Unboxing of Sansaire Sous Vide Machine

Sous vide fans, we are pleased to bring you our second video, the unboxing of the Sansaire Sous Vide Machine!

We’ve certainly learnt a lot from the production of our first video. We hope you can see the improvements we’ve made! Well at least the backdrop isn’t slanted anymore! HAHA!

If you enjoy this video, please do share with us your comments below.  If you have any suggestions as to how we can improve, we will greatly appreciate your feedback.


To see a video of our unboxing of the Sansaire Sous Vide Machine, you can check out our video on YouTube here:


For more details and pictures from our unboxing, read on!

For any sous vide fans who haven’t heard about the Sansaire well then… where have you been?! The Sansaire was launched on Kickstarter and boy was it well-received! Their funding goal was $100,000 and it took them all of 13 hours to achieve that. By the time it closed, they had raised 8 times more than what they needed. $823,003 to be exact!


The Sansaire is brought to you by physics PhD student, Lukas Svec from the University of Washington and Scott Heimendinger. Lukas played a big part in the R&D of the Sansaire and many of the most important features of the Sansaire’s construction can be attributed to him. Scott, who’s also known as the Seattle Food Geek, made a name for himself when he invented his DIY sous vide machine for $75! This was at a time when sous vide devices were going for like $1,000. If you are inclined to make your own sous vide device, his instructions are still available here. Or you could just purchase the Sansaire for $199 and save yourself the hassle!

The Sansaire comes in a stylish white box that’s approximately 39cm or 15.5 inches long. The box is made of sturdy cardboard and overall, it gives a nice feel.


When opened, the device stands tall in its base and the cord pack is stowed neatly on the back of the clip together with the instruction booklet.


The external body is largely made of plastic and we would have liked for it to have more of a ‘premium’ feel. Looks-wise it is nice, but it does have a slightly ‘plasticky’ feel.


We like the clean and simple device interface. Other than the logo, it has 3 buttons; Power on/off, Target and °C/°F toggle. The Target button is helpful in that it allows you to check what temperature you had set when you programmed the device.


The water circulation outlet is thoughtfully designed to shoot the water stream to the side instead of straight out in the middle. This is a nice feature in that if you have delicate items like eggs in the water bath, they are less likely to be smashed against the back of the water bath when the unit is turned on.


Max and minimum water levels are indicated and the instructions say that the minimum water level is 3 inches and the maximum is 6.5 inches.



At the back of the device, there’s a small button that the Operating Manual calls a ‘reset’ button. We actually feel that a more accurate term would be ‘restore’ button. The reason is that you don’t actually press it to reset the device. The Sansaire actually has a good safety feature in that it turns off and goes into reset mode when the water level drops off too much. This prevents the device from overheating. And so the purpose of this button is to restore the Sansaire to work again should it go into reset mode.


Also at the back is this large stainless steel clamp that looks like a giant hair-clip. This clamp is how you secure the device to the pot or water bath. Build-quality looks pretty solid and we like that the removable latch on the clamp was thoughtfully designed to have two settings. One for thicker pots and one for thinner pots. Nice.


Towards the bottom, you’ll find a latch that allows the bottom grill to be removed. This allows for easy access if you need to decalcifying or if you want to clean your heating elements. However, the latch can be tricky to put back. We took a few minutes to get it to sit back nicely again.


And right at the bottom, you’ll see the removable grill. In terms of the look and feel of the Sansaire, this is probably the Achilles heel of the device. Build-quality for the grill could certainly be better.


In summary, we feel that the Sansaire looks nice and has a few well-designed features that we like. It is let down in some areas but overall, we feel that build-quality is adequate and matches up to its price tag of $169.96. Next up is to see how well the Sansaire performs in cooking sous vide. Stay tuned to the Sous Vide Guys as we put the Sansaire to the test. We’ll bring you the full review soon!

In the meantime, sous vide soon and bon appétit!


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We believe in being open and direct with our community and so we wish to also let you know that the sample product was provided by Sansaire. We believe in giving you frank and honest opinions and we will never compromise on that.

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