Omaha Steaks Review for 2021: The Century-Old Steak Experts

Omaha Steaks review

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For years it felt like it was only a beautiful dream. We’ve all hoped that one day we would never have to struggle to find a decent steak in a store again. That day has long since arrived. The dream has come true. Frozen steaks shipped right to your door. Thanks to styrofoam shipping containers and dry ice, this service model has been around for quite some time. In fact, 2017 marks a massive milestone for the meat distribution giant Omaha Steaks: 100 years.

That’s right. This isn’t science fiction. It’s been available for decades. The trick was merely finding the perfect source for your perfect steaks. Now you know the secret. Yep, the family-owned Nebraska-based business Omaha Steaks has been operating and shipping frozen food across the country for an entire century. Since they’ve been around forever, we thought it would be a great idea to give an updated review of Omaha Steaks covering everything from product offerings, quality and taste, and ultimately comparing it to the competition. Not nearly enough people know the pleasure of receiving frozen steaks right to your door. So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to break it down for everyone who has ever considered using this remarkable service. But, before we jump into the review, it’s important to keep one thing in mind…

Remember: Omaha Steaks is More than Steaks

With steaks in their name, it’s easy to overlook that the company offers much, much more than just red meat and gift baskets. Sure, those are particularly attractive offerings and there’s a reason that the company decided to lean into steaks in their branding. However, this company is more diverse than a mere red meat delivery system. They have a full line of seafood, appetizers and sides, desserts, and even wine (depending on where you live, of course). And if you’re a steak-nut like I am, you’ll be drooling over the King Cut and specialty cuts Omaha offers which includes a ridiculous 72oz sirloin. This is the section for me. Seriously, you won’t believe how overwhelmingly juicy and irresistible these cuts of meat are, even if you opt for a less gigantic option. However, since I love to cook everything sous vide, I had to test drive Omaha’s sous vide product combo. It was the right thing to do.

Full Review: Omaha Steaks

unboxing the Sous Vide Experience from Omaha Steaks


For this review, we received Omaha’s “Sous Vide Experience” which is a big combo package containing 37 products, one of which is a massive 48oz bone-in ribeye, in addition to a free Anova Precision Cooker. The price on this combo is hefty, but factoring in the sous vide machine cost and how much food you get, it’s really not crazy. If you’re going to order a 37 piece sous vide package through the mail, you’ve got to expect to pay a hefty price tag for it.

So what do you get for breaking the bank on steak? Well, the entire order consists of the following: 6 filet mignons, 4 New York strips, 2 ribeyes, 6 top sirloins, 2 wild salmon filets, 2 yellowfin tuna steaks, 2 halibut steaks, 2 cod filets, 6 boneless pork chops, 2lbs chicken breast, 1 King Cut 48oz ribeye, 3 spice rubs, and an Anova sous vide cooker. In other words, you can expect to gorge yourself of the finest cuts of meat in sous vide for weeks after ordering one of these packages.

Quality and Taste

This is the bread and butter of the Omaha Steaks review, and likely the part you’re most interested in reading about. After all, when you’re in business for 100 years, you may have customers with both positive and negative experiences. I was definitely left with a positive experience from this order simply because the steaks and fish came out amazing. Now you may be thinking back to an article you read online years ago or a friend who said the steaks were not worth it. The answer is simple: it all comes down to the cook. The greatest steak in the world can be ruined by poor preparation and cooking. Don’t let that happen to you. Treat these steaks right and they will treat your belly oh-so right.

Let me tell you my memories of Omaha Steaks. When I was younger, my parents received an Omaha gift basket from our relatives as a Christmas present. My mother always cooked steaks well done. I hated it. In fact, I hated it so much, I nearly gave up eating meat all together. Honestly, the people who prepare steaks well done shouldn’t even be allowed to have steaks at all. They are ruining those tasty cuts of beef for themselves and anyone else who dates to put it near their mouth.

Thankfully, I have learned from my mother’s mistake. Years later, I’ve not only learned how to cook a perfect steak (ie, temperature control via sous vide), but more importantly, learned how to cook it to my desired doneness. I put that expertise to the test while preparing this stunning pieces of meat and fish in sous vide. Long story short, the steaks and fish were amazing. If you’re looking for some proof, here’s a photo of each (prepare for your mouth to water):

Omaha’s Filet Mignon

Omaha Steak filet mignon

Omaha’s Halibut

Omaha Steak halibut

Know What you Want

Another area I’d like to touch on is the size of the steaks. I’ve heard people say before that Omaha steaks are small. If you’re like me and enjoy a thick cut steak, but go online and order their general 7 oz ribeye, you’ll complain that it’s small. That’s because it is! You can’t complain about receiving a small steak when you order a small steak. You have to do the research and order the steak that’s right for you. I can’t encourage you enough to make sure you shop around on their site a bit, since it’s so large. Take a look at the custom cuts and king cuts sections. You’ll find the right steaks on there. Just search them out and create your own combo. If grass-fed beef is more your style, they offer that too. Their steak repertoire runs deep, so look and it shall be found.

ribeye from Omaha Steaks
Just check out the size of this sucker! 4″ thick bone-in ribeye.

