Best Sous Vide Cookbooks: Beginners to Advanced

Getting started with sous vide cooking can be a bit daunting for those without experience, even though this revolutionary method of cooking is easy to learn. It’s important for beginners to read up on the sous vide process in order to obtain the best performance from your device and to ensure safety. On the other hand, even those who are experienced with sous vide can learn incredible tips and new mouthwatering recipes to add to their own sous vide cooking arsenal. While I do encourage sous vide enthusiasts to research information online, having a sous vide cookbook in your kitchen is an absolute must – especially for the quick and easy sous vide time and temperature chart.

Top 3 Sous Vide Cookbooks

I compiled a short list of the best sous vide cookbooks for every level of experience. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, these amazing sous vide cookbooks will help you perfect your cooking. Best of yet, some of these come available in PDF to download.

Learn Sous Vide: Beginner Cookbook

BEGINNER: step by step walkthroughs to getting started with sous vide and core recipes that every newbie should master.

Simply Sous Vide cookbook

I couldn’t not include my own book! But honestly, I created this book to be the ultimate guide for beginners because just a few years ago I was in many of your shoes – completely new to the sous vide world. All of the cookbooks on the market jumped right into in-depth recipes and complicated instructions, leaving very little detail about the types of sous vide machines, equipment to set up your first water bath, and tips for conquering floating bags. Learn Sous Vide is the perfect sous vide cookbook for those just getting started with sous vide because it walks you through every detail including equipment, step by step walkthroughs, temperature and time guides, and core recipes that every beginner sous vide cook should master. Best of yet, this sous vide cookbook is available as a PDF ebook, Kindle, and print.

Many people look for a PDF version of a cookbook if they keep a tablet or touchscreen laptop in the kitchen to reference as they cook, and many people print out their favorite recipes from the PDF to put them into their own cooking scrapbook.

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Sous Vide at Home, by Lisa Fetterman

INTERMEDIATE: incredible images and unique recipes, although some recipes are more advanced.
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Lisa Fetterman, the founder of Nomiku, created one of the most impressive cookbooks I’ve ever seen. Sous Vide at Home comes in a hardcover version for just over $20 and includes creatively mouthwatering photography. Some of the recipes contain a few cooking techniques outside of sous vide which may be a bit more advanced for a few home cooks, however the ingredients are all relatively normal and do not require you to find a specialty grocery store to shop for. This is one of the few cookbooks that are worth the buy for the images alone! We had the pleasure of interviewing Lisa just before the launch of Sous Vide at Home; take a quick look at our interview with Lisa to see a preview of two recipes from the book!

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Under Pressure: Cooking Sous Vide, by Thomas Keller

ADVANCED: likely intimidating for home cooks, but an essential reference book for experts and professionals.

Under Pressure cookbookm the James Beard Foundation, including Best Chef in America in 1997, and holding a total of 7 Michelin Stars from 3 restaurants. In the 90s, Keller began experimenting with sous vide cooking, eventually leading to the Under Pressure cookbook in which all of the recipes were prepared in his actual restaurants. In this cook book, Keller discusses a few tips, cooking times and temperature, safety, and of course, recipes. However, the book itself is definitely for advanced sous vide cooking and rarely ideal for the everyday home-cook

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