Excalibur 3926TCDB Review

Excalibur 3926TCDB front view

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line food dehydrator that will give you years of use and superior results, the Excalibur 3926TCDB is a great candidate. For years, Excalibur food dehydrators have been lauded as the best in industry, all thanks to their range of tough, reliable units that handle everything from the finest herbs to the toughest cuts of beef. Excalibur 3926TCDB is a 9-tray food dehydrator designed for large families, commercial use, or anyone else who need a large food dehydrator for their drying needs. But, before you take the plunge and order this bestselling dehydrator, read our in-depth guide and review to see if this is the unit that will give you the best bang for your buck.

Why Do You Need a Food Dehydrator?

You can’t be sure if Excalibur 3926TCDB is the best dehydrator for you until you know what you’ll be using it for. Most people who get good use out of this unit either have a big family, enjoy a lot of homemade nutritious snacks and other dried goodies, or use it commercially. If you’re a single person with occasional drying needs, chances are you’ll do just fine with a more compact and cheaper dehydrator.

Excalibur 3926TCDB closed door

This dehydrator’s spacious trays have a combined capacity of 15 square feet, allowing you to dry big batches of food at once. It is ideal if you have your own garden and want to preserve produce in one batch. 

In conclusion, you need this food dehydrator if you want to adapt a healthier diet for yourself, your family or pets. You’ll also appreciate this unit if you’re a passionate crafter who uses materials that need to be dried slowly at various temperatures, like polymer clay or paper mache. The Excalibur 3926TCDB is large enough and powerful enough to accommodate any of your drying needs.

How to Choose the Right Food Dehydrator for Your Lifestyle

What works for some, won’t necessarily work for others—and this is especially true when it comes to kitchen equipment. Your lifestyle, dietary preferences, and the quantities of food you need dried are all important factors to consider. At first glance, all food dehydrators might look the same. However, food dehydrators come with different designs and features, many of which can be deal-breakers for some and deal-makers for others.

The main difference between food dehydrators is design—you have vertical flow dehydrators and horizontal flow dehydrators. Excalibur 3926TCDB is a prime example of high-quality horizontal flow dehydrators which are also called shelf dehydrators. The heating element is rear-mounted in these dehydrators to allow for even drying. As a rule of thumb, horizontal flow dehydrators are more powerful, can produce superior results, and accommodate a wider variety of foods than vertical flow dehydrators.

On the other hand, vertical flow dehydrators can be a good fit for undemanding users looking for a budget option or an entry-level unit that will do the job without any bells or whistles. They are usually round, with stackable trays whose number can be increased easily if need be (unlike horizontal flow dehydrators which have a fixed number of trays). 

Excalibur 3926TCDB: Who It’s For

The powerful rear-mounted motor, stainless steel trays, and the overall quality of this USA-made unit make it an ideal match for almost anybody. The fact that this model boasts 9 trays, though, makes it unnecessarily large if you’re living on your own or have a cramped kitchen where space is limited. Instead, you’ll want to get this dehydrator if you plan on utilizing its large space on a regular basis, be it to prepare healthy snacks or raw vegan cookies. You can also take out the shelves to prepare homemade yogurt from scratch or raise bread.

The higher price tag is justified by the high-quality of this device which comes with a 10-year warranty, but it also makes Excalibur 3926TCDB out of many people’s budgets. So, if you have limited funds for purchasing a food dehydrator, this unit isn’t for you. (For cheaper alternatives to Excalibur 3926TCDB, check below!)

Excalibur 3926TCDB: Best Features

  • Patented Parallex Horizontal Airflow for even drying
  • 600 watts fan
  • Adjustable thermostat (105°-165° F)
  • 26-hour timer
  • See-through door
  • 9 trays (15 square feet of drying space)
  • Free flexible poly screen tray inserts included
  • No need to rotate the trays
  • Tray height is adjustable—ideal for bulky items, crafts, or making bread and yogurt at home
  • USA-made

Large, powerful, and versatile, the Excalibur 3926TCDB is not only strong enough to tackle tough foods like meat strips, but also adept in drying every single piece of food evenly. The unit boasts of patented Parallex Horizontal Airflow and the unique-to-Excalibur Hyperwave Fluctuation technology. This means that the food temperatures are kept consistently low to preserve nutrients while ensuring even drying, the best texture of dried foods, and a longer than expected shelf life.

Excalibur 3926TCDB: The Alternatives

In case that Excalibur 3926TCDB doesn’t fit your budget or if you don’t need such a large dehydrating unit, there are other options. You can still get a device with all the great qualities that this popular company is known for without having to break the bank or take up too much kitchen space. 

The affordable alternative: Excalibur 2400

Excalibur 2400 the cheap option

The cheapest and smallest unit in the Excalibur range, it offers 4 square feet of drying space with 4 trays—ideal for a single person or someone who dries food occasionally. Boasting of the perfect price and quality ratio for beginners, it won’t make a dent in your budget but it will give you a taste of what these powerful food dehydrators bring to the table. 


The compact alternative: Excalibur 3500B

Excalibur 3500B 5 trays

For an average user, 9 trays with 15 square feet of drying space can be a bit much. If you want to save space in the kitchen, the Excalibur 3500B is the choice for you. Medium-sized, this unit offers 8 square feet of drying space with 5 trays, as well as almost all of the other perks that pricier Excalibur units have. 


Excalibur 3926TCDB: The Verdict

If you are on the search for a high-quality food dehydrator, you can’t go wrong with any of the Excalibur food dehydrators. The Excalibur 3926TCDB in particular is ideal for people who want large capacity and intend to use this gadget frequently. The only downsides of this luxurious food dehydrator are that its price tag can be out of your budget and size too big for your kitchen. In those cases, take a look at the alternatives and enjoy the benefits of the Excalibur range for less money or with less wasted space. 

  • Performance - 8.1/10
  • Ease of Use - 7.5/10
  • Design - 7.2/10
  • Features - 7.9/10

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