Recipe for Dehydrated whole grain crackers

Recipe for Dehydrated whole grain crackers

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December 22, 2015

A dehydrator can help prolong the life and taste of most foods. It can be used to dry and keep different kinds of food properly stored for a long time and it can also be used to include healthy snacks into your diet. Overall, there are a wide range of options when preparing foods using a food dehydrator. One of the best kinds of snack to prepare with it however, is the whole grain crackers. Whole grain cracker is an excellent snack that is delicious and super easy to prepare with a dehydrator. Here, no soaking is required to get it done. If you want to make a great snack for you and your family this festive season, below is the best way to prepare whole grain cracker using a food dehydrator.


Unbleached white flour

8 tbsp Melted butter

2 tbsp Toasted sesame seeds

1/2 tsp Baking powder

1 tsp Sea salt

1 cup Plain yogurt

2 1/2 cup Whole wheat or ground kamut


1Pour some butter on the grain and add a little flour on the board. To make crispy crackers, you will need to roll the dough and make it very thin (about 1/8 of an inch thick).

2Next, you need to split the dough in half and roll it properly to ensure a smooth roll. Here, try not to get too worried about how the dough will look. Even if it is not as smooth as you would want, rustic crackers are still very cool.

3There are two different ways of preparing dehydrated grain crackers for non-sprouted flour and for sprouted flour.

4Dehydration for sprouted flour: When preparing grain crackers for sprouted flour, you will need to place the butter, baking power, salt, and yogurt in a processor and blend these ingredients properly. Include sesame seeds and blend again. After blending the ingredients with the flour, the next thing to do is to roll the prepared flour into long 1/8 inch wide dough. Next, cut the dough into smaller pieces with a knife. You have to cut them in a way that the drying process in the dehydrator will not take too much time. After cutting, place the dough in a cookie sheet and sprinkle with the remaining melted butter. Place the already prepared dough into the dehydrator and set the temperature to about 145° F. Although you can make use of the oven for this, a dehydrator will save you time as the crackers dry faster in this machine. After ensuring that the crackers are completely dry, remove, and store in a refrigerator.

5How to prepare whole grain crackers with non-sprouted flour: Add yogurt to the flour and mix properly and keep in a warm place for about 10 to 20 hours. Then, keep the prepared dough in a food processor and blend properly. You can now add sesame seeds to the mixture and blend effectively. Place the mixture in a dehydrator and allow them to dry up. After the crackers have completely dried, you can remove and place them in a container to be stored in your fridge.

You should be mindful of the time it takes for the crackers to dry when put in a dehydrator. Normally, the crackers can dry from 10 to 14 hours at about 140° F in a dehydrator, although a lot of this depends on the thickness of the crackers too. But if you are using an oven, they might take a bit longer to dry. That is why a dehydrator is the best tool to use when drying your food for storage.


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