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Do you have a footstool in your home yet? If not, it is definitely time to consider getting one. More than just a piece of décor or a small piece of useful furniture, a footstool can actually help you feel good. After all, few things are better than resting your tired feet in an elevated position, right? In fact, lying down on the ground and resting your feet on a footstool, or sitting down and resting your feet on the stool, are a couple of ways to unwind and help your feet, legs, and back feel at ease.

There are various types of footstools, from those that are simple in appearance to those that double as little storage units. Large footstools can provide seating for kids, and they can sometimes be used as a table too. So many uses for such a simple product!

Once you begin your search for the right footstool, one thing will become clear: there are a lot of different styles that you can choose from. And various materials are used to create these products, which are available in a range of shapes and sizes to suit your preferences. But, in this article, we’re going to focus on bamboo footstools, in particular.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly material, so when you want to buy products made of wood, it is a great choice. It is also a durable and attractive material, so those are additional reasons why you should consider looking into bamboo footstools for your home.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top bamboo footstools that we could find. Check them out below to see why these products are so popular.

Best Basic Bamboo Footstool: Knocbel Bamboo Small Stool Ottoman Footrest

This footstool measures roughly 11.02” x 9.06” x 10.24”, and it is made of bamboo, so it features a natural wood color that can match a range of interior design schemes. The workmanship stands out, and you will like that the material used is thick and strong yet lightweight. Plus, its weight capacity is 330 pounds.

You do need to assemble this footstool, but it is easy to do. Once assembled, you will see that its height makes it a great product for resting your feet at the end of a long day. Kids can also sit on this footstool, or you can use it to store items.


  • This footstool features a basic wood design, with rounded corners and a smooth surface.
  • It can be used by kids and adults, and it has an extra shelf area where you can even use it for storing objects that you need to keep within reach.
  • It is made of thick mountain bamboo, and it is strong yet lightweight.


  • This bamboo footstool might be too small for some people, so consider how large you need the stool to be to make sure it’s right for you.
  • The simple design of this footstool might not appeal to you if you are hoping to get something that offers a more eye-catching appearance.
  • This footstool does require assembly, so if you aren’t keen on the idea of putting it together yourself, it is probably best to look for a different option.

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Best Bamboo Footstool with Cushions: Ottoman Storage Tatami Tea Table Bamboo Stool Coffee Table with 4 Cushions

This is an interesting footstool because it can be used in so many different ways. Let’s take a look at some of the main details that help it stand out against other products that are currently available.

First off, this footstool, which measures roughly 14.45” x 14.45” x 14.17”, is made of durable, natural bamboo that is renewable and, therefore, environmentally friendly. However, to ensure its strength and smooth and natural feel, it also has a protective coating.

Secondly, this footstool features a design that can be considered timeless. But it also stands out because it is made in a Japanese style, with soft lines and a square shape that can make it an eye-catching element in any room.

Finally, this footstool also comes with four cushions that have a thick foam filling. These are designed to be really comfortable, and they can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you can place one of the cushions on the top of the stool so that you can rest your feet on it, or you can use the stool as a table while sitting next to it on one of the cushions. Plus, because the covers are removable and machine washable, you don’t need to worry if you accidentally get the cushions dirty.


  • This footstool is made of bamboo, and has a natural appearance that will blend in with a variety of interior design schemes.
  • This stool comes with a set of cushions that can be used in various ways.


  • If you are looking for a larger footstool, this one might not be right for you, as it is on the smaller end.

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Best Bamboo Footstool with Storage: Funlea Vintage Flower Deco Bamboo Portable Sofa Stool Ottoman with Storage

This decorative and functional footstool is available in two sizes, so you can select the small one or the larger one, depending on what you prefer, or you can buy one of each. You can use this single product for sitting and relaxing, elevating your feet to release tension, and storing things you want to keep nearby.

We also like that this product features natural materials and a style that can be described as vintage, pastoral, or farmhouse. The floral design along the sides of the stool are impressive, while the black and white floral print on the lid provides a lovely contrast to the natural brown hues beneath it.

When you lift the lid of this footstool, you will find a good amount of storage space inside. You can store whatever you want in there, from your kids’ toys to the blankets that you use when you lounge on the couch to watch TV.


