SousVide Supreme Demi Review: Compact Sous Vide Oven

SousVide Supreme Demi water oven

SousVide Supreme Demi Review
  • Performance - 9/10
  • Ease of Use - 9/10
  • Design - 8/10
  • Features - 7.5/10


SousVide Supreme Demi water oven outperformed our performance expectations while also conserving counter space as a compact all-in-one sous vide solution.

Full Review – Sousvide Supreme Demi Water Oven

exterior of the SousVide Supreme Demi
SousVide Supreme Demi exterior

The Sousvide Supreme Demi Water Oven provides at home chefs the opportunity to cook an award worthy main course. Through minimal cooking time, a product that traps in natural flavors and juices, and the comfort of setting your meal to cook itself while you take care of other things, you can’t go wrong with purchasing a Sousvide Supreme Demi Water Oven. The foolproof methodology provides practical ways to cook like a 5 star chef masterfully. Check out our full SousVide Supreme Demi review below for an in-depth look and see why it ranks as one of our most recommended sous vide machines.

Unboxing and Setup

SousVide Demi interior space
Anodized aluminum interior with ample space for cooking.

The Sousvide Supreme Demi Water Oven comes with a stainless steel pouch rack, detachable power cord, perforated bottom grill which assist in generating thermal turbulence, and a user manual. An added bonus, the user manual showcases an appendix of cooking times with temperature charts and bonus recipes to use with your Supreme Demi Water Oven. Check out the video below for a quick introduction before we dive into the specs:

Design & Features

Whether you have a large or small kitchen, the Sousvide Supreme Demi Water Oven provides a compact option to a traditional sous vide oven. At 11.3” x 10.96” x 12.99”, the Supreme Demi Water Oven can fit compactly on any kitchen surface. It also stores nicely in a pantry closet or under the sink. Don’t be fooled by this machine’s compact size as to it can hold 12, 4 ounce portions with a maximum water depth of 6 inches which is more than enough room to cook a roast!

SousVide Supreme Demi temperature controls
SousVide Supreme Demi has accurate temperature within 1 degree.

The exterior has a coated steel shell with a polished aluminum lid. (Bonus here: you can utilize the aluminum lid to transfer your sous vide pouch after cooking is complete!). The aluminum lid traps steam and heat within the water oven providing high levels of efficiency of maintaining steady temperature throughout your cooking process.
The interior is made of an anodized aluminum, which provides double insulated walls to provide a safe exterior touch while operating. The maximum volume capacity of the unit is 2.3 gallons or 9 liters. Interior clean up is a breeze – as simple as emptying the unit of the water and wiping down with a clean cloth.

Temperature precision with this unit is able to be monitoring within 1 degree ranging from 86 F to 210 F. With the amount of precision control over temperature, you are able to cook meat, poultry, seafood, or desserts to the desired temperature while still providing tender and flavorful food. As with many sous vide styles of cooking, natural juices are protected in the cooking process trapping all flavor within the food throughout the cooking process. The Supreme Demi Water Oven does not fall short of this claim.

Performance and Final Thoughts

The Supreme Demi Water Oven is an at-home sous vide chef’s dream. With the ability to cook anything from leg of lamb to a fruit infused wine syrup, how can you go wrong? The ability of this unit to take an inexpensive cut of meat that typically is tough and turn it into something that tastes like a $150 filet mignon will have your guests requesting to come back to dinner at your house for years to come!

With cooking that is as easy as throwing on some seasoning to your desire, sealing in a vacuumed bag, and placing in a simmering water bath, how can you not love the simpleness of sous vide cooking that the Supreme Demi Water Oven can provide?


Recent Update: 

January 14, 2022: The Supreme Demi Water Oven is no longer in stock. For another similar product, check out the SousVide Supreme Touch Water Oven.


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