Top 10 Dehydrators for Campers

Camping is much better when you know that your food is preserved from excess water which attracts bacteria that leads to food spoilage. Most campers love to preserve their vegetables, fruits, meat, and other food from excess water or moisture, heat, and light in order to increase the shelf life and retain the food’s vitamins and nutritional value. A good dehydrator should have a fan, adjustable thermostat, heat source, convenient capacity, and shut-off timer. Below is a list of the top 10 camping dehydrators.

Dash DEHY100RD SmartStore Compact Electric Food Dehydrator Machine

You never have to worry about consuming space with the Dash Dehydrator smart store machine because it has 5 stackable trays that nicely pile up on each other and provide more storage space. Enjoy large, small and variety of meals at once with the 5 stackable tray design and make unprocessed dried foods for future use. The 240 watts smart store dehydrator has an accurate and adjustable control which ranges from 105º-165º allowing dehydration of different foods. It is dishwasher safe, has BPA free trays, and comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty.


Presto 06301 Dehydro Digital Electric Food Dehydrator

Enjoy dehydrated fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices, and also make great-tasting jerky and fruit rolls. This high-quality digital dehydrator includes 6 drying trays which can be expanded to 12 for additional capacity. It also has 2 fruit roll sheets and 2 non-stick mesh screens for drying little and stuffy foods. The advanced timer and thermostat provide accurate drying times with 90º-165º temperature. The bottom-mounted fan and heat source provide steady airflow for excellent and uniform drying, and the transparent cover on the top tray lets you control the drying progress. Drying trays and cover are dishwasher safe.


Hamilton Beach 32100A Digital Food Dehydrator

Do you love snacks that are high in nutrients but low in calories? Want to offer friends or family a variety of options to replace the usual at home or campsite? The Hamilton Beach Food Dehydrator helps accomplish this goal by taking food preparation to the highest level with 5 stackable drying trays and 500 watts of power. You don’t even have to worry about rotating trays because the even airflow makes drying easy and consistent. This dehydrator comprises an adjustable thermometer and an automatic turn-off for better performance.


NESCO FD-61WHC, Snackmaster Express Food Dehydrator All-in-One Kit with Jerky Gun

Want to dehydrate your food in an extraordinary way? The Nesco snack master food dehydrator is what you need. The modern design features 500 watts of drying power and produces heat quickly for quality dehydrating of fruits, vegetables, beef jerky, and venison jerky within hours, not days. The dehydrator includes a top-mounted fan, 5 trays, 5 jerky spices and cures, a jerky gun, 2 fruit roll sheets, 2 clean-a-screens, and a recipe book which also serves as a guide.


Gourmia GFD1650 Premium Electric Food Dehydrator Machine 

Are you tired of eating processed stored up junk? Wish to eat nutritious and preservative-free food at home or on the campsite?  Then make flavorful, tasty, nutritious, and non-preservative meals with the Gourmia GFD1650 Food Dehydrator. Dry up a variety of scrumptious healthy snacks like pineapple slices or chewy beef jerks. This dehydrator features 6 trays, so you have enough space to get creative and try dehydrating some of your favorite fruits, vegetables, herbs, or meats. The accurate digital controls generate 360º airflow circulation to ensure even drying without overheating even without rotation. This product is ETL-certified and BPA-free.


Food Dehydrator Machine, Digital Timer, and Temperature Control, 8 Trays

It is often said, the bigger the better! Yes, it’s true because Homdox food dehydrator machine consists of 8 trays and 400 watts for fast drying of food with a 72 hours timer for accurate drying time and LCD digital temperature settings. This dehydrator has a bottom-mounted fan and requires no rotation. The easy-to-clean machine helps with preservation of food for long shelf life while ensuring that no nutrients are lost in the process. The BPA-free and dishwasher safe stackable trays have two interlayers which rotate food trays 180º with different heights of 3cm and 1.7cm.


