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Are you tired of messy soap bars? Do you want an easier way to get the right amount of soap on your hands so you can thoroughly clean them, without needing to worry about cleaning your soap dish? Then it’s time to start looking for the right soap dispenser.

Many people place a soap dispenser in each bathroom of their home, but you can also use this product in your kitchen. With a variety of styles and sizes to choose from, including those that are designed for foaming soaps, you can find the perfect dispenser that will match the rest of your design scheme. Then, just fill it with your favorite scented or unscented soap for your hands, or for your dishes if you are using it in the kitchen, and refill it whenever it gets low.

You Can Even Find Automatic Soap Dispensers!

Soap dispensers are designed to be easy to use, but an even simpler option is the automatic soap dispenser. With this item, you don’t need to push down on the pump to make the soap come out. Instead, you just place your hand in front of a sensor that’s motion activated and will make the dispenser give you the right amount of soap every time.

One of the most obvious reasons why people choose automatic soap dispensers is because they’re super convenient and simple to use. And if you’re getting a soap dispenser because you want to avoid messes and have less to clean up, an automatic one can also be a cleaner option because it won’t get wet or soapy.

Another reason why automatic dispensers have become really popular is because they can be a better way to wash your hands when you want to avoid spreading or coming into contact with germs. Again, you aren’t touching the dispenser at all, so no germs are left behind on the pump. The touch-free design allows everyone in the household to wash their hands without needing to be concerned about any germs that might be on the dispenser.

An automatic soap dispenser is also fabulous for the kitchen, as you can just hold your sponge under it to get the dish soap you need to wash all of your dishes and utensils—no more needing to struggle with soapy hands and slippery dishes while trying to get more soap onto your sponge. Again, the hands-free design keeps things cleaner, and it can also increase your efficiency while washing your dishes every day.

You can find automatic soap dispensers in a range of styles and sizes, just like manual dispensers. You’ll notice, though, that some run on batteries that need to be replaced while others are rechargeable so you don’t need to deal with changing batteries when they stop working. Some people might find this feature inconvenient, and might prefer manual soap dispensers instead. It’s totally up to you to decide which type of dispenser you prefer.

Where Can You Find the Best Soap Dispensers?

There are a lot of soap dispensers out there, and you can find many of them online. This can make the shopping experience a lot easier and less time-consuming. To help you get started, we’ve compiled the list of eight soap dispensers below. As you’ll see, there are manual and automatic dispensers included in our list, and you’ll also see that these items come in various styles.

Whether you use this list to get an idea of what’s available or you end up finding the dispenser you want, we’re sure it will help answer some of your questions about what these products have to offer.

1. Editor’s Choice: Heartland Home Porcelain 16oz Liquid Soap Dispenser

This soap dispenser has a basic style that can work well with various design schemes. It’s made of glazed porcelain and has a heavy-duty pump made of plastic for durability. Also, it features kiln-fired lettering so it will last, it’s dishwasher safe, and it can hold 16 ounces of soap. Plus, you can choose from several other options when it comes to the lettering on the bottle. For instance, you can buy one that’s labeled for hands and another that’s labeled for dishes so you can set them both up in your kitchen and know which one to use.


  • This soap dispenser is made of durable materials.
  • This product is designed to be easy to refill.
  • You can clean this item in your dishwasher.


  • This soap dispenser may break if you drop it accidentally.

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2. Runner Up: iTouchless Sensor Soap Dispenser with Wall-Mount Docking Holder

If you would prefer getting an automatic soap dispenser, this one can be placed on a countertop or mounted to a wall, so it’s a versatile option that’s worth considering. It’s made of stainless steel, and you can use it for various soaps, as well as lotions and sanitizing gels. It is easy to fill it, you can choose how much soap is dispensed, and it can hold 16 ounces.


  • This soap dispenser is automatic so you don’t need to touch it to get the soap out.
  • You can set this up on your sink or on the wall.
  • You can choose from multiple dispense modes.


  • This soap dispenser requires four AA batteries.

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3. Best Automatic: Secura Premium Touchless Battery Operated Electric Automatic Soap Dispenser

This is another automatic soap dispenser that might fit your needs and budget. It can hold 17 ounces, so it’s a bit larger than other options, and you can also mount this product to a wall if you’d like. It has a handy LED light to let you know when the dispenser is on and when the batteries need to be changed. Plus, the clear container makes it easy to see when the amount of soap is running low.


  • This soap dispenser is touchless and can be mounted to a wall or used on a sink or countertop.
  • This product can hold 17 ounces of soap.
  • You can adjust how much soap is dispensed.


  • This soap dispenser works with AA batteries that will need to be replaced when they stop working.

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4. Best Rechargeable: simplehuman 9 oz. Touch-Free Rechargeable Sensor Liquid Soap Pump Dispenser

If you don’t want to have to deal with changing batteries, a rechargeable soap dispenser like this one might be the right fit. It boasts a sleek design, and what’s really neat is that it will dispense a different amount of soap based on how close your hand is. If you only want a little bit of soap, set your hand close to the dispenser, or place it farther down if you want more soap. And, if you’d like, you can use this to dispense hand sanitizer instead.


  • This soap dispenser is waterproof and features a clog-free tubing pump and silicone no-drip valve.
  • This product is designed to be easy to refill.
  • The rechargeable battery means you don’t need to worry about replacing batteries.


  • This is a smaller soap dispenser that can hold 9 ounces.

