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Pesky plastic bottles are expensive, annoying, and a major environmental faux pas. If you’ve never owned a countertop or refrigerator beverage dispenser, these super handy and environmentally friendly gadgets are a game-changer. Easy to clean and refill, a handy beverage dispenser is the perfect way to easily store, and quickly dispense large quantities of your favorite drinks like water, juice, cola and even wine! Below we have compiled a list of our top picks for the best beverage dispensers available, and we’ve even included a few of our very favorite beverage dispenser recipes that are sure to impress all of your friends! We hope this list helps you find the right beverage dispenser for all your drinking needs.

Top Picks For The Best Beverage Dispensers

Overall Top Pick – Buddeez Unbreakable 3-1/2-Gallon Beverage Dispenser with Removable Ice-Cone

This beverage dispenser is unbreakable because it is made out of durable (and safe!) BPA free Tritan plastic that gives it the appearance of glass without the worry of breakage. It also comes in a range of fun colors and offers you the option to purchase a non-slip base (a definite must for anyone who tends to be a little bit clumsy!)

This beverage dispenser is extremely durable, food-safe, and dishwasher safe for easy clean-up. The no-drip faucet will ensure you don’t waste your favorite drinks and will keep your dispenser nice and clean.

This beverage dispenser can hold up to 3.5 gallons of your favorite beverages and has a non-slip base available to purchase to help it stay firmly in place on any surface or setting. The base of this dispenser can be filled with ice to chill your beverages without any dilution, and if you do not want to use the ice cone or are short on space, it can easily be snapped on and off, depending on your needs. If you’ve never owned a beverage dispenser before, this large capacity option is a great choice because it’s easy to fill, use, and most importantly clean! It’s also an excellent value.


  • It is easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Made out of BPA free and durable Tritan Plastic
  • The ice cone is great for keeping drinks cool without diluting them, and it easily snaps on and off
  • No-drip faucet


  • It is only available in a 3-½ gallon size
  • You should be delicate while cleaning so you don’t leave scratch marks on the plastic

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Best Beverage Dispenser For Wine – Boxxle Box Wine Dispenser

This stainless steel wine dispenser keeps your wine fresh for up to six weeks from the first pour and is conveniently dishwasher safe. We particularly love the fact that this dispenser is stainless steel, so you never have to worry about the taste of your wine being affected (a risk you run with some plastic dispensers).

This is a high-quality wine dispenser constructed of stainless steel that is not only attractive and durable but will ensure the taste of your wine is not impacted or contaminated. Rest assured that your wine is not only safe in this dispenser, it will remain fresh for up to six weeks from when the first glass is poured. A wine dispenser like this one is a no brainer for ensuring you don’t waste wine when you’re unable to finish a bottle.

The Boxxle Box can hold up to three litres of wine, and the dispenser has a unique design that exerts pressure from below, in order to make it easier for the wine to dispense consistently, without any drippage. This wine dispenser comes highly rated and is an all-around excellent choice for any wine connoisseur.


  • The entire dispenser is constructed of food-safe stainless steel and ABS plastic
  • Dishwasher safe for an easy cleanup
  • The Stainless steel container ensures the flavor of your wine remains intact
  • Keeps wine fresh for up to six weeks


  • It requires refrigeration to remain cold and can take up a lot of room in your fridge

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Best Tiered Beverage Dispenser – Mind Reader Beverage Dispenser with Ice Bottom

Conveniently stack up to three gallons of your favorite beverages with this unique and totally configurable beverage dispenser! Choose from a variety of different sizes and compartment options to customize this dispenser to fit your individual needs.

The Mind Reader Beverage Dispenser allows you to choose from multiple sizes and configurations. Choose from two tiers, two tiers with 3 compartments or upgrade your beverage dispenser and go with either 3 tiers or 3 tiers with six separate compartments! Feeling fancy? Add a fruit infuser to really deck your dispenser out.

This beverage dispenser can meet almost any of your capacity needs! Each tier can hold up to 120 fl oz (3 gallons combined!) so you can rest assured you’ll have plenty of beverages for all of your party guests.

The unique design of this dispenser features separate spigots for each container, so it’s easy for people to quickly and easily dispense the drink of their choice.

The separate tier design allows you to conveniently offer a wide variety of drinks, sure to suit everyone’s preferences.

If you decide to go with the three-tier option, you can enjoy a bonus ice compartment to keep drinks cold all night long, without diluting them.

Each tier of the Mind Reader Beverage Dispenser is removable and dishwasher safe, to make cleaning up a breeze.

For easy stacking, and long-lasting durability, this beverage dispenser is made of lightweight, shatterproof plastic.

The stacked design is a real space saver, allowing you to offer a ton of variety, without taking up any extra space.


