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Have you ever thought about buying a kitchen timer? It can come in handy if you are cooking more than one dish in your oven at a time. You can use your oven timer for one dish, and the other kitchen timer for the second dish. Or consider a timer that can handle multiple time settings at once. That is a great option if you are making Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner!

Timers have many uses outside the kitchen, too. You can use some of these devices like a stopwatch, to time your or your kids’ running practices. Or keep track of time while you’re waiting for your hair color to set in. You can also time your baby’s nap so she doesn’t sleep too long.

Let’s find out about a few of the most popular kitchen timers on the market today:

eTradewinds Digital Kitchen Timer COMINHKPR138654

This kitchen timer is both fashionable and functional, with top quality components. The frame is made of durable stainless steel with a modern design, and you can choose from lime, silver, or plum accents – whichever most suits your kitchen décor. The screen is large and easy to view from a distance.

This timer has a 99-minute, 59-second countdown. It’s smart, too. It remembers the last timer setting whenever you switch on the device. As a result, you never have to repeat the same setting over and over again. Also, if you forget to switch off the timer after it is complete, it will automatically shut down after a while, which helps save your battery.

It has a mellow, pleasant beep and soft-touch buttons that are comfortable on your fingers. As an added bonus, you only need one finger to set the timer, whereas most timers require you to hold it in one hand and set the device with the other.

This device has a flat back surface and strong magnetic backing which allows you to affix the timer securely to your metallic appliances. It will not slide down, pivot, wobble, or pop off the fridge surface or range hood. It also has a plastic protective film coating which protects the timer from scratching your appliances. Alternately, you can use the kick out stand. And the device is small enough to fit in your pocket.

It comes with two batteries – one to use right away and the other for future use.

One drawback is this timer is not as loud as some others. Also, every time you push any of the buttons, you will hear a beeping sound, which could become annoying after a while.


  • Made of durable stainless steel with modern design
  • Screen is large and easy to view from a distance
  • Has 99-minute, 59-second countdown, and remembers most recent timer setting
  • Automatically shuts down after timer is done, to help save battery
  • Only requires one finger to set timer
  • Has strong metal backing and can be affixed to any metallic appliance


  • Not as loud as other timers
  • All buttons make a beeping sound, which could become annoying

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Habor 24-Hours Digital Timer HBCP111AH

This kitchen timer is easy on the eyes. It’s attractive, and its 2.6 inch LCD screen features large digits and controls that can’t be missed. They are bold, and easy to see, use, and understand.

Simply press the hour, minute, or second buttons to change the settings up or down, and hold any of the buttons down to fast forward. You never have to press the same button numerous times, and that makes this device easy on your fingers. It’s very easy to use if you have hand or finger mobility problems such as arthritis. Also, there is no annoying beep whenever you press a button.

The device has a wide alarm range from one second to 24 hours. It also has a memory feature that remembers the most recent timer setting. This is convenient if you are doing the same activity over and over again. The alarm itself is easy to hear, even if you are in another room.

When not in use, this timer displays a clock so you will always know what time it is. It has a 12-hour clock display in a.m. and p.m.

It comes available in numerous colors, including blue, black, or grey, so it will go with any kitchen décor. Also, it uses one triple A battery, which is included, and it is easy to replace when that time comes.

It has a kick out stand if you want to stand the device up on your table. Alternately, it is magnetized on the back, so you can affix it to your fridge.


  • Has large controls and digits that cannot be missed
  • Setting buttons can be held down for fast forward – no need to press over and over
  • Has wide timer range from 1 second to 24 hours
  • Memory feature remembers most recent timer setting
  • Alarm is easy to hear, even in another room
  • When not in use, timer displays a clock


  • None mentioned by users

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OXO Good Grips Triple Timer 1071501

This affordable kitchen timer looks like a little mobile phone with a number keypad. It has the numbers zero through nine displayed as soft buttons on the keypad, as well as other buttons that control timer settings and clock. The settings are quick and easy to use.

If you’re not using the timer, it automatically defaults to a clock, which is always a nice handy tool to have around. It is a standard 12-hour a.m./p.m. clock.

But back to the timer. This device actually has three timer buttons, each with its own distinct alarm sound. You can actually program them for three different times that run concurrently. As a result, this is the perfect timer for keeping track of all your cooking time needs.

What’s more, each timer button has up to 100 hours of preset timer setting. This is more than most other timers.

The device is made of plastic although it looks like stainless steel.

