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You might have one or more shot glasses that you bought during a vacation or that someone brought back as a gift from a trip, but having a nice set of shot glasses on hand is definitely worth considering. Sure, you can use them when you want to enjoy a shot of your favorite alcoholic beverage or when you want to sip on a strong liquor, but you can also use them to measure out ingredients when you are preparing delicious mixed drinks. Plus, when you’re hosting a party, bringing out the shot glasses is a surefire way to let everyone know that it’s time to let loose and have loads of fun.

There Are a Lot of Great Styles to Choose From

There are a variety of shot glasses that you can buy in stores and online. A set of glasses that match is ideal for entertaining guests, but even if you want just a couple of good quality shot glasses, you can get those as well. In other words, when it comes to quantity, you can find affordable options, whether you want a single glass or a set of 12 or more.

In terms of style, shot glasses come in various sizes and shapes. Some of them are your basic round shot glass, while others feature interesting shapes like triangles. And you can also get square shot glasses too. On top of that, there are carved shot glasses, colorful glasses, and those that can be personalized with your own design and saying, as you will see in the list of products below. All of these options make it possible to mix and match your glassware and keep things interesting.

Basically, whether you are looking for a fun set of shot glasses that are great for parties or you want a refined set that is more sophisticated and elegant, there is something for everyone and every occasion. So, if you are disappointed by your current collection of shot glasses, or you lack a collection at all, it is definitely time to consider shopping for one.

There Are Different Types of Shot Glasses

You might have an idea of what a shot glass looks like, but did you know that there are actually several different types of shot glasses? For example, there is the standard glass that can come in different sizes to suit your preferences, but there are also pony glasses, tall glasses, and cheater’s glasses.

Basically, you can choose from different styles when shopping for shot glasses, but keep in mind that some might make it seem like they hold more or less alcohol than they really do. So, one thing to look for is the number of ounces that a shot glass can hold. This detail will let you know the true size of the glass, and you can determine if it is right for you based on that.

Finding the Perfect Shot Glasses Can Be Fun

Shopping for glassware can be enjoyable, whether you’re looking for a basic design or something extravagant. You might come across a set of shot glasses that perfectly matches other glassware that you already own. Or, you might find eye-catching glasses that you absolutely must have for your next get-together with friends. There are options for low budgets and high budgets, and the right set will last a long time because it will be made of a durable, high-quality material.

Want to get an idea of the types of shot glasses that are out there? Continue reading to access a list of items that are worth your consideration if you’re ready to expand your glassware collection.

1. Editor’s Choice: Thirsty Rhino Karan Round 1.5 oz Shot Glass

Do you need to buy your first set of shot glasses or upgrade an existing set? Well, this is a set of 12 clear shot glasses that can each hold 1.5 ounces, so it can be a great place to start. With such a basic design, this set is versatile enough to use on a day-to-day basis, when you’re entertaining, and when you’re using the shot glasses to measure ingredients for mixed drinks. They have a solid base that’s balanced to help prevent the glasses from tipping over, and they feature a classic round shape.   


  • This is a set of 12 clear, round shot glasses that can be used for a variety of purposes.
  • These shot glasses hold 1.5 ounces of liquid, so they aren’t too big or too small.


  • The plain design of these shot glasses might not be suitable if you want something more eye-catching for your party guests.

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2. Runner Up: Lillian Rose Set of 6 Shot Glasses

If you don’t need so many shot glasses, this set of six might suffice. Each glass can hold 1.5 ounces, and these are made of high-quality, clear glass with an attractive flair design. They also have a heavy base to help ensure they won’t be so easy to tip over by accident.


  • These clear shot glasses have a pretty flair design.
  • The base helps keep these shot glasses in place so there’s less risk of them tipping over and causing a mess.
  • These shot glasses are dishwasher safe.


  • The clear, basic design of these shot glasses might be too bland for some.

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3. Best Colorful: M&N Home Ombre Multicolored Shot Glass Set

If you are in search of a more attention-grabbing set of shot glasses, this colorful one won’t disappoint. You get a set of six shot glasses that can each hold 2 ounces, and each one is a different color. Plus, they also have a nice flair design. And the base is heavy and thick as well, which is always a good thing. Use these the next time you host a party, as each guest can have their own shot glass that they won’t mix up with anyone else’s, thanks to the color.


  • This set of shot glasses features multiple colors.
  • The base is heavy to help ensure these glasses won’t tip over.
  • These shot glasses are lead free.


  • Because they hold 2 ounces, these shot glasses might be too big for some uses or preferences.

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4. Best Customizable: DISCOUNT PROMOS Custom Shot Glasses 1.75 oz. Set of 10

Whether you want to buy a few friends some shot glasses as a gift, you are planning a wedding and want to get a fun gift for your wedding party, or you just want to get your family a set of customized shot glasses, this is one option that is worth checking out. Although it is pricier than some other sets of shot glasses, you get a total of 10, and each one can hold 1.75 ounces.


  • These shot glasses are clear, but they are also available in other colors, and you can customize them with your own design.
  • You get a set of 10 customized shot glasses, so this can be a great gift idea for several people you care about or for party favors.
  • These shot glasses have a sheer rim and thick base.


  • Because this is sold as a set of 10, you can’t just buy one customized shot glass.

