Dorkfood DSV Review: Brains Over Beauty

Dorkfood DSV

Dorkfood DSV Review: Brains Over Beauty
  • Performance - 7/10
  • Ease of Use - 9/10
  • Design - 5/10
  • Features - 7/10


One of the cheapest sous vide options out there. Performance is great, but the design is dull and outdated. Dorkfood had price point in mind when creating the DSV, which comes in just under $100, but relies on you already owning a crockpot. Great alternative if you don’t want to shell out $175 for an immersion circulator.

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Dorkfood GSV Review

Dorkfood created an inexpensive alternative to traditional sous vide machines with their DSV temperature controller, coming in just under $100. The biggest thing to note right off the start is that the Dorkfood DSV controller is only a “cheaper” option if you already have a crockpot (or another applicable appliance) on hand. Since this is simply a temperature controller and does not have a heater, you will need to have another source of power to operate this with. As a result, if you do not have another appliance suitable to use this with, your cheapest sous vide option is to go with an immersion circulator. With that in mind, let’s dive right into the main features of the Dorkfood DSV.

Design and Features

Let’s start with the “bad”. This looks like something you would pick up at the hardware store and not something you would cook impressive meals with. There could be major improvements to the design/appearance of the Dorkfood DSV, but performance and price is what matters most to the creator, and they succeeded with these.

As noted above, the DSV is simply a controller to precisely manage temperatures from another cooking appliance. To do this, you simply plug your crock pot into the DSV controller and enter the probe into the crock pot. Overall, setting up and using the Dorkfood sous vide controller is incredibly easy.

Dorkfood GSV display
Using the Dorkfood GSV is very easy; plug it in and let it go!

Temperature Control

The Dorkfood controller can control temperatures from 32 degrees to 200 degrees F. The temperature can be increased or decreased within 1 degree F increments, which is a bit lower compared to more recent sous vide machines available today that adjust within 0.1 degree F. Dorkfood also claims temperature stability within 0.25 degrees F. We found it to be about 2 degrees F variation; however, this can largely depend on your water bath being used. If there is poor insulation, temperatures may vary a bit from their claim.


Another huge benefit – saving counter space! You don’t have another large bulky appliance to store away. The Dorkfood DSV temperature controller is just 2.7” X 6.5” X 2.5”, which can easily fit in a drawer. The prove cable length is also 8ft long which gives more than enough space to work with.

Final Thoughts

The Dorkfood DSV temperature controller is a cheaper alternative to sous vide ovens, as long as you already own a suitable appliance to use it with, such as a crockpot. The design is definitely outdated, but the performance is accurate. With the increase in immersion circulators hitting the market lately, you may find yourself gravitating towards purchasing one of those, such as the Sansaire, since the price points are not too far off. Overall, if you have a crockpot on hand and want to save money, we recommend trying the Dorkfood controller. If you can shell out the extra $50-$100 for an immersion circulator, we recommend that route.

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