Review: WAOAW Vacuum Sealer

Cheap and lightweight, the WAOWAW Vacuum Sealer is a great on-the budget option for sous vide amateurs.

WAOAW Vacuum Sealer Review
  • Performance - 7/10
  • Ease of Use - 8/10
  • Design - 8/10
  • Features - 7/10

This compact device is proof that you don’t need a big, clunky vacuum sealer to get the job done! WAOAW Vacuum Sealer is a lightweight, small unit that can be easily stored away and won’t take up too much counter space while it’s in use. In addition to two powerful sealing modes that will make vacuuming food a breeze, this nifty vacuum sealer boasts an accessory hose that can be used to preserve food in canisters or vacuum seal wine stoppers.

Pros of WAOAW Vacuum Sealer

  • small and lightweight
  • very affordable
  • consistent performance

You can’t beat a price under $50 for a surprisingly decent vacuum sealer! Although quite small (the dimensions of this unit are 13.8 x 2.4 x 3.2 inches), the WAOAW Vacuum Sealer will be a great fit for most people who want a sealer for sous vide cooking needs. This compact sealer supports bags up to 11″, and it’s really user-friendly- it only takes one click of a button to get a perfectly sealed bag for your hot water bath.

Additionally, this handy vacuum sealer won’t be useful just for sealing bags, whether for sous vide or not, but will quickly become a staple kitchen gadget in your home. The removable hose that attaches easily to the unit can be used to suck out air out of containers, helping you preserve an even bigger variety of foods, as well as keep you opened wine bottle fresh for longer, with a wine stopper (it’s included in the set).

Cons of WAOAW Vacuum Sealer

  • can be less powerful than bigger units
  • doesn’t perform as well with generic brand bags

While there’s no doubt that WAOAW Vacuum Sealer will satisfy the needs of an average user,  some might find it lacking, as it won’t be able to handle as much as his more expensive, and larger competitors. The small size is ideal for people who need this vacuum sealer for occasional use and don’t have much room to spare for it, but if you plan on getting a lot of mileage or doing bulk sealing, this might not be the best fit for you.

While you might be able to get this unit to work with generic brand bags successfully, the manufacturer recommends using only WAOWAV brand bags for consistent results, especially for sous vide cooking. Buying brand bags might not set you back much when it comes to money, but it can be a hassle to hunt down specific bags rather than just pick up the first roll you see.

The Verdict

For people who want an incredibly cheap vacuum sealer for sous vide cooking, or need a small unit that won’t take much counter or storage space, the lightweight WAOAW Vacuum Sealer is the best choice. Not only that this affordable sealer is one of the most compact units out there, it will also surprise you with its reliably good performance.

Recent Update:

January 19, 2022: The WAOAW Vacuum Sealer is no longer in stock. For a similar product, check out the GERYON Vacuum Sealer.

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