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5. Best with Larger Capacity: HOMEYUT Shot Glasses, 2.8oz Heavy Base Shot Glass Set

If you want a shot glass that will hold more ounces, this set of six might be the right fit, as each glass can hold 2.8 ounces. The glass is durable, lead free, easy to hold, and dishwasher safe, and the overall look of these shot glasses is classic and elegant. Also, these round glasses are balanced and designed with a heavy base for stability.


  • You get a total of six shot glasses in this set.
  • These shot glasses have a 2.8-ounce capacity, so they are a good choice for those who want shot glasses that are slightly bigger.
  • These shot glasses are lead free and dishwasher safe.


  • Because these shot glasses are larger, they might not be right if you prefer using a standard size shot glass that’s closer to 1-2 ounces.

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6. Best Uniquely Designed: JoyJolt Aqua Vitae Shot Glass Set of 4

Do you want a truly eye-catching set of shot glasses that are sure to wow your guests? Then check out this one from JoyJolt. You only get four shot glasses, but the clear, lead-free crystal and octagonal, off base design are certainly going to make these the most unique shot glasses in your collection. Plus, these are dishwasher safe, in case you don’t want to wash them by hand after use. And they come in a pretty box that can be used to store them if you can’t put them on display.


  • This set of shot glasses boasts a unique design and lead-free crystal that is strong and thick.
  • These shot glasses are balanced, as well as easy to hold and drink from.
  • These glasses come in an attractive box.


  • You only get four shot glasses in this set.

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7. Best Elegant: Coloch 8 Pack 2 Oz Clear Carved Shot Glasses

These carved shot glasses feature an elegant design, and you get a set of eight, so you will have plenty of glasses for all of your guests the next time you host a party. They have a 2-ounce capacity and a heavy base, and they are made of lead-free glass that is clear. Plus, you can pop them in your dishwasher to clean them thoroughly.


  • These shot glasses have a carved design that can add elegance to your table.
  • You get a total of eight shot glasses in this set, which is affordably priced.
  • The glass is lead-free, and the heavy base provides stability to prevent spills.


  • Depending on the theme of your party or special event, the design of these glasses might be too formal.

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8. Best for Hosting Parties: Vivimee Shot Glass Holder Set with 12 Clear Shot Glasses

If you have ever brought out the shot glasses for your guests and struggled to get them to the table, this set might be the ideal solution. You get a total of 12 matching shot glasses along with a handy tray that will hold them securely as you bring them to the table to serve your guests. The glasses are clear and boast a square shape, while the tray is made of wood.


  • With this set, you get a wooden serving tray with handles and slots for each of the 12 shot glasses.
  • These shot glasses are square, so they are a great option for adding variety to your collection.
  • You can wash these shot glasses in the dishwasher.


  • Some people might be disappointed by the quality of the wooden tray.

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Things to look out for:

Shopping for shot glasses might seem straightforward and simple enough, but the truth is that, with so many options, the process can become a bit overwhelming, and you might find yourself struggling to figure out which ones to get. To help you get started, here are a few things that you should check before deciding on making a purchase, whether you are buying a single shot glass or a set that you can use when entertaining guests at your home:

First, consider the type of shot glass that you want. As mentioned above, there are different types of these glasses. You might decide that you want to stick with a single type of shot glass. Or, you might be ready to add to your collection by getting different types of glasses. Plus, with the right collection of shot glasses at home, you can have one of every type just in case you ever need it.

Another thing to think about is how big you want your shot glasses to be. Do you want them to be able to hold just 1 ounce, or do you want them to hold 2 ounces? There are also larger shot glasses that can hold upwards of 3 ounces. Remember, don’t just go by what the shot glass looks like because looks can be deceiving. A tall shot glass, for instance, might look like it can hold more liquor when, in reality, it might only hold 1.5 ounces. Reading a product’s description and details carefully will help ensure you purchase the glassware that is sized just right for your needs and expectations.

As you can see from the list of products above, shot glasses come in various styles, so look beyond the size and consider: do you want glasses you can personalize and hand out as gifts at your next special event to celebrate a milestone, or colorful shot glasses that can make it easy for every guest at your party to keep track of which glass is theirs, or elegant shot glasses that will look beautiful alongside your wine glasses?

Another good tip is to stick with products that are made of the highest quality glass that’s lead-free, as well as free of cadmium and BPA. Some shot glasses are designed to be thinner, while others are thicker. Either way, you want the glass to be durable so you won’t risk the glass breaking easily during use or when you’re cleaning it. And, speaking of durability, if a glass is designed to stay put, that’s also a plus because it can help ensure it won’t easily tip over and cause a mess.

There is a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that can be served in shot glasses. So, think about what you will usually be drinking from it. Will it be a strong beverage that you will need to sip? Or, will it be a drink that’s potent and requires a small serving size? Or, do you plan on gulping down your alcohol by using a shot glass? No matter what, keep all of this in mind while you are shopping, and read product descriptions carefully to be sure the glass will be able to give you what you need.

Finally, consider what you will be using a shot glass for. If you are going to use these glasses for entertaining, you will likely want to pay more attention to what they look like. On the other hand, if you are planning on using a shot glass primarily to measure out ingredients for cocktails, its appearance probably won’t matter much, if at all, and you would instead focus on the number of ounces it can hold.

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