The new Sansaire Delta looks like a force to be reckoned with!

The first Sansaire was launched just over 3 years ago on Kickstarter and it caused a huge stir! Their funding goal was $100,000 and it took them only 13 hours to achieve that. By the time it closed, they had raised 8 times more than what they needed. $823,003 to be exact! The Sansaire was a sous vide device that we enjoyed using and reviewing!


We haven’t heard about any new products from Sansaire for some time and we were actually wondering what happened to the company. Well, we are happy to tell you that they’ve been working on a new, stylish sous vide device that’s got Wi-Fi connectivity! The new model was launched on 29 Aug at 5am PST and by 10.15pm the same day, they’ve hit their funding goal of $100,000! Their Super Early Bird Special deal of $99 (instead of full retail price of $249) have already been snapped up. And so too for the Gold Medal Backer ($119) and Silver Medal Backer ($129) deals. Bronze Medal Backer ($149) is fast running out too so if you want to get in on their early adopter pricing, you’d better hurry!

We’ve always loved how clever Sansaire have been with their product naming, Sansaire is such a brilliant name! In case you didn’t get it, sous vide means under vacuum in French, and refers to the bags of food that are vacuum-sealed and then placed in the water bath to cook. These vacuum-sealed bags have had the air removed from the bag and hence sans air! Brilliant!

Well, Sansaire has continued with their clever product naming with the Delta. Delta is the 4th letter in the greek alphabet and in uppercase, the letter is expressed as a triangle – which is the signature shape of the Sansaire Delta! The name is also relevant in how the word Delta is used in math. As the company says, “Delta or ∆ is commonly used in math and science to signify change, which feels appropriate for a product that has evolved so much and also has the power to make a big impact on the lifestyle of home cooks.”

The new model is smaller and sleekly designed. Enhanced time and temperature controls can be done through the free Sansaire app that’s available right now on iOS and Android. The app also features a recipe section that showcases an extensive range of sous vide cooking ideas. You’ve got everything from the perfect steak, fish and poultry and even liquor infusions. When paired with the Sansaire Delta, the app offers several device control, monitoring, and notification features such as:

  • Bath temperature and cooking progress monitoring
  • Cooking timer and progress time indicator
  • Target temperature (C˚ or F˚), and minimum/maximum cook time notifications
  • Options to change food doneness and/or thickness, and view times/temperatures in a single view
  • Wi-Fi device pairing
  • Remote device operation and off-switch
  • Recipe search, filter, and tagging features
  • Wide range of meat, poultry, fish, vegetable, dessert, snack, and cocktail recipes
  • Free for iOS and Android


The Sansaire Delta will retail for $249 when it is in the stores but you can buy it now for as low as $149 through their Kickstarter campaign. Order now and you can expect to receive your sous vide device before Apr 2017. Or if you order the 220V/240V international version, it is expected to be ready by June 2017.

To order your Sansaire Delta and save 40% off the regular retail price, hurry on down to their Kickstarter page NOW before it closes on Sept 28th!

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