oil Freshkeeper
  • 1 flexi tube
  • 1 Zip Disc®

and the standard User Manual, Quick Start Guide and Warranty Card


When you pick up the device, it immediately feels solid and well built. Whilst it may be made in China (then again most things are these days!), the device has a strong, sturdy feel without that cheap plasticky feel that some vacuum sealers have.

We like that it has a small footprint compared to most other vacuum sealers and we also like the small suction feet at the bottom of the device. They do a good job of keep the device firmly rooted to the table during the sealing process.

There is a removable liquid drip tray that’s dishwasher safe and this is the only part that requires washing. This drip tray is where any excess liquid is collected if you are doing moist sealing.

When you pull out the drip tray, you can see that there’s a blade underneath the overhang. You have to be very careful if you are doing any wiping around this area. The blade is how the patented punch-and-seal technology of the Oliso works. The device cuts a small opening in the bag and through this cut, it then removes the air from the bag. After extracting the air from the bag, the device then heats up a ring around the cut and this creates an airtight heat seal around the cut.



We like that you get a good assortment of their special bags when you buy the starter kit. Printed on the bags, it is stated that they are made in Korea and are BPA free. The bags feel thick and the quality feels good. They definitely feel thicker than Ziploc® freezer bags.

The unique thing about these Oliso Vac-Snap Bags are that they are reusable. The gallon-sized bag can be used 12 times and the quart-sized bag can be used 10 times! After each seal, you can just open up the bag, take out the serving you need and then reseal it again. However, do take note that if you are cooking sous vide with these bags, they should only be used once. That’s according to Oliso’s recommendation. They also recommend that if you store raw meat or fish in the bags, then you should also not reuse the bag.

The starter kit also comes with a very useful large-sized pantry bag. This bag has a nozzle at the back of the bag to attach to the flexi tube that comes with the kit. Whilst the pantry bag is not meant to be used for freezing or cooking sous vide, we love that the bag can be reused indefinitely! It is perfect for dry goods like coffee powder, oats, nuts etc.

One thing to note is that on the bag, they’ve printed a URL, www.frisper.com. Not sure why but the site does not exist anymore. So if you want to buy more bags or other accessories, please go to oliso.com instead.

Another useful item that comes with the kit is the Wine+Olive Oil Freshkeeper. This cork-like accessory is used to keep your wine, oils or other liquids vacuum sealed. You just insert the Freshkeeper into the bottle, then connect the flexi tube to both the Freshkeeper and the vacuum sealer. Turn it on and you’ll have a well-sealed bottle! No need to tire yourself out with vacuum pumps!

The kit also comes with a Zip Disc that’s used to help seal up the zip seal of the bags. It does work well, but you don’t really need to use it as you can also just use your fingers to seal it shut.


All in all, we like the total package of the VS95A Starter Kit. We like that you get a good solid device that comes with a good assortment of useful accessories and all at a pretty good price. And you get extra value from bags that are reusable too!

But how well does the device perform as a vacuum sealer? For a more in-depth review of the VS95A vacuum sealer, stay tuned to the Sous Vide Guys. We’ll put the sealer to the test in both dry and moist sealing and we’ll show you how well the accessories perform too! In the meantime, sous vide soon and bon appétit!


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We believe in being open and direct with our community and so we wish to also let you know that the sample product was provided by Oliso. We believe in giving you frank and honest opinions and we will never compromise on that.


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