  • The stackable design saves space and allows you to offer your guests a wide variety of drink options
  • Each tier has a designated spigot for easy dispensing
  • Each tier is removable, and dishwasher safe
  • Made of lightweight and durable shatter-proof plastic


  • Some customers have noted that the spigots can leak a little if they’re not used carefully

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Best Glass Beverage Dispenser – Anchor Hocking 2-Gallon Heritage Hill Glass Beverage Dispenser with Spigot

This durable glass beverage dispenser can hold up to two gallons and has a timeless design that is sure to blend in with any decor style.

It’s made of crystal clear, durable glass that is perfect for dispensing and displaying all of your favorite drinks.

The durable glass design is sturdy, with thick walls to prevent accidental breakage. The premium glass used to make this beverage dispenser has many benefits considering it will never warp, stain, retain smells or leach any dangerous chemicals into your drinks (like some metals and plastics can).


  • Made of durable American made glass that isn’t prone to warping, staining, retaining smells, or leaching any harmful chemicals
  • Large, two-gallon capacity


  • Heavy, due to the fact that it is made of solid glass

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Five Great Beverage Dispenser Recipes

Virgin Sangria With Cranberry And Basil



¼ cup of basil

⅓ cup frozen cranberries

One apple cored and sliced

One orange sliced

The juice of one orange

One 12 oz. can of seltzer or soda water

Three cups of cranberry juice

Directions: Combine all ingredients in your beverage dispenser ahead of time and stick in the fridge for at least two hours to allow the flavors to meld. Then, pour over ice and serve!

Watermelon Lemonade


Watermelon Juice (enough to fill half of your dispenser and some more for freezing into cubes)

Lemonade (enough to fill half of your dispenser)

Directions: Blend or juice enough watermelon to fill half of your beverage dispenser, and blend a little more to add to an ice cube tray to freeze (make sure to strain out any chunks!). Pour in enough lemonade to fill your beverage dispenser, and then stir the two juices together. Fill a glass with the watermelon lemonade, and instead of adding ice cubes, add your frozen watermelon cubes!

Sherbet Punch


One 2 litre bottle of cold citrus soda

One 2 litre bottle of cold club soda

Two cups of cold lemonade

Six scoops of your favorite sherbet ice cream


Add all ingredients (except the sherbet) to your beverage dispenser and stir. Add the scoops of sherbet and enjoy!) *depending on the size of your beverage dispenser you might need to double, or even triple the recipe*

Mint Strawberry Limeaid


1 cup of freshly squeezed lime juice (about 12 limes)

1 cup of granulated sugar

6 cups of water (divided)

1lb of strawberries with the stems removed, and cut in half

1 cup of granulated sugar

Lots of ice

Fresh Mint (to taste)


Add the sugar and one cup of water to a small saucepan and simmer on medium heat until all of the sugar has dissolved into the liquid. Allow this mix to cool.

Put one cup of water and the strawberries into your blender and blend them up until they are nice and smooth. Strain the strawberry water mixture with a fine mesh strainer to remove any seeds. Add the cooled water sugar mixture to your beverage dispenser, along with the strawberry puree, lime juice, and remaining four cups of water.

Stir well! And serve with ice and mint.

Virgin Arnold Palmer

Lemonade Ingredients:

3 cups of water, divided

3/4 cups granulated sugar (depending on how sweet you like it)

3/4 cup of fresh-squeezed lemon juice (usually about 4-6 lemons)

Tea Ingredients:

4 cups of water

⅓ cup of honey

5 black tea bags

Lots of Ice

Fresh mint (to your liking)

Lemon wedges (for garnish)


First things first! Make your lemonade. To do this, add one cup of water to a pot along with your sugar and allow it to boil for two minutes in order to make a simple syrup. Allow your simple syrup to cool. Combine the simple syrup with two cups of water and all of your lemon juice and then set aside while you make the tea.

To make the tea, add three cups of water to a pot and bring it to a boil. Add in your honey and stir the mixture until the honey dissolves. Turn off the heat and add in your tea bags and allow them to steep for five minutes. Allow the tea to cool to room temperature.

In your beverage dispenser, combine the fresh lemonade and tea mixture and stir. Pour into tall glasses full of ice, and garnish with mint and lemon wedges.

Final thoughts:

A quality beverage dispenser is a must for big families, thirsty people, and anyone who loves to entertain! An attractive beverage dispenser can live out on your counter for easy access to all of your favorite drinks. The added convenience of an ice insert attachment can help you ensure your drinks stay cold, and flavorful, no matter the weather. If you’re interested in having access to a variety of different drinks at any given time, a stacked beverage dispenser is definitely the way to go, and is sure to impress all of your party guests! Once you’ve finally settled on the perfect beverage dispenser for you and your friends and family, try out one of our fancy beverage recipes above and take that new dispenser for a spin! We hope this list of our top beverage dispenser picks makes it a little bit easier for you to find the perfect option based on your particular needs. Happy shopping!

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