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When it comes to snacks, you probably want to keep a lot of different options in your house at all times to suit your family’s myriad preferences. But storing them neatly can quickly become a challenge when you’re dealing with the various packages and bags that snacks come in. This is when a snack storage product can come in handy.

Also, if you have a bunch of snacks stored in their original packaging throughout your kitchen, you might want to consider removing them from their original packaging and using snack storage containers instead. That’s because the right containers can help keep all of your snacks fresher for longer, which means you might be able to save money if you end up wasting less food.

Plus, when you put everything neatly into various containers, it can also help you organize your kitchen more effectively and easily. You can go with see-through containers that make it easy to see what’s inside, or you can go with containers that you can label to let everyone in your family know what snacks are stored within them.

Yet another reason why people might turn to snack storage containers is to keep pests out. If you tend to have problems with bugs finding their way to the food in your cabinet, particularly food that is stored in packaging that isn’t airtight, you might want to switch things up by putting your snacks in airtight containers that ants and other pests can’t get into.

What are some of the best snack storage options available these days, whether you want to keep your snacks in their original packaging or not? Once you start looking, you are going to find that there are a lot of products that you can choose from, and they are surprisingly affordable too. Below, we have compiled a list of six products that we recommend looking into when you are ready to buy snack storage containers that will have the features you want and can last for a long time.

1. Best Stackable Snack Storage: Granrosi Stackable XXL Wire Baskets For Pantry Storage and Organization

If you would prefer a snack storage system that is stackable, this set of two wire baskets is worth checking out. Designed to make it easy to keep all of your favorite snacks in one place, this product can be set up inside a cabinet if you want it out of the way, or on your counter for quick access to snacks.

These baskets provide plenty of space because they measure 16” x 12” x 6”, but because you can stack them, they can also help you save space. Of course, you can also set them up side by side if you prefer that instead. And when you need to move these around, the handles make it simple to do that.

This product also comes with label holders that you can use to let your family know what’s in each basket.


  • These baskets are stackable to save space, or you have the option of setting them up side by side or separately.
  • This product can fit in your cabinet or on your counter.
  • It has handles and comes with label holders.


  • If you don’t like the look of wire baskets, this product won’t be right for you.

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2. Best Airtight Snack Storage Containers: Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Containers Set

Do you hate the look of different snack packages all over your kitchen, or even in a storage container or organizer? Then you might want to take the snacks out of their original packaging and place them in these airtight storage containers.

This set gives you a total of seven pieces, so you have plenty of containers for the various snacks your family enjoys. The plastic containers come in a range of sizes, including a large container that holds 1.9 liters, two medium containers that hold 1.2 liters, two small containers that hold 0.8 liters, and two mini containers that hold 0.5 liters.

Also, the lids that come with these containers are made of plastic that is durable and impact resistant to help prevent them from breaking. And there is a lid-lock mechanism, too, so you can take an extra step towards keeping your food as fresh as possible for as long as possible.


  • These containers with lids provide an airtight seal to help keep your snacks fresher for longer.
  • This set gives you seven containers with lids, and there are various sizes for different snacks.
  • These containers are made of BPA free plastic, and they are stackable to save space.
  • The containers come with a marker and chalkboard labels that you can reuse.


  • If you don’t like using plastic containers, this product isn’t right for you.

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3. Best Circular Style Snack Container: Mind Reader 2 Tier Lazy Susan Granola Bar and Snack Organizer

When you want to keep your snacks within easy reach on the counter but you don’t want everything to look disorganized and cluttered, you can simply place everything in this unique snack organizer that spins 360°.

This product, which is made of lightweight plastic that is food safe, features a sturdy non-slip base to keep it in place without tipping over. And it can hold a range of snacks, as it has a large slot on the bottom and 12 slots on the top. With two platforms on which to place all of your snacks, you might have all of the space you need so you don’t need to take up space in other areas of your kitchen when storing your family’s favorite treats.

What we also like about this snack organizer is the fact that you can certainly leave it out on display when you’re entertaining guests or hosting a party for your kids and their friends. They’re sure to enjoy spinning it to get the snack they want!


  • It features a creative design that is fun for kids and makes it easy for you to quickly find the perfect snack even when you’re rushing out the door.
  • It can hold plenty of different snacks, as it has two tiers.
  • You can place this snack organizer in your kitchen cabinet or on the counter.
  • When you need to clean it, you can just wipe it with some water and soap.