Comparing it to Competitors

There are two other websites I’d like to call out that are great comparisons; the first is Allen Brothers. Allen Brothers sells exceptional prime-grade beef, likely the best you can buy online anywhere. However, the price is craaazy high. We’re talking over ~$40 for one 12oz ribeye. So, you’ll be paying big bucks for premium quality. Whether or not that’s worth it is up to you and how much money you are willing to waste.

Another new-entrant I’d like to shout out is Crowd Cow. This steak start-up actually crowd funds grass-fed beef from local farms and ranchers and ships it all across the US. It’s not currently available in all states, and there’s many times that ordering is unavailable. The prices are also up there, but are often comparable to Omaha, if not a little more expensive. So, look into it if Omaha’s steaks don’t cut it. You might get lucky and fall within their steak delivery zone.

To sum it up, there is definitely better steak to buy online, but only if you’re willing to take out a loan to pay for it. Omaha offers convenience and fast shipping with an extensive product line and a fairly reasonable price. For some families, that will be more than enough.

Final Thoughts

I will absolutely buy from Omaha Steaks in the future (once my stockpile runs down from the Sous Vide Experience combo) to get my hands on some of those custom cuts and massive steaks. Now that I’ve dug through their website, I know what I’m looking for and will take advantage of the delicious piles of meat that they have on offer.  I will obviously still buy from my local butcher for a fresh steak, but the convenience of re-stocking my freezer with a bunch of steaks that are shipped to my door and then simply dropping one into my sous vide cooker is hard to beat. Omaha Steaks makes it easy to fill your freezer with stacks of delicious meat and that’s tough to resist.

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14 thoughts on “Omaha Steaks Review for 2021: The Century-Old Steak Experts

  • October 29, 2017 at 2:50 pm

    Well it is obvious you are involved with the company. No way are the products as good as they look on this sight. Or what you claim.
    Just google all the reviews on other sights and you will run away from Omaha Steaks!

    • October 31, 2017 at 12:43 pm

      I’m not sure what you mean by “no way are the products as good as they look on this site”. I took those pics, and those are Omaha products.

      In the article I mention how Omaha steaks REALLY benefit from sous vide; in fact, it’s the only way I would want to cook an Omaha steak. Is the cost worth it? Probably not, since you can likely run to your local grocery store and pick one up; however, buying steaks online will always be overpriced.

    • December 28, 2017 at 2:28 pm

      I love when the tinfoil hat society members show up and claim that any positive review is clearly a paid review. I don’t see anything overly glowing in this review that makes it look phony.

      My own experience with Omaha steaks has been good. True, they are not as good as a fresh cut from my local butcher but they are far from bad. Prepared properly I’ve enjoyed pretty much everything I have gotten from Omaha Steaks. I also typically prepare Sous Vide and finish on the grill for a few minutes.

      • December 28, 2020 at 2:42 pm

        It’s not hard to see the bias, it’s very clear. Some people just don’t see the patterns and therefore can’t see through the curtain. Often the wisdom of aging enhances these skills, but some just don’t have it period. NEVER TRUST a positive review PERIOD. Negatives reviews are more reliable however they are not necessarily trustworthy either. You have to look for the patterns and signs in the information, they are unconsciously applied ALWAYS.

    • December 28, 2020 at 2:31 pm

      Steve Hanks got it right, this review is bunk. But, never TRUST a positive review anyway. A simple way to compare is to simply add all the weight up regardless of meat or pie or what have you. You will see that the price per unit is extreme and you know the fluff is virtually worthless meaning the price for the meat is even more extreme. That doesn’t necessarily make it a bad gift of course, the idea there is the thought and convenience for your recipient. The prices this year (whatever the reason) have resulted in packages that aren’t even worth giving unless I spend about twice+ to get about the same package I did in previous recent years. For that reason Omaha steaks is dead meat to me.

  • November 30, 2017 at 9:37 pm

    The product is good — can’t say it is better than others — but it’s good. I find dealing with them very frustrating. Website is not exactly wonderful. I just spent a lot of time keying in addresses for people I had shipped to before and that were listed in a drop down box, so they know I have shipped to them before. You have to go through the whole process to find shipping cost — which is crazy. Today there are banners on the site promoting free shipping on combos over $X. When I get to checkout, I find it is only some combos — not the one I picked. SCalled customer service and they said I should have read the fine print. I guess I should have.

  • February 3, 2018 at 12:01 am

    They don;t state the GRADE of their meat? They do have another identical line for caterers, restaurants and even cruise ships. Not fancy wrapped. But the price is almost half of “retail.”

