Unboxing of the Primo 10 from Grant Creative Cuisine

Within the last few years, sous vide cooking has really taken the world by storm. It was once a relatively unheard of cooking method (unless you happen to be a chef!), but today, sous vide cooking has become much more commonplace. This accessibility is largely due to the proliferation of the inexpensive sous vide immersion devices that have helped to significantly bring the price resistance barrier down.

Sous vide water baths like the Primo 10 are at a much higher price point compared to sous vide immersion devices. But is it worth the added cost? In this article, we show you what’s in the box when you buy the Primo 10 from Grant Creative Cuisine.

To see a video of our unboxing of the Primo 10, you can check out our video on YouTube here:



Grant Creative Cuisine is a company based near Cambridge in the United Kingdom. The company is an offshoot of Grant Instruments which was founded in 1952. Unlike the much shorter inception periods of companies like Anova, Sansaire and Nomiku that started out on Kickstarter, Grant has actually been around for more than 60 years!

The company is ISO 9001 certified and they are well-known for their lab and research equipment in the scientific and industrial markets. It was from their work on developing precision temperature control equipment that they decided to spin off into sous vide devices and so Grant Creative Cuisine was born.



The Primo 10 comes with:

  • 1 Primo 10 Sous Vide Water Bath
  • 1 Lid (Doubles up as tray)
  • 1 Rack
  • 4 Recipe Cards
  • and the standard User Guide and Warranty Card


In a nutshell, it feels very premium. When you pick up the device, it feels very solid and well built. The Primo 10 is made in the UK and the build quality is immediately apparent. Even the buttons and knobs feel well made. The UK is well known for build quality and that’s where top-notch brands like Bentley and Rolls Royce originate from. Grant could have easily reduced the price point of the Primo 10 by having it made in China, but instead they chose to focus on quality by manufacturing the Primo 10 out of the UK. And the quality shows.



The device is packed very neatly and securely in the box. Even the box feels premium!



We like the little text message on the lid rest that says “Wrong way up – please turn me over”. You can almost “hear” the dry British wit of someone like John Cleese saying that to you.




Primo means “First” in Italian and based on our first impressions, we can definitely see how the Primo 10 will be the first choice for sous vide fans who are considering upgrading from their current sous vide immersion devices to a sous vide water bath.

All in all, we like the look and feel of the Primo 10. It looks good but how well does it perform? For our in-depth review of the Primo 10, stay tuned to the Sous Vide Guys! In the meantime, sous vide soon and bon appétit!


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We believe in being open and direct with our community and so we wish to also let you know that the sample product was provided by Grant Creative Cuisine. We believe in giving you frank and honest opinions and we will never compromise on that.


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