The timer is angled and faces upward so it easy to see from a distance. It has non-slip feet to keep it in place. It requires two triple A batteries, which are included.

One drawback is the alarm is not very loud compared to its competitors. Also, once it is triggered, the alarm does not continue to beep until you turn it off. Instead, it will beep for 30 seconds, then stop, and then beep once every 10 seconds for a 10-minute duration. After that, it stops beeping entirely. Another issue with this timer is it requires both your hands to set the timer as it is otherwise very tippy.


  • Looks like a mobile phone, has a numerical keypad showing numbers zero through nine
  • Has three timer settings that can be used concurrently, each with its own alarm sound
  • Each timer has up to 100 hours of preset timer setting
  • If not in use, automatically defaults to a clock
  • Timer is angled facing upward so it is easy to see from a distance
  • Has non-slip feet


  • Alarm is not very loud compared to other brands
  • Alarm turns off automatically instead of waiting for you to turn it off
  • Timer settings require both hands – otherwise the device becomes easily tipped

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Wrenwane Digital Kitchen Timer

This kitchen timer comes from a top brand in kitchen accessories, and they continually make improvements in their timers year after year. One notable improvement in this timer over the previous year is the introduction of the no-beep feature. While most timers beep whenever you push a button, this one doesn’t, which makes it nice and quiet.

This also makes it easier for you to listen out for just the alarm, and it is loud and clear enough to easily be heard.

The numbers are shown in a large digital display which is easy to see from a considerable distance and at any angle. This saves you the hassle of having to come up close to the timer to see what it says. It’s especially handy if you have vision issues. This device also has large buttons to set the timer with, which are convenient and easy to use.

Like most of the kitchen timers we have profiled so far, this one has a last memory feature. When you turn it on, it automatically remembers the most recent timer setting you used, so you can use it again if you wish.

It has a countdown timer and a minute timer, and you can also use it as a stopwatch, counting up from zero. Its maximum time is 99 minutes, 59 seconds.

This device is very versatile in terms of placement. You can keep it on your table, as it has a kick out stand. Or you can stick it on your fridge or cooker due to its magnetic backing. There is also a hook on the timer if you prefer to hang it.

This timer offers you an on/off switch. Most timers do not have such a switch, but it is certainly handy for saving power.

One drawback is the triple A battery required to power this timer is not included. Also, this device cannot use rechargeable batteries. In addition, the alarm only sounds for about a minute and then stops on its own instead of waiting for you to turn it off.


  • Does not beep when you are pressing buttons
  • Alarm is loud and clear
  • Numbers on digital display and buttons are large and easy to see
  • Automatically remembers most recent timer setting used
  • Has countdown timer, minute timer, and can count up from zero
  • Has on/off switch to save power


  • Battery is not included and cannot use rechargeable batteries
  • Alarm only sounds for a minute being automatically turning off

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What to look for in a kitchen timer

You’ve seen some of the most popular kitchen timers available on the market today. Hopefully through reading these reviews, you have acquired a better understanding of what to look for when shopping for a timer. But in a nutshell, here are a few features to consider.

Type of timer

Although we have discussed digital timers only, there are also mechanical timers. These are more traditional, and you use them by turning a dial to the time required. Then they count down and a ringer is set off at the end. Mechanical timers are easy to view and much easier to use than digital versions. However, they usually have a maximum time limit of 60 minutes.

Digital timers, on the other hand, have a longer time range. Also, some digital timers can be used as a clock. However, the drawbacks are they use up more battery power and they are harder to program than a mechanical timer.

Timing ranges

Many digital timers have a time range of up to 24 hours, and some go up to 99 hours. These longer range timers are handy if you are slow cooking.

Always make sure your timer measures in hours and minutes, at a minimum. If you need precision timing, make sure you choose a timer that also measures in seconds.

Other features

There are many features to consider in terms of kitchen timers. Some timers are more durable than others, are easier to clean, and have greater resistance to moisture. Some are very versatile, especially those that incorporate multiple timers into one. Some have a louder alarm than others, and you might want to consider timers that have a volume adjustment. Also, some timers have a large and bright LCD display which makes them easier to read from afar.

Many timers have buttons to choose the settings with. Make sure these are easy to see and press comfortably. Also make sure your timer is stable as a magnet on your metal appliance or when standing on your counter top. Some timers have a hook so you can hang it up.

There are so many features to choose from when you are considering a kitchen timer. By considering the pros and cons of the many timers on the market today, and thinking about the features you personally find appealing, you are sure to find the timer that works best for you and your family.


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