  • It might be too large for those who are looking for a more compact way to store snacks.

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4. Best Snack Organizer Bin: mDesign Plastic Food Storage Organizer Bin Box

This set of two plastic bins is another good way to go when you are looking for an easy solution to your snack storage needs. Each clear bin has four compartments, so you can put different snacks in each section, and because of the compact design, you can put these bins on your counter or in your cabinet or pantry.

These lightweight bins are made of plastic that is BPA free, chlorine free, food safe, and shatter resistant. When you need to clean them, you can wash them by hand with some mild soap, as they should not be placed in the dishwasher.


  • These lightweight plastic bins are clear so you can see what’s stored in them.
  • There are four compartments in each bin, and you get a set of two.


  • These bins shouldn’t be washed in the dishwasher.
  • These bins are not stackable.

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5. Best Decorative Snack Storage Bin with Lid: AuldHome Rustic Snack Bin

This is a more decorative snack storage bin, as it’s white with the word “Snacks” written on the side in a pretty font. And this is also a good option for those who would prefer a snack storage system that is not see-through.

You can keep a lot of snacks in this bin, from cookies and granola bars to nuts, chips, and more. It is large enough to hold a variety of snacks, as it measures 13” x 6” x 11” and it can hold around 2.25 gallons. Plus, it has handles on the lid and on the sides for easy carrying when you need to move it around.

Although the lid is not airtight, it can help keep pests out, and it is designed to be easy to open even for kids. Also, if you are not a fan of plastic food storage containers, this one is made of metal, so it can be a good option to consider.


  • This rectangular snack storage bin is food safe and lead free.
  • This bin can be used as a decorative element in your kitchen or you can keep it in your pantry.


  • The lid will not provide an airtight seal.
  • This product should only be hand washed.

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6. Best Multi-Piece Snack Storage Set: Shazo ULTIMATE LARGEST Set of 56 Pc Food Storage Containers (28 Container Set)

When you want to get the most for your money, consider checking out this set of food storage containers. You get a total of 56 pieces (that’s 28 lids and 28 containers), so you can store everything from crackers, marshmallows, and cookies to gummies, nuts, trail mix, candy, and everything in between.

The pieces in this set come in various shapes and sizes, so you also have a lot of options when it comes to finding the ideal container for every snack. And there are two types of interchangeable lids as well.

This is a plastic container set that is BPA free and food grade. The clear containers allow you to see the snacks inside, and they are airtight to help keep everything fresh. Plus, these are dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, and they are slim to help you save space as well.


  • You get a variety of containers in this set, which helps you save space while keeping all of your snacks organized.
  • The containers are made of BPA free plastic.
  • You get both single opening lids and dual opening lids in this set.
  • You can nest the containers to store them easily.


  • This set might give you many more pieces than you might need.
  • Some containers might be too small, depending on the snacks you need to store.

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Things to look out for:

If you have decided that snack storage containers are the way to go in your kitchen, it’s time to start shopping! But before you do, it is a good idea to keep some things in mind when you are comparing products and their various features. Here are some of the things we recommend looking for:

First off, consider the size of the containers, as you will want to go with products that will fit in your kitchen cabinets, on your shelves, or on your counter. And definitely check out the dimensions of snack containers to get an idea of how much food they can hold. If you are tight on space, you might opt for snack containers that are stackable.

Some storage containers are clear so you can see what’s inside, while others aren’t. Perhaps you want your snack storage containers to be in view but you don’t want guests to be able to see what’s inside for any reason. Whether you’re looking for a more decorative set or you want your family to be able to see what’s inside is entirely up to you, but this is something we think is worth considering while you shop.

Because you will be storing food in these containers, it’s also wise to look at what materials they are made of. Stick with those that are constructed using materials that are safe for you and your family.

Another thing to look for is the design of a snack storage container. Is it easy to open and close it? Will your kids be able to use the container easily too? The last thing you want to deal with is a container that’s difficult to work with, so read customer reviews to get an idea of the quality of a container before buying it.

Finally, it is always smart to go with containers that are designed in a way that makes them easy to clean. If you can pop them in your dishwasher, that’s always a plus, but even if you need to wash them by hand, if they are shaped the right way, it should be a quick cleanup.

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