Top 10 Sous Vide Racks

There are a few items that you need for sous vide cooking, aside from the actual cooker itself. The two most important ones are the containers and the rack. Sure, you can cook without the rack, but seeing as how there are foods that can take a whole night to be prepared, you’ll want to avoid having to keep an eye on them the entire time. Sous vide racks were created with the purpose of keeping the food bags in one place, preventing them from floating on the top side of the container.

1. Editor’s Choice: LIPAVI Sous Vide Rack

When you’re a fan of sous vide cooking, you’ll experience the stress of having floating bags in the container, thus preventing hot water from surrounding all the bags as it normally should happen. Thankfully, sous vide racks are here to prevent that from happening. To make the entire cooking process smoother, you can buy a rack like this one, made by LIPAVI. This brand is no stranger to sous vide cooking apparel, as they also manufacture containers with lids that can be used in the process. Made from stainless steel, the rack is available in many different sizes. This rack has five different spaces that allow you to place your food packs for even cooking, making you successfully use the sous vide container to its maximum potential.

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2. Runner Up: Geesta Stainless Steel Sous Vide Rack

Made from premium materials, the Geesta sous vide rack is created to make sure that you have a durable product to rely on. Made from stainless steel, this rack is designed to provide durability, thanks to its rust-resistant properties. The crossbar has a clever design that’s meant to keep the food bags in place, thus leading to a move even cooking of your future meals. The rack is adjustable, which means that it can fit both large and small packs, depending on what your meals look like. Geesta also sells compatible sous vide containers, but you can probably fit the rack with more than just their custom option. The rack is equipped with an extended handle so that you can easily maneuver it. This feature will be useful for lifting and removing the rack when needed.

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3. Customer’s Choice: EVERIE Weighted Sous Vide Rack Divider

Ready for another high-quality divider? This one is made by EVERIE, who are also keen on making some of the best sous vide containers on the market. You have two rack options: one that measures 7.5 x 4.2 inches and can fit seven quarts of water, and the other one that measures 8.1 x 6.3 inches and can fit 12 quarts of water. The vertical slot is meant to hold the dividers firmly in place, which also means that your meals will stay in place instead of floating in the container.

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4. Best Set: EVERIE Sous Vide Container with Universal Silicone Lid and Sous Vide Rack

One more EVERIE rack? Yes, because this one has a rather different design than the other one, we believed that it was worth adding to the list. The concept is pretty simple to understand, you get a mount that includes seven dividers, five of which are removable, which translates into six slots perfect for placing the food bags of your choice. Whenever you need to adjust the spacing, you just remove the dividers from the base and place them in another slot, however you need. It also comes with a 12-quart sous vide container, a universal silicone lid, and a container neoprene sleeve. You have three combination options: you can either go with the model that includes all of the elements mentioned above, or opt for a rack, container and lid, or simply a container and lid.

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5. Honorary Mention: Best HOMENOTE Sous Vide Container 12 Quart with Lid & Rack and Sleeve

Ready for some more stainless-steel action? This sous vide rack comes with a handful of essential accessories that you’ll need to start cookie sous vide. It can host up to five food bags of different sizes, which means more cooking slots for you to prepare complete meals. The stainless steel that’s used to construct this sous vide rack is durable and rust-resistant, and extremely easy to clean. The dividers can be adjusted, which guarantees that you have more versatility in terms of the width of the food bags that go inside the container. The product also comes with a heat-resistant sleeve and a BPA-free polycarbonate 12-quart container and lid.

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6. Best Vertical: YAYI Stainless Steel Food Steak Rack Divider

A unique design on our list, YAYI sous vide rack is made to fit any type of container as it is mounted on the side of the container rather than placed at the bottom. This is a fantastic option if you have a narrower container as you’re not limited by the width of the container to that extent- it will fit most standard containers with plenty of room left over.

This shelf-style rack can be adjusted for height by removing layers to accommodate bulkier items. This is also great for storage as you can fit it literally anywhere once you remove the shelves. Made from 304 stainless steel, this rust-resistant rack can hold up to five pouches.

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7. Best Anti-Floating: HUISPARK Sous Vide Rack

Because of the spiral module design, this sous vide rack boasts impressive anti-floating properties: everything will stay in place throughout the process. The crossbar at the bottom prevents food from slipping out when you’re pulling the rack out of the water bath. The spiral modules are adjustable so you can fit bulkier vacuumed bags, too- and their grippiness can comfortably keep any size bag in place.

Collapsible and made from stainless steel, this sous vide rack is durable, easy to store, and convenient to use. The design is adapted to fit most common sous vide containers that measure 7.5 by 7.5 by 6.5 inches.

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8. Best for Large Dinners: LIPAVI N20 Sous Vide Rack

LIPAVI is a well-known and popular brand in the world of sous vide accessories so it doesn’t come as a surprise they have two entries on our list. This rack, however, is a bit different: it is made in a combination of heavy-duty polycarbonate and 316L stainless steel weights. This makes the rack both rugged and optimized for use in hot water baths: it won’t rust, deteriorate or stain- it is dishwasher safe as well.

The ‘party size’ of this container makes it perfect for when you’re preparing big dinners for friends and family and want to make the most out of your container. It will suit the LIPAVI C20 container or any other 26 quart container of the same dimensions.

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9. Best Collapsible: TRIROCK Collapsible Stainless Steel Sous Vide Rack

With adjustable dividers for all sizes of vacuum bags and extended handles for easier taking out of the container, this design is all about functionality. Made out of high-quality 304 stainless steel that’s resistant to rusting and staining so it is built to last. The dimensions of this sous vide rack make it a good match for most standard 12 quart containers. 

Highly adjustable, this sous vide rack allows you to widen the space between the dividers to accommodate thicker pouches, and the same feature allows this rack to be collapsible and easy to store when not in use.

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10. Best Large Rack: Geesta Large Sous Vide Rack


Compatible with 18, 20 and 26 quart containers, this Geesta large sous vide rack is will be a good choice for experienced cooks who need to prepare large meals. It is made from 304 stainless steel that is known for its durability and resistance to rust and it features a standard collapsible design that allows you to adjust the width of the dividers and easily store the rack flat when it’s not being used.

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    Alton Brown did a sous vide cheesecake in glass jars video and he had a round rack that held the jars. Any idea where that rack can be found?


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