Best Mother’s Day Sous Vide Gifts

For those moms that love experimenting in the kitchen or preparing wholesome meals for their loved ones, there’s no better gift than sous vide accessories. These accessories and gadgets are suitable for pros and newbies alike- with matches for various budgets. Whether you’re looking for frugal gifts or want to splurge, you’ll find a perfect choice on our list of mother’s day gifts below!

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano

There’s a reason why Anova’s immersion circulators are the most popular on the market- whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned sous vide-er, their devices will suit your needs and skills. Easy to use but with a powerful performance, Precision Cooker Nano can cook food for a table of four in a single batch. Bluetooth-connected, it comes with free access to the Anova app that has thousands of recipes tailored for their sous vide devices. It’s very versatile and adjustable to varying levels of tech-savviness as you can control the sous vide cooker both manually and through the app.

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Stasher 100% Silicone Reusable Food Bag

In case the mom in question is already a fan of sous vide cooking technique, smart and useful sous vide accessories are certain to be a gift that impresses. These handy products make the process of sous vide cooking more streamlined and efficient, and these reusable silicone bags are the perfect example of that. Made from non-toxic platinum silicone, these bags are self-sealing (no need for vacuuming) and have ½ gallon capacity. Not to mention that they’re much eco-friendlier than disposable plastic bags!

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Sous Vide Container Sleeve

Who would’ve thought that a sous vide accessory could look so stylish? However, this felt sleeve is not used for style purposes – it’s actually a convenient accessory that significantly improves the sous vide cooking process. The goal of this felt sleeve is to help containers retain heat more efficiently and prevent water evaporation – cost-effective and practical both! The design of this sleeve makes it suitable for Rubbermaid 12 quart containers – the most common choice on the market.

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Sous Vide Precision Cooker by SousV

In case you’re willing to splurge to celebrate Mother’s Day, you can’t do better than this sous vide precision cooker. This multifunctional device has so much to offer- even to seasoned amateur chefs. In addition to allowing you to sous vide, it will help you sear the food in the same device, eliminating the need for multiple devices. Also, this sous vide cooker boasts additional features such as rice cooking, slow cooking, yogurt making, saute, and many others.

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EurKitchen Culinary Cooking Butane Torch

It’s the finishing touches that make all the difference, and in sous vide, it’s that perfect golden sear that makes the meal truly extraordinary. This butane torch is easy to use but creates perfect results each time: it can create a continuous flame up to 6 inches long that will transform your steak from decent to restaurant-quality. The ergonomic design makes it easy to use and comfortable to hold in hand. This professional-quality gadget with an affordable price tag is an ideal thoughtful yet practical gift.

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Breville Joule Sous Vide

In case you want to introduce someone to the world of sous vide, why not do it with one of the best tools there are on the market? The smallest and sleekest immersion circulator of them all, Joule might be half the size of its competitors but its performance will exceed your expectations. WiFi and Bluetooth ready, this nifty gadget works with both iPhones and Android- and it works completely through an app, with no controls on the device itself. If your mom isn’t that tech-savvy, though, you might want to opt for a less futuristic design.

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Sous Vide Container with Lid & Rack

Why improvise, make a mess, and get subpar results with old pots when you can get professional equipment for a decent price? This sous vide container is designed to improve the sous vide cooking process in a clever and convenient way, and in more ways than one. The lid traps heat inside and prevents water from evaporating and the removable stainless steel rack keeps your vacuumed bag neatly in place, allowing both more useful space in the water bath and ensuring the bags don’t float around. An ideal set for people new to sous vide as well as pros at this cooking technique.

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Sous Vide Cooker Immersion Circulator – Sous Vide Kit ALL-IN-ONE

For those that are looking to surprise someone that’s completely new to sous vide cooking, this starter set is the ideal choice. The all-in-one kit contains an immersion circulator, 15 reusable sous vide bags in three different sizes, a hand pump to seal the bags, clamps that keep the bags in one place, as well as a handy cookbook with tons of recipes that suit varying skill and expertise levels. You get everything you need to start sous vide cooking right away – and anyone who’s interested in trying their hand with this technique is bound to love this gift.

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EVERIE Stainless Steel Sous Vide Container Pot

Sleek, elegant and yet above all highly practical, this stainless steel container for sous vide cooking is just the thing for anyone looking to upgrade from classic plastic containers. Much more durable, free of toxic materials and highly versatile, this is a stainless steel pot that’s tailored for immersion circulators. The set includes two lids, as well – a stainless steel one and a silicone lid made for Anova circulators. This way, you can get a lot of mileage from a single pot, as you can use it both for sous vide and for regular cooking.

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YISSVIC Sous Vide Cooker

For those of you that are looking for cheap sous vide cooker to gift this Mother’s Day but don’t want to compromise on quality, you’re in luck. This bright red immersion circulator boasts an attractive design and impressive features both, and it costs much less than some of its competitors. Adjustable temperature range from 77°F to 210°F, a timer, and 1000 watts of power make sure that this nifty device can tackle any kind of meal – and allow you to prepare big batches of food, too.

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