Breville Releases Joule White: Here’s a First Look

Joule White review
Since Joule’s launch, not much has changed with the hardware (apart from them releasing a new heavy duty clip) which proves they really perfected their flagship product. On the other hand, Anova went through quite a few model changes: Anova One, Anova Bluetooth, Anova Wifi Gen 1, Anova Wifi Gen 2… I’m probably missing a few. Granted, Anova also entered the market much sooner and helped pave the path for affordable immersion circulators.

Breville (Formally ChefSteps) Joule White

The major change here is price. The only actual difference is that the flagship Joule has a solid stainless steel top cap and foot, while the Joule White will have a top cap and foot made from the same durable polycarbonate material that the body of the Joule is currently made from. This slight design change results in cost savings for the consumer without impacting the performance of the device.

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Pictures of the Joule White

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