Best Soy Milk Makers

If you prefer to drink a plant-based milk rather than dairy, soy milk is a great choice. It is easy to buy at the store, but it can get expensive. Depending on how many people in your household drink soy milk, the price can quickly add up. One solution is to make your own beverage using a soy milk maker. These devices are easy to use and mess-free, and they allow you to control the ingredients you use. You can customize your drinks and make sure there are no added chemicals, additives, or unwanted sweeteners.

Soy milk makers are versatile, too. You can use them to make other plant-based milks such as almond or oat milk. Some soy milk makers can also make soup, juice, porridge, rice, tea, or grind coffee beans.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular soy milk makers available on the market today:

Tribest Soyabella SB-130 Soymilk Maker and Coffee Grinder

This device makes your soy milk in only 15 minutes. All you have to do is add the ingredients and press the button. Once the beeper alerts you that your creamy soy milk is done, you can pour it directly from the machine, and the pulp will be filtered away separately.

This sleek and elegant-looking machine is made of durable stainless steel. The temperature and grinding settings are easy to use, and you can control the settings to accommodate your favorite recipes. The machine has a helical grinding blade with a serrated edge, which is great for grinding beans and grains, providing a smooth and rich consistency.

Raw nut milks take less than a minute to make in this machine, as long as you have soaked your nuts previously. You can also use this soy milk maker as a coffee grinder or to make soup, porridge, hot cocoa or rice paste. There is also a warming option.

This device has a concealed heating element, which protects your hands from burns. It has other safety features to prevent overflow, overheating, and dry heating. In addition to safety, these features help reduce mess and increase performance and lifespan of the device.

The machine has numerous attachments to help accommodate any recipe.

Because the interior is stainless steel, this soy milk maker is easy to clean. However, during use, the blade gets very hot so you need to wait for it to cool down before cleaning it.


  • Makes delicious creamy soy milk in just 15 minutes
  • Temperature and grinding settings are easy to use and control
  • Helical grinding blade provides rich, smooth consistency
  • Soy milk is poured directly from machine; pulp is filtered away separately
  • Concealed heating element protects hands from burns
  • Also makes nut milks, soup, porridge, hot cocoa or rice paste; has warming option


  • None mentioned by users

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Idavee PrestoPure IAE15-1.9 Liter Automatic Hot Soy Milk Maker

This automatic hot soy milk maker makes soy milk in about 20 minutes, and it is well-known for its large capacity. It is a great option for large families or people who use milk alternatives often. This device can make half a gallon of soy or nut milk.

It has heated functions for nuts, dry beans, wet beans, porridge, rice milk, quinoa milk, coconut milk, corn juice, and pureed soup. It can also make juice without heat if you prefer. It is great for making any kind of nut milk, such as cashew, pecan, pistachio, almond, macadamia, hazelnut, and Brazil nuts. It also works well with seeds like sesame, pumpkin, flaxseed, sunflower, and hemp.

It does all this quietly and efficiently.

It heats from the bottom, which ensures your meals are cooked evenly.

It has a durable, dual layer 304 food grade stainless steel body which protects you from getting burnt while cooking with or cleaning the device. The stainless steel is elegant on the outside and easy to clean, both inside and out.

This soy milk maker is filter-less. There is no internal strainer but a straining basket is included. The filter-less design makes clean up easy.

Other accessories include a measuring cup, a pitcher, and a cleaning brush.

One drawback is it can get noisy when grinding dry raw ingredients or nuts. Also, although the machine has a ‘clean’ function, it does not work very well and users suggest cleaning by hand instead.


  • Automatic hot soy milk maker makes soy milk in 20 minutes
  • Large capacity – makes half gallon of soy milk
  • Has heated functions for nuts, dry beans, wet beans, porridge, soup, etc.
  • Heats from the bottom to ensure meals are cooked consistently
  • Dual layer 304 food grade stainless steel body protects you from getting burnt
  • Filter-less design means no clogs; easy to clean


  • Gets noisy when grinding nuts or dry raw ingredients
  • Machine’s ‘clean’ function does not work well

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Joyoung Automatic Soy Milk Maker DJ13U-G91

This affordable, automatic soy milk maker uses ultra-fine technology to grind your soybeans easily. Its four blades grind your soybeans and other cereals very well, for better liquid absorption.

This device is convenient and simple to use. Prepare your favorite drinks faster, by just pressing a button. Plus, it is ultra-quiet.

It has a dual layer with an outer layer made of PC material, which preserves heat and protects against scalding. The inner layer is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel, which is ideal for safe and healthy cooking, grinding, and drinking.

Aside from these functions, it is also handy for juicing. In addition, it has a function specifically used to make almond, walnut, or other nut milks. It has other functions for working with grains or dry/soaked beans, or making rice paste or porridge.

There is no need to filter your milk or juice after it is made in this device; it comes out ready to drink.

This device also has a special warming function, which can be used to heat your beverages up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is easy to wash, and thus cleans up well. In fact, it has a cleaning button – one press and it automatically cleans out the machine for you.

Find it on Amazon.


  • Affordable
  • Four blades and ultra-fine technology grind your soybeans easily and seamlessly
  • Convenient and simple to use – just press a button
  • Outer layer preserves heat and protects against scalding
  • Inner layer is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, ideal for cooking
  • Beverages come of out device ready to drink – no need to filter afterwards


  • None mentioned by users

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Soyajoy Soyapower G4 Soy Milk Maker

This soy milk maker has five functions: soaking, drying, warming, heating, and cooking. Each step of the process uses its own temperature sensor, thus allowing each step to be done at precisely the right temperature. This high quality technology also results in a quieter device.

It is user friendly and has top notch automated electronic controls which help maintain excellent reliability and service life, and it has a variety of water level markings for convenience.