Magic Mill Food Dehydrator Machine 

The electric dehydration machine is prepared with a rear-mounted drying fan and airflow circulation technology to ensure steady and uniform drying. It comes with adjustable temperature control and timer to guarantee you flavorful dehydrated food cooked perfectly. Use the trays for normal-sized foods and merge trays for smaller foods like nuts and herbs. Use the machine for drying beef jerky, fruits, granola, fruit leathers, bread crumbs or for preserving herbs and flowers. The trays and liners are BPA-free, dishwasher safe, and easy-to-clean.


Cosori Food Dehydrator Machine With Digital Timer And Temperature Control 

The Cosori contemporary design comes with 5 BPA-free trays, 1 mesh screen, 1 fruit roll sheet, 1 manual, 1 free recipe and a warranty card. It has a digital auto-shut timer control panel that allows you to set the desired dehydration time and go to sleep without your dehydrator making any noise. The tray are also ETL and FDA complaint. The lightweight and easy-to-clean dehydrator stacks all 5 trays to dry more food and dehydrate beef jerky, hot dogs, herbs, and fruits at the same time for your family and friends to enjoy at home or the campsite.


Costzon Food Dehydrator, Electric 5-Tire Fruit Vegetable Dryer with Adjustable Temperature Control

Experience a fast and easy way to dehydrate and preserve different types of foods with the Costzon Food Dehydrator. Make natural, additives free, healthy and scrumptious snacks such as beef jerky, banana chips, dried fruits, fruit roll-ups, and much more! The high-quality air circulation ensures even drying and preservation without losing any nutrients. It also consists of 5 stackable trays that have a large capacity and can be removed from dehydrator for proper and thorough cleaning. With 245 watts of heat element, the fruit dryer makes sure that no water is left in the food.


STX-DEH-600W-SST-CB Stainless Steel Dehydra 10 Tray Food and Jerky Dehydrator

Dehydrate your food with ease and convenience with the STX-DEH-600W SST-CB Stainless Steel Dehydrator which includes a “Dehydrating Made Easy” cookbook that has 178 pages of recipes, tips, and instructions. It is made with 600 watts of drying power and stainless steel to help in retaining heat, and a rear-mounted horizontal airflow system to ensure even drying of food. The 10 stainless steel trays are dishwasher safe and do not require poly-screen tray liners. The machine has advanced temperature control with 85°-155° F which ensures preparation of healthy food, jellies, fruits roll-ups, and dehydrating or storage of spices.



What do I need to know about dehydrating food for camping?

A food dehydrator is a kitchen appliance that works with a heating element, stackable trays and oftentimes a fan, to dry-out foods by reducing their water content. When moisture is removed from foods, bacteria is less likely to grow and spoil food, so using a food dehydrator is a great food preservation strategy. Dehydrating food also can concentrate the flavors in foods, which can yield some very tasty snacks. Dehydrating foods with the use of a food dehydrator is a great way to make portable meals and snacks to take along on camping trips.

Why should I use a dehydrator for camping?

It will save you money.

Making your own dehydrated food is a significant cost savings compared to purchasing commercially dried snacks and/or dehydrated meals for camping. You can buy the food you use when it is on sale, harvest and preserve produce from your garden, or dehydrate wild game you have harvested by fishing or hunting to take with you in the form of snacks and meals on camping trips. Many commercially purchased dehydrated products also come in limited portion sizes, which does not always work well if you are camping with a large group or family. When you dehydrate your own foods you not only have control of the ingredients, but also the flavors, additives, and quantity. Once you purchase a dehydrator, the cost savings begin!

Dehydrating foods will lighten your load.

When you dehydrate food in a food dehydrator, the process reduces the moisture content which not only preserves the food, but also affects both the weight and bulk of the food. Lightweight snacks and meals will lighten your load and are perfect for camping trips!

You can dehydrate a variety of snacks and meals.

There are a lot of different kinds of foods that can be dehydrated right at home using a food dehydrator. You can make delicious crisps out of both fruits and vegetables, fruit leathers and jerky, which are all tasty and convenient snacks on the go. You can also precook meat like extra lean ground beef then dehydrate it. Once you have a variety of dried ingredients, you can assemble them into dehydrated meals like soups, stews, pasta, or rice-based meals and reconstitute them by adding hot water right at your campsite. Meals made at home using a food dehydrator are very satisfying to enjoy in the great outdoors.

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