There’s Now Sous Vide for Dogs, Thanks to A Pup Above

The hottest cooking trend has gone to the dogs… literally. Let us introduce you to A Pup Above — a wholesome, fresh dog food company that knows the benefits of Sous Vide cooking can have on pooches.

We food aficionados have come to know and love the benefits of all things sous vide, and it turns out we’re not alone. After adopting a dog in 2016, husband and wife team Javier and Ruth Marriott wondered if they were not only going to be able to find a dog food they felt was healthy, but also safe from concerns about salmonella or listeria.

Not finding any on a retail market, the Marriotts, along with their Chief Office Pup and Taster, Lola, created A Pup Above. A Pup Above is the first (and only) dog food company that uses the sous vide process. It’s made with human-grade ingredients, and these delectable vittles are delivered right to your front door.

But Is It Good?

Sous Vide fanatic that I am, I had to see what all the fuss about A Pup Above was about. I tested out their sampler pack, which features Bitchin’ Beef Stew, Porky’s Luau, and Turkey Pawella. My two trusted testers were puppers Lily and Lucy. I try to feed my dogs as well as I do my human family members, so I was happy to hear about the ingredients. A Pup Above uses non-GMO, human grade ingredients. Because they’re cooked sous vide to perfection, this food maintains the nutritive properties of all the high-quality ingredients they contain.

And much like they do every time I sous vide a delicious steak, my dogs started drooling when I pulled the Bitchin’ Beef Stew package out and opened it up. They lost their minds because of the smell, because it really does smell just like I’d been cooking beef stew all day. They couldn’t wait for me to dish it out in the bowls fast enough; but I have to say I may have been taking my time because I was so impressed with the ingredients for a dog food. Not a single pea or carrot was crushed! The ground beef reminded me of browning ground beef for a spaghetti sauce or chili. It felt like I was giving my dogs a fresh meal instead of some mushed up stuff that had been tubed for who know how long. Definitely a step up for them and they loved it!

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Why Dog Food Sous Vide?

Well, my first answer, of course, is “Why not?!” I want to give my dog good food, and while I sometimes wish I could give them raw food to meet their inner wolf-dog desires, I worry about bacteria like salmonella and listeria. There are great dog food companies out there that are careful, for sure, but I just like the peace of mind that comes with cooking it enough to get rid of any bacteria to make it safe.

Plus, sous vide makes sense for dog foods. According to data from the American Pet Products Association (APPA) pet owners are spending more on their pets, and particularly on their dogs. In fact, a new report says that spending on pet food is rapidly increasing. This is thanks to millennials, who use furbabies as their first foray into ‘parenting.’

While most ‘fresh’ dog food is prepared similarly, though, A Pup Above stands out. A Pup Above only uses non-GMO, pesticide-free, human-grade whole foods and meats and steams the water used to sous vide to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. So the food is delicious–free of pathogens but never overcooked and it’s excellent nutrition for my dogs. I know I’m giving them quality every time, so again, I’d ask, “Why not?!”

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Sous Vide For You And Your Best Friend

A Pup Above doesn’t just want to make life better for your pup, but for you too. They’ve got several different pricing plans (and even membership) that take the guessing out of how much to feed your dog and when to order. You simply give them a bit of information about your dog and pick your plan options. Some like to give A Pup Above deliciousness to their dogs as their whole diet while others like to combine a high-quality kibble, but either way, your dog will go nuts for it. And being so time-crunched as it is, I love that not only do I not have to cook it, I don’t even have to go to the store to get it—it can come right to me (and my anxiously waiting dogs).

Our Verdict

I’ve been looking for different dog food for a long time. Prior to trying A Pup Above, I used a dry kibble that was good for them… but, if I am really honest? They didn’t love the taste of it. So I found myself always adding something ‘wet’ for ‘sprinkles.’ I couldn’t bring myself to do raw, and so I’ve been looking for something nutritious, delicious and easy to use. It’s important to me that the dog food I feed my dogs is free of pesticides and will hopefully help them live a longer life, and A Pup Above meets every one of those marks and more. And because we sous vide so many of our own meals, I love that my dogs get the benefits of perfectly cooked dinner every time. I particularly love that it’s automatically delivered to my door and there are no rigid plans or programs I have to be part of.

Not to mention that this is the stuff that my dogs’ dreams are made of. No, really. They go nuts when it’s meal time, and they eat every last morsel of food. I used to have to coax one of my dogs to eat and now? She sits pretty by her bowl at breakfast and dinner time, expectantly waiting for me to open up that vacuum pack!

They have several plans that you can check out, and I think they’re worth it because of the health and taste benefits to your dog, and the convenience factor for you. You sous vide enough as it is; give yourself a break and let the experts at A Pup Above take care of your dog!

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