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You might love your shelves throughout your home, from those in your bedroom closet to your kitchen pantry, but let’s face it: sometimes, they can get so cluttered that they don’t really help with keeping things neat and organized.

Are your shelves overflowing? Are you struggling with how to make it work when it comes to separating the things you store on shelves so they’re easy to find and within reach? Then a shelf organizer might be exactly what you need!

There are different types of shelf organizers. For example, there are those that help divide your shelf into multiple sections so you can neatly place different items in each section. And there are those that hang under your shelf, essentially creating even more space. Plus, there are also those that create more storage by giving you vertical space—in other words, you can set up an organizer right on a shelf to get an extra tier of storage that you can use within the same space.

With so many different shelf organizers, you can work on maximizing the amount of storage that you have. And you can also make sure everything is tidy so you don’t feel overwhelmed when you go in search of something you need. Whether you’re organizing office products, kitchen goods, cleaning supplies, clothes, accessories, or anything in between, if you haven’t thought about using a durable shelf organizer in the past, it’s worth considering it now.

Whether your shelves are packed with way too many products that shouldn’t be mixed together and you want a much easier way to find what you need right away, or you just like the idea of every space in your home being neat and clean, shelf organizers can help. Plus, once everything is properly separated, categorized, and in its own place, you’ll also be less likely to lose things or forget where you put them.

Are you curious to see what some of the top shelf organizers and dividers look like? To help you out, we have compiled a list of products that we recommend checking out when you’re ready to browse your options.

1. Best Acrylic Shelf Organizer: Mebbay 6 Pack Clear Acrylic Shelf Dividers for Closet

This 6-pack of shelf dividers is a good value because they allow you to quickly and easily organize one or more of your shelves.

These acrylic dividers are clear and easy to install, and they measure around 12” x 8” x 0.2”. They are nice and slender, so they won’t take up much space at all, and they are designed for use on solid wood shelves that are anywhere from 0.8” to 1.1” thick.

To install these dividers, you just slide them onto the shelf you want to organize. You can decide how far apart you want to set them, and you can then fill up the spaces between them with whatever you want to store on your shelf. Whether you’re using them in your office, kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom, you can create neat stacks of items and separate them by category. And the dividers can help keep everything in place without falling over too.


  • These shelf dividers are clear, so they are a great choice for those who don’t want their organizer to stand out too much.
  • You get six dividers for a low price, so you can organize one or more shelves quickly and easily.


  • If you don’t like acrylic products, this type of divider wouldn’t be right for you.
  • You need to check the thickness of your shelves before purchasing these in order to be sure they’ll fit correctly.

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2. Best Closet Shelf Organizer: Urban Deco Shelf Dividers

Another option when it comes to shelf dividers is this set from Urban Deco. You get a total of eight wire dividers, which measure roughly 11.8” x 12”, and they work on standard melamine shelving and wood shelving.

To install these, you just slide them onto the shelf you want to organize, and their bright white color and wire design is sure to add a cute stylish element to the space. You don’t have to worry about needing to use any tools, which is always a plus. Just be sure to measure the shelf to be sure it will accommodate the divider.

If you decide to reorganize your closet again in the future, you can simply move these shelf dividers without needing to worry about them causing any damage to your shelves. Just gently slide them off and then slide them back on wherever you want to create a new section for storing your items like a pro.


  • These are durable and stylish white dividers that are made of coated steel and are designed to remain rust-free.
  • You get a pack of eight dividers for a low price.
  • These shelf dividers are easy to install, and when you need to move them, you can simply slide them off the shelf and move them to their new spot.


  • The wire design might not work for you if you prefer a different style.

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3. Best Shelf Organizer for a Wire Shelf: Kosiehouse Shelf Divider for Wire Shelving

Do you have wire shelving set up in a closet you want to organize? Then you will want to go with shelf dividers that are specifically designed for those types of shelves.

This set of eight is a good option because all you have to do is clip them into place wherever you want to set them up. That’s right: you don’t need to worry about needing any tools to install these correctly.

These stylish white dividers, which are made of carbon steel, are designed to remain free of rust. They measure roughly 10.7” high x 12” wide, but you can adjust the width from 10.5” to 12”, depending on the size of your shelf.


  • To install these dividers, just snap them easily into your wire shelf in your closet, and when you need to move them, you can do so simply as well, without needing to worry about causing damage to the shelf.
  • The tension grip ensures that the divider will stay in place securely.
  • You can adjust the width to fit your shelf.


