KickStarter Update: SousVide Supreme Touch+ Smashes Goal


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If you’ve spent any time in the sous vide world, you’ve no doubt heard of SousVide Supreme. Often recognized as the company that really started the sous vide revolution, they’re pushing the envelope even further with their newest product – the SousVide Supreme Touch+.

Available on Kickstarter until August 30th, the Touch+ is an upgrade to their existing top-tier Buy Now that looks to bring things into the “Internet of Things” age.

As of this moment, SousVide Supreme has smashed their goal of $250,000 from backers on this Kickstarter and sit at over $400,000 from 1,187 backers with 5 days to go in the campaign.

Let’s jump into the new features the Touch+ brings and talk about how it could change the way you sous vide.

SousVide Supreme Touch+ New Features

  • Updated touchscreen interface. SVS gives the Touch+ an upgrade to their control interface by making things sleek and minimal. On the functionality side of things, the touchscreen is designed to work great even with wet fingers!
  • See-through lid. On the current SousVide Supreme unit (read our SousVide Supreme review here), the lid is metal like the rest of the unit. On the Touch+, it’s a clear plastic. This means you can easily take a peak at how your cook is going to ensure no dramatic failures have occurred without opening the unit and losing heat.
  • Wifi Integration. A feature that many new sous vide machines are including, the Touch+ will be fully controllable remotely as it can connect to your home Wifi. So you could start the oven while driving home, and be ready to place your food into the machine right away for easy dinners. The software to control the machine is still in development, so we aren’t sure yet what the final product will look like.
  • Programmable Recipes. With the Wifi integration comes an app that will let you use others’ recipes for quick and easy cooking. You won’t need to memorize any temperatures or guess what the proper temperature is to achieve the same doneness of someone else who used the Touch+ app and shared their own recipe.
  • Alexa Comparability. Assuming your Touch+ is connected to Wifi, you can start it via an Amazon Alexa device.

sousvide supreme touch features

SousVide Supreme is aiming to deliver the Touch+ in March of 2018, but keep in mind projects of this scale often run into delays in production. Given SVS’s track record with making great sous vide devices though, we wouldn’t be too concerned.

Should You Buy the Touch+?

The short answer as to if you should buy the Touch+ is – it depends on your needs. If you’re able to get in before the Kickstarter is over an August 30th, you can get a pretty great deal of at least 25% off the MSRP.


That being said, if you miss the Kickstarter then you’re looking at a price tag of $599. This certainly makes the Touch+ one of the most expensive units on the market, but if you’ve got the money to invest into sous vide it looks like a great option for a water oven. I don’t see anything missing from the Touch+, so it could be the perfect countertop all-in-one sous vide machine you’re looking for.

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