The Best Centrifugal Juicers

Starting your day with a glass of fresh juice can provide you with the energy-packed start you need to accomplish your goals – making you feel like you are finally making the right decisions in your life!

However, that’s only a dream for many of us who simply don’t have the time to get the juicer out and get a fresh glass every day. There are school runs, morning meetings, and community get-togethers to attend to, so how is it possible to get some much-deserved me time in the morning?

Centrifuge juicers are just what you are looking for.

They are powerful machines that can make a glass of fresh juice in just two minutes without the need to recut veggies or fruits.

That’s a tall claim – only 2 minutes to a glass full that too without cutting the fruits!

But it is possible all thanks to the high speed of 6,000-14,000 RPM and the flat cutting blade located at the bottom of a fast-spinning strainer. This speed creates a centrifugal force that separates the pulp through tiny holes in the strainer, and you are left behind with pure juice filled with nutrients.

Now there are many models of centrifuge juicers available in the market, and they all differ in features and price tags – so which one is right for you?

Read on to find out.

Best Centrifuge Juicers on the Market

Our Top Pick – Breville Juice Fountain Cold XL BJE830BSS

If you want the fastest centrifuge juicer equipped with the best technology and high-quality motor, this is the best choice for you. As the most powerful juicer in the market, Breville already enjoys an esteemed position and is a perennial favorite of thousands of juice enthusiasts around the globe.

It is equipped with Cold Spin Technology that allows the juice to flow up through the cutting disc while ensuring that the temperature remains constant. Moreover, it’s a space-efficient design that lets you fix it on your countertop space, increasing its functionality for small kitchens.

The Breville Juice Fountain also has a unique feed tube featuring a 3.5” extra-wide chute – you can easily insert whole fruits or vegetables through it. This is perfect if you are in a hurry as it considerably reduces the preparation time.

Thanks to its fast speed, it’s possible to extract five times more juice than what a cold press juicer would give you – you can get approximately 70 fl oz. of healthy and delicious juice.

Unlike the standard centrifuge juicers in the market, Breville Juice Fountain Cold has a stainless steel exterior that is easy to clean. Also, it comes equipped with noise reduction technology that diminishes the mechanical noise by 40%.


  • XL jug
  • High-speed juicing
  • Cold-spin technology
  • Noise-efficient


  • A little heavy on the pocket
  • High speed causes increased oxidation

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Best For Whole Fruits – Breville Juice Fountain Plus JE98XL

This centrifuge juicer has a sturdier yet elegant design, created to pull juice from hard-skinned fruits. Its large size, metal parts, and steel safety arms make it more robust than other contenders in the market as it delivers juicing capabilities that centrifugal juicers are known for.

It has at two centrifugation speeds – 6500 RPM and 12,000 RPM – the former is optimal for softer fruits and vegetables while the latter is suitable for harder ones. You don’t even have to waste time cutting and dicing as the Breville has a 3-inch wide chute that’s big enough for all kinds of fruits and veggies – at most, you’ll have to cut them into big chunks.

The sturdy design of Breville Juice Fountain Plus is tested to withstand vibration. It ensures a long life for the juicer. Also, it features a Nutri Disc with stainless steel filters and blades that help in the extraction and separation of juice from the pulp.

Moreover, it is straightforward to use – all you need to do is add veggies or fruits from the open-top chute and get the juice on the other hand in a matter of seconds.

All in all, the Breville Juice Fountain Plus doesn’t disappoint with its functional features and the ability to produce 30% more juice than other centrifuge juicers in the market.


  • BPA free plastic components
  • 850-Watt motor
  • Large pulp container
  • Safety lock mechanism
  • Easy to clean


  • Can’t extract juice from leafy greens
  • Can be noisy

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Quietest Centrifugal Juicer – Cuisinart CJE 1000 Die-Cast Juice Extractor

This convenient and easy-to-use centrifuge juicer is fitted with a 1000-watt powerful motor that allows you to enjoy freshly extracted juice in no time. Interestingly, it is also the quietest centrifugal juicer on the market, even at its highest speed.

Its motor power is powerful enough to crush and juice harder fruits and vegetables very quickly. Also, the wide feeding chute can accommodate fruits and vegetables without any pre-cutting or dicing.

Another fantastic feature that makes this centrifuge juicer stand out is its foam-reducing filler basket that decreases the amount of froth in your juice.

It is popular by the name of Die-Cast Juice Extractor because it is made up of stainless die-cast steel that not only provides strength to this machine but also makes it look rather elegant and impressive.

You can choose from 5 different speed settings that are controlled through the embedded dial with a blue LED light ring.

Cuisinart Die-Cast Extractor is available with a 2-liter pulp container that discards unwanted pulp. There’s also a 1-liter pitcher that collects the juice directly so you can either serve in it or refrigerate it.


  • Simple unlock system
  • Anti-drip flow spout
  • Noise-efficient
  • Easy and quick to clean with dishwasher-safe parts
  • Foam-reducing filter


  • Expensive for a simple machine
  • Doesn’t juice leafy greens

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Most Powerful High-Range Centrifugal Juicer – Muller Austria Juicer Ultra 1100W

This centrifugal juicer is an elegant machine that boasts of an 1100 watt motor and a larger-than-usual design. This juicer is undoubtedly a blend of luxury and speed that grabs your attention.

