Review: NESCO FD-2000

Read on to find out if NESCO FD-2000 is really worth the extra moneyIf you are in the market for high end, commercial-type food dehydrators, you might want to consider NESCO FD-2000. The square-shaped digital dehydrator features contemporary and convenient design, and its functions are the best that the company has to offer. From their patented air circulation system to nutrient-preserving trays, the NESCO FD-2000 is a perfect example of why this manufacturer has been at the very top of the market for over 40 years.

Most people want a compact, mid-tier food dehydrator that will get the job done, but sometimes, that’s not enough. For dehydrating pros or simply consumers who want a bit more from this kitchen appliance, commercial-type food dehydrators are a better choice. For instance, NESCO FD-2000 won’t be useful just for your basics, but it also offers drying options for bulkier or non-standard items. Drying flowers or using a dehydrator for crafts like paper mache is not always a possibility with standard models, but the NESCO FD-2000 will allow you to do that and more. Of course, you can also rely on this powerful unit for essentials, such as making beef jerky or veggie chips—in record time.

Read on to find out if NESCO FD-2000 is really worth the extra money, or if its downsides outweigh the benefits.

NESCO FD-2000 Key Features

  • Silent 530 watts motor
  • Converga-flow patented airflow technology
  • Adjustable thermostat and timer
  • Large digital dials and LED display
  • Opaque Vita-Save exterior and nutrient-preserving trays
  • 6 trays and 6 mesh screens included
  • Can be expanded to up to 8 trays
  • Bonus: expanders for trays (ideal for bulky items)

For decades, NESCO has been known as the industry leader in the food dehydrator market. The company has produced the majority of units that feature on the Amazon best-selling food dehydrator list, and the quality of these USA-made products is undeniable. The NESCO FD-2000 digital food dehydrator is one of their newer models,  and it combines all the traditional, well-loved features of their American Harvest line of dehydrators with contemporary design and modern functions.

The 530 watts motor offers a silent performance, making NESCO FD-2000 one of the most energy-efficient food dehydrators out there. However, even though it might seem that a quiet, power-saving motor could undermine the drying process, the patented Converga-flow technology “makes up” for the low wattage of the motor. The top-mounted fan uses an innovative way of distributing hot air throughout the trays that ensures that the food is dried evenly throughout, without any of the scents mixing.

Another fantastic new feature of the NESCO FD-2000 commercial-type food dehydrator is the design of the timer and temperature controls. Instead of your standard buttons, this unit boasts large digital dials and big, bright LED display. Everything is easy to spot and operate—ideal for seniors or beginners at dehydrating. To boot, right to the side of the temperature-controlling knob, there’s a list of recommended temperatures for every food group. No need to reach for the booklet or search for hours on Google for advice! The thermostat can be set from 95°-160° F, allowing for a variety of food and items to be dehydrated with great precision. The timer can be set from 30 minutes to 12 hours and has an auto shut off feature. Simply set the dehydrator to work and don’t worry about anything. Once the time is up, the unit will automatically power down.

The unit comes with 6 trays, 2 expanders for trays, and 6 mesh screens. This gives you 8 square feet of drying space—pretty impressive in comparison to competitors. Additionally, you can upgrade to 8 trays in total, and get 10.7 square feet of drying space. This is particularly convenient if you want to do drying in bulk or need to use the dehydrator commercially.

NESCO FD-2000 Pros

  • Square shape offers more space for food
  • Expandable trays accommodate a variety of items
  • Easy to use
  • Set it and forget it system

While some people prefer the round-shaped dehydrators from an aesthetic point of view, there’s no doubt that square-shaped dehydrators are much more convenient. It’s easier to utilize all of the space, regardless of the size and shape of the food. The NESCO FD-2000 commercial-type food dehydrator will offer up to 10.7 square feet of drying space at a smaller number of trays than its round counterparts. To boot, the unit comes with 2 expanders for trays. These can be used, as the name suggests, to increase the height of an individual tray (or two). If you plan on drying bulkier items, such as flowers, paper mache crafts, or thicker foods, these will be a real lifesaver. Similarly, for finer items such as herbs, there are mesh screens to keep everything in place.

The adjustable timer and auto shut off feature are not just convenient, but a great safety measure. Unlike some older models, NESCO FD-2000 can be left to do its thing while you’re at work or away from home—no risk of burning your food to a crisp because you forgot the dehydrator is on.

NESCO FD-2000 Cons

  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for small kitchens as it takes up a lot of space

While it’s undeniable that NESCO FD-2000 commercial-type digital dehydrator boasts some really impressive features, it’s price tag might be a deal breaker for some. At almost double the price of NESCO’s standard range, home users could find the hefty price of this unit not worth their needs.

Additionally, the dimensions of the NESCO FD-2000 could be a potential downside. Even though the square shape of the unit makes it easier to store in comparison to round dehydrators, it’s still a large appliance. The dimensions of this unit are 16 x 11 x 16 inches.

The Verdict

The NESCO FD-2000 is a great option if you want a digital food dehydrator with a large tray capacity. The square shape makes it easier to store and fit more food. However, the higher price tag than usual might not be worth it—unless you really need a commercial type food dehydrator, you can find that the more affordable units from NESCO’s range fit you better.

  • Performance - 8.7/10
  • Ease of Use - 7.7/10
  • Design - 7.3/10
  • Features - 8/10

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