Unboxing of Anova Precision Cooker

We are super excited to present our unboxing of the Anova Precision Cooker. This is our first video post and we hope you like it!

And please do excuse our slanted backdrop! This is our first production shoot and we didn’t realise the backdrop was slanted when we shot the video! Ooops! Yes, we will certainly learn from this and we hope to improve for our subsequent videos.

If you enjoy this video, we certainly would appreciate your comments below.  If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve, we will also appreciate your feedback.

To see a video of our unboxing of the Anova Precision Cooker, you can check out our video on YouTube here:

For more details and pictures from our unboxing, read on!

We were impressed with how well packed the Anova Precision Cooker was. It came in a simple brown box that looked sturdy and well put together. The box is quite long, longer than what we expected, and is approximately 70cm or 27.5 inches.

Upon opening the box, the next thing you see is this orange and black tube, not unlike something you will expect posters to come in. The colors are of course part of Anova’s corporate colors and we like the ‘luxe’ feel from the matt laminated exterior. A good job of attention to detail from Anova. The tube has a good weight to it, it doesn’t feel light or cheap. So far it definitely feels like a quality product.

In the tube, firmly secured with foam, comes a very well-packed sous vide circulator, clamp and operating manual. It was nice to see that Anova incurred the additional cost to matt laminate the outside cover of the operating manual and they even included color photos inside! Clearly, they are a company that believes in putting out a premium product and has paid attention to small details to convey that.

The clamp is one of the nice features of the Anova Precision Cooker in that it allows you to use various sized pots and not be restricted to larger pots. You just have to make sure that your water level in your pot can sit between the Min and Max line indicators on the device.

We fitted the Anova Precision Cooker to our polycarbonate 12 quart container and it fits well!

Holding the Anova Precision sous vide circulator further reinforces the fact that this a premium product. This is not some cheap, plasticky kitchen gadget. The product has a good weight and feel. Our only complaint would be the short electrical cable that comes with the device. A longer cable would certainly have been better but we don’t think this is a major flaw. We like that the interface looks very sleek and the brushed metal edges gives it a ‘modern’ feel.

Well sous vide cooking has been described as ‘Modernist Cooking’ and the Anova Precision Cooker certainly fits that description. If you are planning to give this as a gift to someone, they will no doubt feel very special and pampered to receive such a gorgeous device. At $179, we definitely get the impression that this is a product that punches above its weight and that it can hold its own next to more expensive sous vide devices in the market.

Ok, so we established that it looks great. But does it work as well as it looks? Is it just form without function? For a more in-depth review as to how well the Anova Precision Cooker performs, stay tuned to the Sous Vide Guys as we put it to the test. We’ll bring you the full review soon!

In the meantime, sous vide soon and bon appétit!

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