  • This is a durable bamboo footstool with a beautiful design that is sure to grab people’s attention.
  • You can use this footstool for storage, in addition to using it to rest your feet.


  • The design of this bamboo footstool might not appeal to you or it might clash with the rest of your interior décor.

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Best Decorative Bamboo Footstool: Household Shoe-Changing Stool Bamboo Woven

This is another great option when you are searching for a bamboo footstool that boasts an attention-grabbing design. But this design is more contemporary, while still showcasing the attractive, classic look of natural bamboo.

With its load-bearing capacity, you can use this footstool to rest your feet, to place items on top of it when using it as a table, and more. Plus, it can serve as a piece of décor in just about any room, especially since it also gives you some extra storage space.

Of course, this product is constructed with bamboo wood that is environmentally friendly. You can choose from two designs, one of which features a floral print on the sides and the other that has a striped pattern of dark wood and light wood.

The lid, which is easy to open and close to reveal the storage space inside, also features a striped design, but it is colorful and provides a nice contrast against the bottom part of the stool. And the solid wood legs are there to provide additional strength and stability to this lovely item.


  • This footstool features a cute design, and it is made of eco-friendly bamboo.
  • You can use this product as a stool, a storage unit, a table, or as a small chair.
  • There aren’t any sharp corners, so it is safe for kids.


  • The design may not suit all design schemes.

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Best Folding Bamboo Footstool: TripDock 12 Inch High Natural Bamboo Folding Stool

This is yet another footstool that is made from 100% natural and eco-friendly bamboo. It measures roughly 11” x 11” x 12”, while having a 200 pound weight limit, and it also features a natural varnish coating.

What makes this footstool stand out against other products on this list is the fact that it can be folded for compact storage and for carrying. And there is no assembly required, which is always a plus.

You can use this footstool in a variety of ways. It has a curved shape to promote your comfort, so you might want to use it to lift your feet up while sitting on the sofa at the end of the workday. Or maybe you want to use it as a small side table to keep things you need within reach. Plus, your kids can use it too. So, even though it doesn’t have an area for storage like other products discussed above, it is still multi-functional.


  • This footstool features natural bamboo that is durable and eco-friendly.
  • You can use this footstool in various ways, and it can fold down when not in use.
  • Its surface is slightly curved, so this might provide a bit of extra comfort.


  • It does not provide any storage space.
  • The design is rather plain, so it might not work with all décor.

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Best Bamboo Footstool with Unique Design: EBTOOLS Massager Rollers Footrest, Ergonomic Foot Stool

Sometimes, you want a small footstool that can be used to rest your feet a few inches above the ground while you are sitting, and that is what this bamboo footstool can do, thanks to its unique design. It has a curved shape and ergonomic arc to promote comfort, and it even has massage rollers built in so you can release tension from your tired feet.

You do need to assemble this product, but it is easy to do so. And because it is made of bamboo without any formaldehyde, it is safe and eco-friendly. Plus, it is easy to clean and moisture resistant.


  • The natural wood color of this footstool can ensure it will match a variety of interior design schemes.
  • You can use this footstool in just about any room in your home when you want to relax your feet with its ergonomic design and massagers.
  • It features a pretty basic look, yet it is also unique at the same time.


  • It does not provide you with any storage or cushions like other bamboo footstools that are available.
  • It requires assembly.

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Things to look out for:

As you browse the various bamboo footstools that are for sale, it can become a little challenging to figure out which one is the right one to go with. To help you, we’ve put together a list of features that you can consider while you shop:

First off, consider the size of the space that you plan on putting the footstool in. If it is going in your living room, for example, measure the area that is available. You don’t want the footstool to be in the way, but you do want it to be easy to access and use. By measuring the space that you have available for the stool, you can be sure you select one that will fit the space comfortably, without being too small or too big.

Bamboo footstools might come in different colors, so that is something else to consider while you shop. To make sure your footstool will blend in with the rest of your décor, be sure to select a color that will match your design scheme.

The height of the footstool is yet another feature to look into, especially if you are planning on using it to elevate your feet while lying down or sitting. Choosing the right height can make a big difference in helping you release tension from your body while you relax with your footstool.

Finally, consider if you want a more basic design or if you want a product that will double as a storage unit. If you do want to use the footstool for storage, be sure to consider the dimensions of the interior to figure out how you can use it to the fullest and what you can place inside of it.

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