Why WiFi Sous Vide Devices Are Great

A lot of the sous vide immersion circulators that are available these days have WiFi features built in. But do you really need WiFi for sous vide cooking, or is it just an extra feature that isn’t really necessary? If a product has a higher price tag because it boasts WiFi, is it worth the cost? Our answer is: yes! Preparing meals the sous vide way with the help of WiFi is great, and we explain why below.

You Can Set Up Cook Time and Temperature on Your Smartphone

Rather than having to use a bunch of different buttons and dials on your immersion circulator, you can just grab your smartphone, head to a handy app, and choose your settings. Whatever temperature and cook time you need for the recipe you’re preparing can be set quickly and easily.

This also often means that a circulator will be sleeker in design because it won’t need as many features specifically for setting it up to cook. You can just take care of everything from your device, so you interact directly with the circulator less.

You Can Monitor Everything on Your Device

Another perk that comes with using a sous vide circulator with built-in WiFi is the fact that you can monitor it from afar using your mobile device. If you have other things to take care of around the house, but you have to check on the progress of your meal, you can just grab your phone and see how everything is going. If you need to make any changes to your settings, you can do that too. And if anything isn’t going according to plan, such as if the temperature drops or power to the circulator is interrupted, the app can alert you so you can take care of problems right away.

Overall, being able to control your immersion circulator from remote allows you to really take advantage of the hands-free cooking that comes with sous vide. You just set up your water bath, circulator, and ingredients, and then use your phone to keep an eye on things until the app tells you that dinner is ready. It doesn’t get much easier than that!

You Can Delay the Start Time

Let’s say you want to set up your sous vide circulator and ingredients, but you don’t want it to start cooking right away. With a WiFi enabled product, you can delay the start time so you can be away from the kitchen for an extended period of time and still have your meal ready when you get back. As an example, you can set it up in the morning, leave for work, turn it on and monitor it from remote, and then have dinner ready when you arrive home.

This also makes it easy to prepare recipes that require longer cook times, without having to worry about overcooking the meal. If your ingredients need to cook for several hours, you can go about your day and let the circulator do its thing while you’re away. And because you can operate your circulator from wherever you are, you can rest assured that you’ll still be in control even though you aren’t nearby.

Apps That Come with Recipes Are Really Helpful

Finally, when you have a WiFi enabled immersion circulator that comes with an app filled with recipes, you can continually look for new meals that you and your family can try to change things up.

These recipes can also come in really handy when you don’t know where to begin, as they can tell you exactly how to set up your circulator to cook up the perfect dinner in no time. This guidance can help you dive right into sous vide cooking even if you’re totally new to it.

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits that come with a circulator that connects to your WiFi network. Cooking with WiFi makes sous vide even more convenient than it already is. With your smartphone and an app, you can set it up, turn it off and on, monitor it, and make changes from anywhere, even if you aren’t home, and that alone makes it a desirable feature for busy people who don’t want to spend all of their time in the kitchen.

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