Recipe: Can you Sous Vide Corn?

There’s nothing quite like corn on the cob on game day, on the barbecue, or at the dining room table – and sous vide is a natural refinement of corn’s typical cooking process.

You’ve no doubt already boiled this seasonal treat in a pot on a stove. With a sous vide oven, immersion circulator, or one of sous vide’s many cousins, you can really take corn to an entirely new level. Sous vide’s speciality is flavor retention and that really shines when you want to pull out the natural sweetness of something corn.

A photo by Rode diaz.


  • As many ears of corn as you have guests (and half cobs for any little ones)
  • Butter
  • Table salt
  • Any favorite aromatic (cilantro, garlic, chilies, etc)

Serve 4


Shucking corn, especially if space is limited, can be a real hassle. Ears of corn produce a lot of vegetable waste. From cracking off the stems, to peeling off the leaves, to the long strings which stick to the cobs.

A good trick during prep it to cut off the bottom of the ear of corn where the stem is. From here press down on the top of the corn and squeeze it backwards until the husk and silk is left in a single sheet. This makes the arduous, messy task of shucking corn just a little easier.

With your ears of corn shucked you’re more than welcome to get started with heating the water bath to 182F. Make sure to fully submerge the bag in water during cooking. The corn will be in there for at least 30 minutes or up to, but not over one hour.

When the corn’s done just pull out the bag, drain any liquid off and serve tableside with salt plus butter.

For the adventurous it’s also possible to vacuum seal the corn with butter and aromatics like chilies, garlic, or cilantro. The process is almost exactly the same, but because of the high temperatures the corn is exposed to we recommend triple sealing the bag with your sous vide machine’s manual mode.

This method can produce some of the tastiest, most buttery sweet corn out there. What’s more you can actually seal the full, still unhusked ears of corn in with a similar mixture for an extra hit of that corny goodness.

Check out the rest of our “Can you Sous Vide Vegetables” series for even more as Thanksgiving approaches.

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