  • These dividers are only meant for wire shelving, so they are not the right choice if you have wood shelves.
  • Depending on what you’re storing on each side of the divider, its open design might not work well for you.

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4. Best Stylish Shelf Organizer: Lynk Vela Closet Organizer Extra Shelf-Platinum

Do you want to create more vertical storage space in your closet so you have more than just the space on the shelf itself to work with? Then this organizer is definitely worth considering.

This product is stylish and durable, with non-woven polymer fabric. And the epoxy-coated steel can help ensure stability. Just adjust it for the right fit and then slide it onto a solid shelf that is up to 7/8” thick.

The great thing about this shelf organizer is that it creates a section for whatever items you want to set underneath it, but you also get more storage on top of it. If you use more than one, you can create multiple sections on your shelf, much like you would with shelf dividers. But you can also use this product in combination with dividers to create a beautifully organized shelf.


  • This shelf organizer is stylish and easy to install without any tools.
  • You can adjust this shelf organizer so it will fit securely on your shelf and give you extra storage space.
  • This product can work well with shelf dividers to create an organized closet.


  • This product will not work on shelves that are thicker than 7/8”.

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5. Best Hanging Shelf Organizer: Simple Houseware Under Shelf Basket

If you want to create more space under a shelf by basically creating an extra shelf for improved organization, check out this interesting hanging shelf organizer. Like the other products on this list, it is super easy to install, as you just need to slide it onto a shelf—and this means you can also quickly and easily move it whenever you want to as well.

With this option, you get a pack of two under shelf baskets that can hold a variety of products. Each measures roughly 11.5” x 12.5” x 5.5”, and the slide arm measures around 6.75” x 1”.

These are basic wire shelf organizers, and they are available in white and bronze color options, so you can select the one that will match the rest of your décor perfectly.


  • This product will fit most shelves, so you can set it up in any closet in your home.
  • You can install this product without any tools, and the instructions are included to be sure you do it correctly.


  • If you don’t like the look of a hanging basket under your shelf, this product likely isn’t right for you.
  • Although it is designed to fit most shelves, it might not fit your shelf if it is too thick.

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6. Best Shelf Organizer for Adding Vertical Storage Space: mDesign Versatile Metal Wire Closet Shelf Divider and Separator

Another product that is designed to help you add more vertical space to your shelf is this shelf divider and separator, which is made specifically for wire shelves. You can use it to create multiple sections for accessories, towels, and myriad other household items. And the top of this organizer can be used to add extra storage to a shelf that might already be full.

When you purchase this item, you get two shelf organizers that are simple to install quickly without the need for any tools. You just have to hook it onto your wire shelf and make sure that it’s stable and secure before placing items under and on it.

Each shelf organizer measures roughly 12” x 16.4” x 6.3”, so you can figure out how it will fit in your closet before you purchase it. Generally, it should work well on standard wire shelving.


  • This shelf organizer is made of steel wire that is durable, strong, resistant to rust, and easy to clean.
  • Installing this shelf organizer is really simple because you just hook it into place.


  • This shelf organizer is designed for wire shelving, not wood shelving.

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Things to look out for:

You might think that any shelf organizer will do, but the truth is that there are some things you should look into as you check out the various products that are on the market. As is the case when shopping for just about anything else for the home, reading a product’s description and details carefully can help you determine if a shelf organizer is right for you and your space. We recommend keeping the following in mind while you browse:

First off, take some measurements to figure out how big a shelf organizer can be in order to fit your closet or pantry comfortably. You don’t want to get something so small that it won’t be effective, and you also don’t want to go with something that’s so large that it won’t even fit.

There are various types of shelf dividers when you are hoping to take a shelf and create multiple sections for storing different categories of items, such as your clothes, purses, and other accessories in your bedroom closet. You can decide if you want those that are solid or those that have a wire design. Consider, too, how you need to install these products, and whether or not you’ll be able to do so easily with the type of shelves (e.g. wire shelves versus wood shelves) that you have in place.

Finally, you also want your shelf organizer or shelf divider to be sturdy and durable, as you want it to last for a long time to come. And you want it to securely hold the items you store on it. At the same time, going with a lightweight product is also a good idea, as it will make it easy to install and move it to a different area whenever necessary.

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