Recipe: Sous Vide Octopus

When cooked well octopus is a buttery, delivious meal that absorbs flavour like nothing else. These days a lot of attention is paid to ‘umami’ – or richness. Octopus, and seafood in general, are the original umami  ambassadors. In sushi restaurants new hires often have to massauge the octopus before cooking in order to make it tastier down the line. Using sous vide allows for nailing this difficult balance 100% of the time, every time – and without hurting your wrists to boot.

Although not for the squeamish we would strongly suggest you give octopus a go, whether as an appetizer or main dish. There’s a lot of flexibility to be had here, but for now we’re pursuing a classic combination of spanish flavours like smoked paprika, rosemary and olives.


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