The stainless steel design mesmerizes with its looks, while the dual-speed functionality allows you to switch between two different speed settings. The first-speed setting is around 12000 to 15000 RPMs, which is suitable for soft fruits. On the other hand, the next speed setting is between 15000 and 18000 RPMs that makes it optimal for harder fruits and vegetables.

The Muller Austria Juicer features an extra-ordinary stainless steel cutting disc that combines with an Italian mesh filter to extract juices as well as the vitamins and minerals in the fruit. In contrast, the mesh filter separates the peel from the juice.

Its 1100 Watt motor can juice the hardest ingredients in the world, and this is what sets it among the more expensive centrifugal juicers model out there. Not only this, but it also has a 3” wide chute that can receive big apples or even bigger fruits easily.

The machine is also fitted with stabilization pads that keep the device steady and stable on the counter while operational. This reduces the noise that is usually caused by vibrations due to instability.

Unlike other centrifugal juicers in the market, this one is equipped with a thermal cut off switch that is activated in case of overheating while the machine is in use.


  • Easy to clean
  • Extracts nutrients through the Italian mesh filter
  • BPA free plastic components
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Stabilization pads for steadiness
  • Two different speed settings


  • Low shelf-life of juice due to oxidation
  • Inefficient extraction from leafy greens

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Benefits Of A Centrifugal Juicer

Following are some of the advantages of owning and using a centrifugal juicer:

  • Easier to clean as compared to other types of juicers
  • Easy to assemble and use as there are fewer complex components that other machines
  • More economical and readily available as compared to other kinds of juicers
  • Some of these have pulp extractors to save time invested in cleaning out the pulp gathered
  • High speed of centrifugal juicers increase enzymatic activity in the resulting juices

Things To Consider When Looking For The Best Centrifugal Juicer

Fresh juice is an integral part of a healthy diet, and you can make it just how you like it if you have a centrifugal juicer at home.

Read on to find out what are some of the most important criteria for picking the best centrifugal juicer.


The power of the motor dictates the speed of your centrifugal juicer, and it varies according to the type and model you are buying. The simple models of juicers are equipped with two-speed settings. In contrast, the newer and more complex models boast of multiple different speed ranges.

If you want more control over your juicer’s speed, you need to look for a machine that provides multiple speed settings.

Also, the motors can range from 400 to 12,000 Watts in power – the higher end of the power range deals with hard fruits and ensures that the juicer doesn’t overheat or break down.

Chute Size

The recommended chute size is 3” at least, as it should be big enough to accommodate large chunks of fruit to reduce the preparation time. Many people ignore this factor when they set out to buy a centrifugal juicer, but in the long run, it proves to be an essential factor in selecting a centrifugal juicer.

Manufacturing Materials

Most centrifugal juicers in the market are built with BPA-free plastic that is safe and functional. It is also quite sturdy and durable enough to withstand the pressure of juicing hard fruits.

Although the exterior is mostly made of plastic, the cutting discs and the straining basket should be made of stainless steel. Don’t buy anything other than that even if it sounds reasonable because you don’t want to be stuck in an endless circle of dealing with broken cutting discs and baskets that need recurrent repairs and replacements.

Ease Of Cleaning

The centrifugal juicers are easier to clean as compared to other types of juicers, as they are made of fewer detachable parts that require cleaning. The only parts that need particular focus are the feed chute and the filter screens.

The majority of the centrifugal juicer’s parts are dishwasher-safe, which makes them easy to clean, but the filter screens should be washed by hand.

Noise-Reduction Technology

Most centrifugal juicers make a lot of noise, especially the ones with high power motors and high-speed settings. If you are not a morning person and definitely do not want to hear the sounds of a juicer early in the morning, you need to go for a noise-efficient juicer.

Some of the juicers are equipped with stabilizing pads that reduce vibration and, in turn, lowers some of the noise while others are fitted with noise-reduction technology.


Centrifugal juicers are economical as compared to other types of juicers. The price can range from $50 to $300 with a warranty for 1-3 years.

The lower-priced machines do not have the features that come with the expensive ones, but at the end of the day, your choice depends on your budget.


What is the difference between a centrifugal juicer and a cold-press juicer?

A cold-press juicer is a slower machine that crushes the fruits and vegetables slowly. On the other hand, centrifugal juicers produce juice at a faster rate with less preparation time and ensure availability at a fraction of the cost of a cold-press juicer.

Are juices produced through centrifugal juicers bad for your health?

Centrifugal juicers provide the same nutritional value that a cold-pressing juicer does but at more economical prices.

How does a centrifugal juicer work?

The process starts with pushing the fruit through the chute opening – you can use a pusher that comes with every centrifugal juicer. A spinning disc is located at the bottom of the chute with sharp nibs that shred the fruit into small pieces.

On the inner walls of the disc, filter screens are present that traps the pulp and seeds while separating the juice from them. After this, the juice gets passed towards the sprout and eventually into your glass.

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