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5. Best Eco-Friendly: GREENHOMEDE Bamboo Hand Soap Dispenser

Do you prefer buying environmentally friendly products, or do you prefer a more natural look in your kitchen and bathrooms? Then a soap dispenser that features bamboo might be just what you’re looking for, and this is one option to consider. It has a basic yet attractive design that can complement various design schemes, with a round body and black pump.


  • This soap dispenser features eco-friendly bamboo that’s durable.
  • This product is designed to be easy to refill and clean.
  • You can use this item for dispensing lotion or hand sanitizer.


  • This product should be kept dry.
  • This soap dispenser can hold 10 ounces, so it can’t hold as much as other similar items.

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6. Best Foam: OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Foaming Soap Dispenser

If you prefer using foaming soap, you need to buy the right dispenser for it, and this option from OXO is a great place to start. It features stainless steel that resists fingerprints, you can easily use it with one hand, and the non-slip base will help ensure it will stay in place. Plus, the pump is designed to be comfortable to the touch and simple to use.


  • This soap dispenser is easy to fill, and it also has a max fill line so you won’t accidentally pour too much soap into it.
  • This product has an attractive stainless steel body and matching gray pump.
  • The clear bottom on this dispenser makes it easy to see when the soap is running low.


  • This is a manual dispenser that’s designed for foaming soap, so it’s important to use the right type of soap in it.

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7. Best Wall-Mounted: Umbra Otto Automatic Soap Dispenser

This soap dispenser features an eye-catching design and can be mounted to a wall easily. Plus, it’s an automatic dispenser that works in a touch-free way to dispense the right amount of soap every time. In addition to helping you save space on your countertop, it also has a convenient non-drip spout that helps prevent drips and clogs.


  • You can use this dispenser for hand soap, hand sanitizer, or dish soap.
  • This automatic and touch-free dispenser runs on batteries and can be mounted to a wall.


  • This dispenser can hold 8.5 ounces, so it’s smaller than others.
  • Even though it has a small window on the front to be able to see how much soap is left, it might be hard to tell when you need to refill this dispenser.

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8. Best Set: DIDROOM Glass Soap Dispenser Set

Available in black and white color options, this is a cute set you can use for your hand soap and dish soap so you can tell them apart easily in the kitchen. They can be placed on the bamboo tray that’s included, and because they’re made of glass, they’re designed to be durable. Also, these bottles are easy to refill and the pumps are easy to press.


  • This set gives you two bottles for hand soap and dish soap, and each bottle is already labeled.
  • The tray makes it easy to keep these bottles neatly on display in your kitchen.


  • Although durable, because these dispensers are made of glass, they could break if you aren’t careful.

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Things to look out for:

When shopping for a soap dispenser, check product features carefully to figure out which one is right for your preferences and needs. You might think that all dispensers are created equal, but the truth is there are a lot of options to choose from, and they can have a variety of features that set them apart from one another. To see what we mean, check out the information below:

First, consider whether you want a manual or automatic soap dispenser. As discussed above, there are several great reasons to go with an automatic one, but consider the features, such as whether it has a rechargeable battery. If you don’t want to worry about batteries at all, a manual dispenser would be the right way to go.

Automatic soap dispensers, like manual ones, come in various styles. So, the next thing to think about is what you want your soap dispenser to look like. Do you want something that will add a unique element to your bathroom sink or your kitchen counter? Or, would you prefer something that will blend in with your existing décor? Perhaps you want something cute and fun in design, or maybe you want something that’s sleek and modern? With so many different styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect soap dispenser, whether it runs on batteries or not.

If you’re looking for an automatic soap dispenser, there are extra features to consider, such as how long the battery typically lasts before it needs to be recharged or replaced. Also, keep in mind that some of these dispensers give you the convenient option of selecting how much soap is dispensed every time you use them. And don’t forget, too, that you definitely want these products to be waterproof so the electronic components won’t be affected by water or moisture.

In addition, bear in mind that you can find soap dispensers that are made of various materials, such as ceramic, plastic, metal, eco-friendly materials like bamboo, and glass. Of course, the materials used will have an effect on the overall look and style of a soap dispenser, but also consider the durability of the material. If you want something that won’t easily break if it’s dropped, perhaps a metal or plastic soap dispenser would be appropriate. On the other hand, if you want something with a classic or elegant look, ceramic or glass might be the right fit.

Speaking of style, also consider the size of the soap dispenser you prefer. It should fit the space you have for it, and it should provide you with enough soap so you won’t need to refill it too often. Check product descriptions to see how big dispensers are in terms of their height and width, but also be sure to check the number of ounces of soap that they can hold.

While you might immediately think of soap dispensers that you set on a counter, there are also options that you can mount to a wall, and you can find manual and automatic designs too. If you don’t have a lot of space on your sink or you just want to keep your kitchen clutter-free, a wall-mounted soap dispenser might be the right solution. Simply be sure you have the space for it, and consider its materials and features as well. Just as you would consider the size of a regular soap dispenser, it’s wise to check the dimensions of one that you would put up on the wall. And don’t forget to look into how easy it will be to install this type of dispenser, as you will definitely want something that won’t be difficult to set up.

Also, think about which soaps you prefer using. Do you like foaming hand soap? Then look for a manual or automatic soap dispenser that is designed for that type of soap. That way, you can get the foam that you expect.

Finally, look for additional features that can help ensure your dispenser will work well for a long time. For example, some won’t easily get clogged with soap, while others might be simple to clean if they get dirty. And others might have pumps that won’t drip or will dispense just the right amount of soap so it isn’t too much or too little.

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