Sansaire Announces Delta Immersion Circulator, And Here’s Why You Should Buy It

Sansaire Delta Review
Sansaire is one of the leaders in the growing sous vide market with products ranging from sous vide machines and searing kits to steak aging sauces. On Monday, August 29, Sansaire announced they will be adding a new and improved product to their catalog: the Sansaire Delta. Just launched on Kickstarter, the Sansaire Delta is a re-imagined immersion circulator with more features compared to its predecessor, the regular Sansaire – which we absolutely love, by the way. Stay tuned for a full hands-on review of the new Sansaire Delta. In the meantime, let’s check out the new design and features.

New, Innovative Design

We ended up giving the original Sansaire sous vide machine 10 out of 10 in the design category for creating such a unique and innovative option for immersion circulators. The new Sansaire Delta might end up with an 11 out of 10 (can he do that?!). Even though we haven’t used the new Sansaire Delta yet, the pictures speak a thousand words to what a great team of creative designers Sansaire has. They continue to create original designs that are both beautiful and practical, while ensuring no other product on the market bears a resemblance to it.

Sansaire Delta on container
The new Delta is completely unique, especially the way it attaches to sous vide containers.

The really cool design aspect of the Sansaire Delta is that the device itself acts as the clip. Most immersion circulators have a clip/clamp on the back of the device to help secure it to the side of your container while cooking. With the Delta, you actually slide the immersion circulator right onto the wall of your container or pot so that it balances itself and remains secure. This is a huge positive since the clip on the original Sansaire was a little wobbly.

Delta specs
Delta specs shown above, indicating the more compact design compared to the original Sansaire.

WiFi Compatibility and Sansaire App

The main new feature of the Sansaire Delta, apart from the design, is WiFi connectivity. Yes, this means Sansaire will be releasing their own smartphone app which you can use to control the Delta from anywhere in the world. Even if you do not plan on setting/adjusting temperatures or starting/stopping the Delta from the app, it still serves a beneficial purpose: monitoring cooking progress. When cooking roasts for 48 hours, and you’re out of the house, the app will know if the Delta turns off for some unexpected reason, such as a power outage. This essentially can serve as a safety measure to let you know if your food may be unsafe to continue cooking or to eat. For this reason, we absolutely love WiFi compatibility in sous vide machines.

Sansaire Delta app
The biggest improvement in the Sansaire Delta is the wifi capability.

In addition to monitoring cooking progress, the Sansaire Delta app can also do the following:

  • Check bath temperature
  • Cooking timer and progress
  • Target temperature (C or F) and min/max cook times
  • Change food doneness and/or thickness
  • Remote device operation
  • Recipe search, filter, and tagging

Overall, Sansaire answered our desires with Delta. The ONLY things preventing the original Sansaire from being 10/10 was the weak clip and no WiFi compatibility. We can’t wait to get our hands on the new sous vide machine to put it to the test and ultimately answer any questions you have about it. In the meantime, check out the Sansaire Delta Kickstarter page to support their new product launch!

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