Review: Brighto Sous Vide Precision Cooker Stand Review

Cooking with sous vide is a delight, but all too often we forget about one simple culinary basic – kitchen storage. Brighto’s first sous vide stand gets a lot right and very little wrong.

Precision cookers, immersion circulators and the like are beautiful pieces of sleek machinery. They’re also large and, unless stored in the box they came in, space hogs. Stands for precision cookers are nothing new, but finding one which uses countertop space efficiently can be a challenge.

Brighto is a new precision stand manufacturer which produces stands in stainless steel with plans to expand to orange, red, and black. My Brighto stand is made from their crisp stainless steel in a distinctive ‘S’ design.

As you can see below the largest size of their stand fits my Anova like a glove. Brighto also sells stands for both Joule and Gourmia.

Brighto Stand Standing


  • Sleek design
  • Solid weight
  • Allows circulator to air dry

The biggest advantage of having one of Brighto’s stands is convenience. Immersion circulators and precision cookers take up a lot of space. They fit awkwardly in drawers and clutter cabinets. A precision cooker stand is a perfect way to declutter cupboards and drawers elsewhere in your kitchen.

Brighto’s cantilevered design allows your precision cooker rest about a quarter inch above the bottom of the stand. This lets it air dry. Perfect if, like me, you use your precision cooker almost every day.


  • Some rough edges
  • Prong rest adds an extra 1” to storage

The biggest downside is difficulty storing the electric cord on the back of the stand, even with Brighto’s handy instructional video. A vertical clip instead of holes for the prongs would minimize the stand’s impact on counter space considerably. Maybe I’m a perfectionist, but I was frustrated by not being able to rest my stand flush against the backsplash on my counter.

Although Brighto did a great job on the finishing of the stand the cut sections, including the holes your precision cooker rest in, feel a touch rough. Fortunately, some models come with a plastic o-ring which smooths this complaint out.


Stands are a great way to show off your precision cooker and are a surprising advantage for kitchen organization.  Brighto’s effort into the arena is sleek and compact, but hindered by some rough edges – somewhat literally.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for an affordable stand Brighto is by all accounts a great place to start looking. The fact that the stand keeps your precision cooker clean by letting it air dry instead of resting in a cradle like some other stands is a huge bonus. Even so, make sure to put a tea towel beneath the stand after cooking.

Seeing your immersion circulator out on the counter is also a great way to get inspired every time you walk into the kitchen. Brighto’s stand gets a solid 8/10 from us, cable management and some edges being the two biggest disadvantages.

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Recent Update:

January 28, 2022: The Brighto Sous Vide Precision Cooker Stand is no longer in stock. For another precision cooker stand, check out the Anova Culinary APCS02 Stand. Unfortunately, this model can only be used with Anova immersion circulators.

Brighto Sous Vide Precision Cooker Stand Review
  • Brighto Sous Vide Stand - 8/10

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