This device has superior grinding technology which allows maximum extraction of nutrients. It effectively pulverizes pulses, grains, seeds, and other raw ingredients. The stainless steel grinding and cooking chamber is stain-resistant and leach-proof.

This soy milk maker has an insulated exterior for protection. It has integrated bottom heating technology for more even cooking, and a boil over sensor to prevent overflow and overheating. It has a filter-free design which prevents clogging and helps with cleaning.

Although soy milk should be cooked, other types of vegan milk such as those made with almonds need to be kept raw to maintain their nutritional value. This device allows the making of nut milks without cooking.

One drawback is this soy milk maker is a bit more expensive than most. Also, you may need to soak your soybeans up to 24 hours in advance in order for the milk to taste good.


  • High tech soaking, grinding, and cooking cycles allow precise temperature control
  • Superior grinding technology allows maximum extraction of nutrients
  • Stainless steel grinding and cooking chamber is stain-resistant and leach-proof
  • Exterior is insulated for protection
  • Features include integrated bottom heating technology and boil over sensor
  • Filter-free design prevents clogging and helps with cleaning


  • Expensive

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Tayama DJ-15S Stainless Steel Soymilk Maker

This soy milk maker is best for your budget. It is great for people who are new to making their own soy or nut milks. And even though it’s affordable, it still has high tech features to make the milk making process easier; these include a stainless steel interior, and heating around the entire body of the container for more even cooking.

The device offers a variety of programs depending on what you are grinding and/or cooking. These include programs for dry beans, soaked beans, paste, juice, and a cleaning mode. To make soy milk, the device first heats the beans, then grinds and cooks. The process takes about 20 minutes.

This machine has a double emulsifier that grinds the beans more thoroughly, which helps maintain the nutrients and fragrance. The blade is made of pure stainless steel which makes for efficient cutting and grinding.

This soy milk maker has a high quality stainless steel pitcher which is wrapped in thermoplastic. This enables you to handle the device even if it is hot. It also has a sensor to stop overflow and provides protection from leaking.

There is no internal strainer but there is a separate strainer included which you can use to filter your soy milk after it is cooked. Also included are a measuring cup and cleaning cloth.

One drawback is this device does not seem to be as durable and long lasting as other models. Also, when it heats, it sometimes stops blending.


  • Affordable – great for those on a budget or new to soy milk making
  • Stainless steel interior and blade, for efficient cutting and grinding
  • Double emulsifier grinds thoroughly, which maintains nutrients and fragrance
  • Entire body of container is heated, for more even cooking
  • Exterior is wrapped in thermoplastic which enables handling while hot
  • Strainer is included to filter soy milk after it is cooked


  • Not as durable as other models
  • Sometimes stops blending during the heating process

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Chufamix VEGAN MILKER Classic

This vegan milk maker is different from the others mentioned above in that it is much simpler. It is a filter and mortar that, when combined with your own immersion blender, grinds, filters, and emulsifies your raw materials into a creamy finished product. Use it to make milk from any nut, grain, or seed.

You can use the leftover pulp to make delicious vegan recipes such as chocolate cream, hummus, tabbouleh, etc.

The mortar is made from sustainable pine, and the device does not contain any BPA, phthalates, or other toxic components. The filter is made of stainless steel.

Before buying this product, it is very important that you learn how to use it. The manufacturer provides a variety of tutorial videos.


  • Simple type of vegan milk maker, and more affordable
  • When combined with your own immersion blender, it grinds, filters, and emulsifies
  • Makes a creamy finished product from any type of nut, grain, or seed
  • Use leftover pulp to make delicious vegan treats like chocolate cream, hummus, etc.
  • Made of sustainable pine and stainless steel


  • None mentioned by users

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Choosing the best soy milk maker

Now that you have seen some of the most popular soy milk makers available on the market today, here are a few tips on what to look for when searching for one of your own.


Most soy milk makers make more than just soy milk. Some are limited in their drink options, and others seem limitless. Take a look at what the device you’re looking at can actually make, in addition to soy milk.


Find out what types of functionalities are offered by the brands you are looking at, and what they are intended to do. In addition to grinding and cooking, some devices have a raw or warm function, which can come in handy.


Some soy milk makers have a larger capacity than others. If you have a bigger family (and they drink soy milk), choose a device with a higher capacity. If you live alone, or if you do not expect to make a lot of soy milk, choose a smaller device.


Soy milk makers are made of stainless steel or plastic. If you choose one made of plastic, look to see if it is made with harmful chemicals such as BPA which can affect your health. Stainless steel is food grade and can withstand high temperatures without affecting your food.


Some soy milk makers contain a filter and others are filter-less. If it contains a built-in filter, keep in mind soy milk might clog it up over time and require more thorough cleaning. Filter-less devices require you to sieve your drink after it’s made. They are easy to clean, and safer since there are no built-in filters to contaminate your drinks.

Prep time and convenience

Soy milk makers have different motor speeds which can affect the amount of time it takes to make your drink. Most of these devices will make your soy milk in about 15 to 30 minutes. Some have a timer so you can grind or cook for the exact amount of time desired, which is more convenient overall.

The ideal soy milk maker allows you to preset temperatures for a certain amount of time.


Some soy milk makers have safety features to prevent scalding, overheating, water overflow, dry heating, etc. Make sure to look into the safety features offered by the brands you are considering.

Power consumption

You might want to look into the amount of power consumed by the models you are thinking about. A higher power rating means reduced cooking time.

Soy milk makers are a wonderful addition to any kitchen and are a cost effective way to make healthy, delicious soy milk, nut milks, soups, porridges, and juices. Take a look at popular brands on the market, in order to determine which features are most important to you. Happy shopping!

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