Gourmia GSV140 Review: More Power, Better Design


Full Gourmia GSV140 Review

We already reviewed Gourmia’s GSV130 precision cooker immersion pod, their flagship immersion circulator, earlier in the year. The GSV130 is a great entry-level sous vide machine at one of the lowest prices. As we move to their new GSV 140 model, much of the great selling features remain (low cost) but with added features and performance. Let’s take a look at the full review of the Gourmia GSV140 immersion sous vide pod.

Design and Unboxing

Gourmia stepped up the design of their new GSV140 model by making a few small but noticeable modifications. The first thing you will notice is that the LED display and control panel is angled downwards now so that you can see and change the controls better. Gourmia also moved the display 180 degrees so it faces the clip. From an aesthetics standpoint this might look a little odd; however, it makes sense when using the device since this is how the device will be facing when you’re attaching it to a pot. The temperature dial is also on the other side, which is a bit odd since the new display is facing the other side.

Unboxing Gourmia GSV140
Inside the box you’ll find the Gourmia GSV140 sous vide machine, user guide, and cookbook.

The clip on the Gourmia GSV 140 works very well. It attaches to pots and containers better than Sansaire’s clip which left the device wobbly. However, this is not as sturdy as clamps which are used on Anova and PolyScience sous vide machines.
Gourmia gsv140 clip
The clip works well; better than Sansaire’s but not quite as strong as Anova’s.

A great design characteristic of Gourmia GSV140 is the available color options, which is completely unique in the sous vide machine world. Available colors include white, silver, gold (we have this), blue, and black. The rest of the design factors are the same when comparing the Gourmia GSV 130 vs Gourmia GSV140. The remaining differences are with the internal components and performance, which we’ll dive into now.
Gourmia gsv140 colors
Gourmia GSV140 comes in 5 colors

Gourmia GSV140 Features


The Gourmia GSV140 has a powerful 1200 watt heater to quickly raise water temperatures and get your food cooking faster. It’s crazy impressive that Gourmia squeezed in a 1200 watt heater into a device that costs so little. As a comparison, some of PolyScience’s immersion circulators with similar heaters run upwards of $800 or more. The motor was also relatively quiet, especially given how powerful the heater is; however, if you’re used to using 800 watt sous vide machines, it may be a little bit louder than you’re used to.


The GSV140’s improved circulator now pumps up to 2.1 gallons per minute. They claim it can be used with containers up to 10 gallons in size, which is huge. We have not tested the device with a container of that size. But the circulator itself is quite powerful so it very well may work with a container that large as long as you do not have it overstuffed with food and leave enough room for the water to circulate. Take a look at this video we recorded of the circulator in action, and also the noise level.

Sous Vide Timer

Gourmia GSV140’s included timer works well, however if you have to pause a cook for one reason or another, sometimes restarting the timer loses its progress and starts over at 0. Even so, we appreciate any sous vide machine that includes a timer!

Sous Vide Cookbook – Included!

Gourmia includes a mini cookbook for free with the purchase of the GSV140 model. This cookbook is surprisingly impressive! Take a look below at some of the included recipes and wonderful photos.


Overall this sous vide machine packs a lot of power especially for such a low cost product. We cooked up an impressive ribeye and did not run into any problems apart from our timer resetting when pausing the cook.

We tested the heating element by heating 6 liters of water from 75 degrees to 135 degrees. Our test concluded in just over 13 minutes, which is very solid for a device in the ~$100 range. As a comparison, the Anova took 24 minutes and the PolyScience CREATIVE, which is 2-4x the cost, took 12 minutes.

Gourmia GSV 140 heating test
The GSV140 impressed us with how fast it heated water.

We also tested the accuracy of the temperature with two thermometers, both digital and infrared. The resultd both showed the water being roughly 1 degree lower than what the sous vide device read.
Gourmia temperature test
Temperature tests read 1 degree lower than the machine.

Take a look at the videos we recorded below of the Gourmia GSV140 circulation power and noise levels.

Circulation power:

Circulation sound:

Final Thoughts

Gourmia definitely improved their flagship sous vide pod by introducing the GSV140 model. Slight design changes make usability easier, powerful heater and circulator cooks food faster and more accurately, and of course, an affordable price doesn’t break the bank. The new improvements definitely make the Gourmia GSV140 immersion circulator an excellent buy for entry-level sous vide enthusiasts not looking to spend much money. It’s still too early to write about reliability but so far the device is holding up to semi-regular household use.

4 thoughts on “Gourmia GSV140 Review: More Power, Better Design

  • November 14, 2017 at 2:30 am

    Absolutely amazed. Roasts, steaks, and ribs are fork tender. Shrimp has never tasted as consistently tender. Seasoning doesn’t simply stay on the surface of your food, the seasoning melts into it. The ribs are my favorite, the fatty portion melts off leaving seasoned tender meat waiting for a quick grill. One recommendation, we use distilled water. Tap water leaves a mineral build up which requires cleaning out. There is no residue in distilled water.


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