    They do have an unconditional guarantee. If you must: Lobel’s from New York is the only butcher selling dry aged prime.

    I have high end stores that will dry age prime and cryovac each steak for no extra c harge and I load up when they have sales. I even bought a chest freezer at COSTCO.

  • December 5, 2019 at 3:41 am

    Can you Sous Vide Omaha steaks in the plastic bag they are shipped in?

  • May 18, 2020 at 6:41 pm

    My order had defrosted when I opened it. Had I known it was delivered after 6 last night I would have opened it then. Unfortunately I did not check my email until this morning. I had to throw out the chicken which was warm and although the fish was still cold but not frozen I don’t trust it. Obviously I need to only order during the winter months.

  • June 5, 2020 at 2:04 pm

    I had placed an order ,and when it was delivered I opened and my desert that I got mini chocolate moosse & Carmel cup it was all over the container and you couldn’t even eat it and I had to throw it away. And the package deal I ordered was 199.00 worth of your product and I’m not happy. I have never had a problem with your company . I love your selection of packages to choose from and I will continue to order from your company again. Thank you Carla Scalamogna

  • December 2, 2020 at 8:46 pm

    Very disappointed in my attempt at ordering, I have been using Omaha Steaks for years as Christmas gifts, I don’t know what has happened to the company but it is not anything like the past. They seemed to have outsourced their ordering to a foreign entity and they don’t know or care anything about customer service. Throughout my experience with the call taker she could only repeat what her prescribed lines were and couldn’t communicate very well. More importantly, absolutely wasn’t interested in what I was asking. I repeatedly asked questions about a gift code but all she could do is state the same prescribed speech.

    So long Omaha Steaks, I am moving on to another opportunity for Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, I expect to see this company out of business in a couple of years. Very sad, but you do have good commercials, shame it stops there and the product nolonger measures up to the expectations.

  • December 5, 2020 at 5:45 pm

    I’ve been buying at Omaha Steaks for years. But I limit my purchases to their Omaha Steaks Burgers (not the gourmet burgers) which are consistently good, have enough fat to provide a juicy burger and often go on sale in their retail stores for 50% or more off the ridiculous regular price. (Honestly, I’m surprised that the FTC hasn’t prosecuted Omaha Steaks for its false pricing models.) I stay away from their lower fat Gourmet Burgers which I find dry out even when cooked to medium. And don’t make me laugh when you tell me about their Kobe burgers!. Kobe style is normally produced to result in a hevily marbled flesh that is tender and juicy when cooked. If you want high fat ground beef, just buy an 80% mix of ground round. No sense in shelling out Kobe prices for ground meat. But I diverge. Recently, the price of Omaha’s Steak Burgers, even on sale, has gone up to a point where I debate returning, even when there is a doorbuster sale.

    But when it comes down to steaks, I stay far away from Omaha Steaks. Their standard fare is Choice quality, but they charge far above Prime Prices. It’s beyond obscene. I know how to cook a perfect steak. On my grill, Omaha Steaks is consistently less tasty, less juicy and less tender than what I can find at the local club stores for a fraction of the price. I can even buy Prime cuts at the club stores for less than the what you pay for Choice Cuts at Omaha Steaks. Unless you’re made of money, their Prime prices are set so you are throwing a donation to them with every purchase. And that doesn’t even include the cost of shipping.

    When you mix seller greed with consumer ignorance, somebody benefits. HINT: It isn’t the consumer.

    P.S. Funny how this blog is sponsored by Omaha Steaks. And one wonders why the author makes a positive review. What came first, the review or the ad money?

  • December 25, 2020 at 12:45 am

    I have purchased their product approx. 6 times prior to today without a problem until recently. When I received my order I realized it was missing several items and I immediately contacted the company. I spoke with a customer relation person, who stated that they would resend my or and give me a $25.00 gift card sent to my email. After several days and not receiving the gift card I called again and spoke with another customer relations person, who said she would look into this matter and call me back within an hour or two. After waiting several days and no phone calls, I called again and spoke with a 3rd customer relation person who stated that the matter was in review. My question is, what is in “REVIEW”, either they believe me or not and apparently the decision from the first customer relation person never counted. This will be the last time I order anything from Omaha Steaks, they have lost me as a customer.

  • December 25, 2020 at 1:03 am

    Upon receiving my order, which I spent $157.00 and later finding that they failed to give me all the product items that I ordered. Upon calling them to notify them of their mistake, the first customer relation person was willing to resend the entire order and also give me a gift certificate for $25.00, which would be sent in my email. Because I never received any email or the certificate I called again and spoke with another customer relation person who said she would look into this matter and call me back in and hour or two. After waiting several days and never received a phone call, I decided to call again and spoke with a 3rd customer relation person, who stated that this matter was in “REVIEW” and there was nothing she could do. Horrible service!!!!


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