Recipe: Sous Vide Prime Rib

Prime rib one of the great jewels of cooking, made better through sous vide. A rich, red-wine sauce only heightens the magic of low and slow sous vide rib.

  By Jack Lawson

Recipe: Sous Vide Cannabis Butter

As legalization rolls out across the country more and more people are experimenting with cannabis in cooking. Our recipe will walk you through all the steps, including prepping your favourite herb for maximize THC extraction through a method called decarboxilation.

  By Jack Lawson

Recipe: Sous Vide Chuck Roast

Chuck roasts are a low-cost kitchen staple that blossoms under sous vide. Sous vide leads to a melt-in-your-mouth roast that'll have seconds in high demand.

  By Jack Lawson

Recipe: Sous Vide Baked Potato

Sous vide baked potatos are a classic comfort food with a twist. Fluffy, light baked potatos, skin-on or skin-off, are only a few steps away.

  By Jack Lawson

Recipe: Sous Vide Sesame Chicken

Sesame chicken is the counterpoint to salmon in our household. Tired of one? Then try the other. We suggest playing around with different types of vinegar for the marinade until you find something you like best. Personally, we're quite fond of both rice wine vinegar and Japanese mirin.

We recommend serving over a bed of soft white rice and garnishing with finely sliced scallions for a dash of colour.

  By Jack Lawson

Recipe: Sous Vide Octopus

When cooked well octopus is a buttery, delivious meal that absorbs flavour like nothing else. These days a lot of attention is paid to 'umami' - or richness. Octopus, and seafood in general, are the original umamiĀ  ambassadors. In sushi restaurants new hires often have to massauge the octopus before cooking in order to make it tastier down the line. Using sous vide allows for nailing this difficult balance 100% of the time, every time - and without hurting your wrists to boot.

Although not for the squeamish we would strongly suggest you give octopus a go, whether as an appetizer or main dish. There's a lot of flexibility to be had here, but for now we're pursuing a classic combination of spanish flavours like smoked paprika, rosemary and olives.


  By Jack Lawson

Recipe: Sous Vide Barbeque Pork Ribs

Sous vide pork ribs are a melt in your mouth treat. The magic of sous vide, not to mention liquid smoke, makes this an all time favourite.

  By Jack Lawson

Recipe: Sous Vide Vegetarian Chili Garlic Tofu

Tofu and chili-garlic sauce is a match made in heaven, one well established by pan-Asian cooking traditions. Sous vide leads to creamy yet firm tofu that's tough to beat. Moroccan Harissa is another winning combination, but one perhaps best saved for another recipe another time.

  By Jack Lawson

Recipe: Sous Vide Eggplant Parmesan

Eggplant parmesan is, to me, the perfect comfort meal. It's a bit of work, but with sous vide eggplant turns buttery and soft - with none of the bitterness of scrapy textures you might have (unforunately) experienced.

To simplify this recipe, feel free to use your facourite store bought tomato sauce. The one included in this recipe is a personal favourite, but nonna knows best.

  By Jack Lawson

Recipe: Sous Vide Moroccan-Style Chicken Breast

Sous vide chicken breasts are a great foundation for experimenting in the kitchen. They take on flavour profiles like nothing else, and are a healthy alternative to red meat.

  By Jack Lawson