Uno (Codlo) Sous Vide Controller Review

Uno Sous Vide Review

Uno (Codlo) Sous Vide Controller Review
  • Performance - 7/10
  • Ease of Use - 8/10
  • Design - 8/10
  • Features - 6/10

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Grant Creative Uno Review

This creative sous vide controller got its start on Kickstarter in 2014 under the name Codlo with much success, including raising over $150k by more than 1,000 backers. Jumping ahead a few years, the Codlo device was acquired by Grant Creative Cuisine in 2016 and renamed Uno.

We already had the chance to review Grant Creative’s all-in-one Primo sous vide machine and it absolutely impressed us due to its build quality and performance. With the company’s drive for quality, it’s no wonder their Uno sous vide controller performs wonderfully. However, as the sous vide industry continues to produce more affordable immersion circulators, the Uno’s price point may be a large deciding factor. But before making that decision, let’s discuss the features and performance of one of the smallest sous vide devices on the market.


Aesthetically speaking, Uno’s design is completely unique compared to other temperature controllers on the market such as Inkbird or Dorkfood. The large, crisp front-facing display tracks the current and target temperatures, among other settings. When the controller is in standby mode, the display will be white. Once you start actively heating water, the display will turn red and a progress bar circulates around the outside of the display.
sous vide controller heating the water

A total of 5 physical buttons control the device including setting your target temperature and adjusting between Celsius and Fahrenheit. While the display and buttons are very clean in terms of design, understanding how to use it can be a bit challenging without looking at the manual. I had to read the quick start guide to find out how to operate the buttons since they are not labeled. After reading it once, though, it’s very easy to control.
Base of the uno
The back of the Uno controller has a 3-prong plug and is intended to be plugged directly into your wall outlet. The bottom of the controller has a female plug in which your compatible rice cooker or crock pot connects to. Finally, also on the bottom of the controller, you will find the removable temperature sensor. One end plugs into the controller and the other end is simply placed in your water bath to monitor the temperature.


Since the Uno is a controller only and does not contain a heating element or water circulator, the inside components are pretty standard. Uno’s temperature range can go from 68F to 194F, which is similar to most sous vide machines. In addition, the Grant’s website states the device can maintain temperature accuracy within 0.36F; however, I believe this number largely relies on your chosen heating device (crock pot/rice cooker). After all, the Uno device simply tells your cooker when to start heating again in order to maintain the optimal temperature.


Setting up your Uno is incredibly simple. We received the Compagno bundle which contains their Paiolo rice cooker and Uno sous vide controller. After unboxing the two, I hooked the controller up to the rice cooker and had everything plugged in without opening the manual. Like I mentioned above, when it came time to set the temperature, I had to open the book up. After understanding what each button does, I simply set my temperature and the rice cooker turned on. In about 15 minutes the water was fully pre-heated.
Setting up the Uno controller

Performance and Final Thoughts

I’ll let the picture below speak for me! I cooked two dry-aged prime ribeyes at 135F for an hour and 15 minutes and plated with sea scallops over basil Israeli couscous. Overall, the controller worked flawlessly with the company’s accompanied rice cooker. I also tested the device with my Hamilton Beach crockpot and that also worked perfectly.
performance of the Uno controller
At its core, the Uno sous vide controller simply works. The design is unique and setup is easy – so what’s holding us all back? Let’s talk price. Over the last few years, sous vide machines dropped in prices dramatically – particularly immersion circulators. As of this write-up, there are numerous immersion circulators on Amazon below $99, while on the other hand, the Uno controller is over $150.

With that said, the controller is still a great space saver for those not looking to add another appliance to their kitchen. Not only is the device one of the smallest on the market, but you can also use it with a crockpot or rice cooker you already own, saving even more space. Nonetheless, for the average Joe not too concerned about storing an immersion circulator and container, the price may need to drop in order to place the Uno numero uno.

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