Top 10 Sealer Bags For Sous Vide

The fact that people throw away too much food is no longer a mystery to anyone, but there are a lot of delicious foods out there that spoil way too fast. By using vacuum sealers and good sealer bags, you can end up preserving food for way longer, which ends up saving you money in the long haul. Plus, the only way to cook with the sous vide method is to use quality sealer bags.

If you buy meat in bulk, freezing portions is an efficient way to rationalize your meals and have your freezer stocked for up to six months. This is particularly helpful if you come across good meat discounts, and would love to buy more and save it for later.

With sealer bags, you can prolong the expiration date of plenty of food, as these help keep out mold and bacteria. That’s because food held in sealer bags is deprived of oxygen, which is what bacteria need to survive.

Aside from preserving food, sealer back can also maintain the flavor of foods. Not only does this mean good texture and taste, but also proper nutritional value. Plus, foods in sealer bags are way easier to organize, which is an important aspect to consider if you have a large family, operating on a single fridge.

FoodSaver Heat-Seal Roll

Compatible with the FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing Systems, here is one convenient solution that will keep your food fresh for a longer time. The 11-inch bags are made from multi-layer BPA-free material, thus creating a safe barrier to preserve food and avoid freezer burns. The bad comes with air removal channels that prevent moisture and oxygen from getting into the bag. If you’re into frozen meals, the bag can be heated inside the microwave, but are also safe for boiling. After being used, you can wash them by hand and then reuse them time and time again, provided they weren’t initially used for storing items (such as greasy foods or fish) that could pass along food-borne illnesses.


Nutri-Lock Vacuum Sealer Bags

Here is a convenient set of sealer bags that will keep your food fresh and nutritious for longer. With this set of sealer bags, you end up paying just a few cents per bag, but now have to deal with less spoiled food. The bags are BPA-free and manufactured in an FDA-approved factory, so that you know they’re safe to use around the food you ingest. You can use them for food storage, but also for sous vide cooking. Even more, these vacuum sealer bags come with a three-month guarantee, to give customers peace of mind in knowing they’ve spent their money wisely.


Avid Armor 100 Quart Vacuum Sealer Bags

Available in four different bag sizes, the Avid Armor bags are designed to cater to different types of foods, for more convenient and long-lasting storage. The smallest bags measure 6 x 10 inches, while the largest option money can buy is 11 x 16 inches. The bags are compatible with different kinds of sealers, including Seal-a-Meal and FoodSaver. The material is BPA free (a super-important feature to look out for when buying food-storage items). The bags are pre-cut, so you can easily grab one from the pile and start organizing your food.


FoodVacBags 2-pack Vacuum Sealer Bags

FoodVacBags provide another good product that’s meant to extend the shelf life of the food you buy. Whether it’s tasty salmon filet or some extra tomatoes that you bought on a discount, you can conveniently store them inside your fridge by using this kind of wonder product. Made from seven layers of material, the bags are BPA and phthalates-free, so you know they’re safe to be around your food. The bags are boil-safe and microwave-safe, which is one less hassle for those who like a clean cooking process.


Vacuum Sealers Unlimited Vacuum Sealer Bags

Add this option to your list if you’re looking for a conveniently-priced set of vacuum leaser bags, for fresh food and produce. One side of the bag is clear, while the other one is textured: a design that’s looking to remove as much air as possible. The bags are advertised as being thick and puncture-resistant, which might be something useful if you have all sorts of other pointy packages in your fridge or freezer. They are compatible with most of the well-known clamp-style suction machines, including brands such as VacMaster, Seal-a-Meal, or FoodSaver. You can use them in the freezers, boil them, heat them, used them from sous vide cooking, as they are BPA-free and approved by the FDA.


Houseables Vacuum Sealer Rolls

Houseables sells sealer bags that are available in roles of 50 feet each. You get the same dotted pattern as many other similar products in this category, to maximize air extraction, but also to prevent the frozen bags from slipping from your hand. The bags serve for a multitude of food-related purposes: from storing meats in the freezer to protecting left-over foods that would normally go bad in 24 hours. However, these bags are also good for storing other items, such as medicine or perhaps photographs. They are FDA and USDA approved, so you know they’re safe.


Wish Food Saver Bags

Available in a pack of four or a pack of six rolls, the Wish sealer bags are a great money-saver in the long run. They are made without any BPAs and have been approved by the FDA. They can be used to store food, but also safe to use when cooking, as they can be boiled, simmered, and heated in the microwave without posing any health threats or altering the taste of your meals. The bags are compatible with a variety of vacuum sealers, such as Weston, Nesco, or FoodSaver. They have air-removable channels to make sure that your food is preserved without any oxygen that could favor mold and bacteria formation.


O2frepak Vacuum Sealer Storage Bags

Looking for pre-cut bags instead of 50-foot rolls? O2frepak is now offering a package with 200 bags that are perfect for your food-storage needs. They are compatible with the most popular brands of vacuum sealing machines on the market. Each bag measures 8 x 12 inches and is perfect for a variety of different foods, but also for storing other items that you’d like to preserve in pristine conditions. The material for the bags has received FDA approval, as it doesn’t contain any BPA. Not only does this translate into safe storage, but you can actually seal the bags when you’re cooking, whether it’s on the stove, in the oven, or inside the microwave.


OutOfAir Vacuum Sealer Roll & Bag Cutter

This product here is a bit different than the other bag rolls we’ve shown you before. The box is armed with a cutter, which means that you determine the length of the bag, without the need for scissors. Just pull out the bag and use the integrated cutter. Also, unlike other similar products, this roll measure 100 feet in length, instead of the traditional 50 feet that most other brands have to offer. You can choose between three different bag widths, such as six, eight, or 11 inches. The bags are compatible with sealers such as Rival, Ziploc, Weston, VacMaster, and others. The BPA-free plastic bags have been FDA approved, and they can be used for cooking and storing. They can also be washed and reused several times.


Weston Vacuum-Sealer Food Bags

Since most sealer manufacturers also sell their own bags, Weston makes no exception. This is a pack of 100 pre-cut bags that measure 8 x 12 inches each. They can help preserve the foods that you plan to cook later in the future, but can also be used to marinate your favorite dishes. The bags are FDA approved and contain no BPA. Because of that, they can also be used when cooking, particularly when you plan on surprising the family with a delicious sous vide meal.


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