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If you’re in the kitchen a lot, then you know how easy it is for water, grease and food to wind up on the floor. No big deal, right, except any one of those things can become a safety hazard. Slip on a wet spot, a touch of grease or a squished grape, and you’re going down. That’s where a good pair of kitchen shoes can come in handy.

Anyone who works in the food and restaurant industry understands the importance of wearing the proper anti-slip kitchen shoes to reduce the chances of slipping and falling. On top of that, good kitchen shoes have the support you need to reduce the fatigue and pain of being on your feet all day.

For these reasons and more, there’s no excuse for not owning and wearing kitchen shoes. And since many models come in a variety of colors, you can have a few pair and stay safe and make a fashion statement at the same time.

We feature a few different types of kitchen shoes you can purchase online. Read on to find the ones that suit your needs.

1. Best Overall for Men: Skechers Men’s Cessnock Food Service Shoe

If you work in the food industry, whether it’s cooking in the kitchen or running back and forth taking orders and serving hot meals, being on your feet up to 10 hours a day can take its toll on you and on your feet. What you need is a solid pair of kitchen shoes that are non-slip, comfortable and durable enough to last more than a couple of months.

These food services shoes for men from Skechers tick off all the boxes when it comes to a quality shoe that stays the distance and keeps you upright and comfortable. The slip-resistant outsoles on these shoes are tested following the ASTM F1677-2005 Mark II testing standard on clean Red Quarry tile. Passing the test means the slip-resistant soles meet or exceed a result of 0.40 under wet/oily conditions, ensuring a high level of safety.

Perhaps the best thing about these shoes is their look. Similar to a fashionable running shoe, they are available in a variety of colors, including black with a black rubber sole and navy, black, burgundy and charcoal, all with a white contrasting rubber sole. The fit is ‘relaxing’ and true to size, and the shoes are made with breathable mesh, water-resistant uppers, bungee lacing and a cooling memory foam insole for total comfort.

You’ll look great and feel great in these Skechers, which range in size from seven to 16, including half sizes and wide width.


  • Rubber soles
  • Available in different colors and a solid range of sizes
  • Slip resistant
  • Bungee lacing


  • Shoes are not waterproof

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2. Best Unisex: Crocs Men’s and Women’s Bistro Clog 

Crocs are a popular shoe, although not the most attractive of footwear on the market. Nonetheless, these slip-resistant Bistro clogs have been specifically designed with food service, hospitality and healthcare workers in mind. Light and supportive, they are a go-to for anyone looking for comfort during even the longest shift at work.

Ideal for men and women, these kitchen shoes from Crocs have slip-resistant treads, extra protection at the toes, and are available in a variety of solid color options like black, white, navy and slate gray, and cool patterns like hemp leaves, pictures of fast food, donuts, tropical fish and more. They are easy to slip on with no fuss tying laces or worrying about tripping over a loose lace.

The enclosed toe design and thicker metatarsal area on these kitchen shoes will help protect your feet from spills, and the contoured footbeds make them comfortable for both women and men.

Crocs kitchen clogs are fully molded and easy to clean; just wipe with soap and water and let dry. They fit true to size ranging from size 4 to 15 for men and 6 to 17 for women. These Crocs are fully ASTM F2913-11 tested, CE Certified and meets or exceeds many industry standards including EN ISO 20347:2012, OB and SRC.


  • Fit true to size
  • Ideal for men or women
  • Slip resistant treads
  • Enclosed toe design to protect feet


  • Not the most attractive looking shoe
  • Without ventilation holes, feet can become sweaty

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3. Best Leather for Men: MOZO Men’s Slip Resistant Chef Natural Shoes

If you love leather and prefer not to wear shoes made from synthetic material, then these casual yet stylish kitchen shoes from MOZO may be what you are looking for in comfort and non-slip reliability.

These lace-up sneakers feature 100 percent leather uppers that are water resistant, rubber soles with slip-resistant traction, and a padded collar and gusseted tongue to keep dirt out and your socks and feet clean. Equipped with TripGuad, these kitchen shoes will make you feel steady on your feet no matter how long your shift is, and with the PU gel insoles, your comfort is guaranteed.

This MOZO chef shoe is true fit in men’s sizes 7 to 13, including half-sizes and is only available in black, which we all know, goes with everything.


  • 100 percent leather shoe
  • Rubber soles
  • PU gel insoles
  • Water-resistant uppers
  • Lace-up


  • Only available in black
  • More expensive than other styles

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4. Best for Women: Sticky Comfortable Work Shoes for Women 

These non-slip shoes are perfect for anyone who works in a kitchen and is on their feet all day long. Molded from synthetic material, they slip on nicely and are a comfortable fit. Unlike other clog-like kitchen shoes, these have a closed back for a secure fit and an insole made with an absorbent material to minimize sweatiness.

Available in a range of colors, including black, navy blue, royal blue, light green, dark green, pink and lilac, these lightweight shoes have a powerful non-slip rubber outer sole and a waterproof exterior. So, for all those greasy, dirty spills that land on your shoes, your feet will stay dry, and cleaning off the gunk is as easy as applying some soap and water.

These kitchen shoes for women fit true to size in sizes ranging from 5 to 11, including half-sizes. Nonetheless, it’s always a good idea to check with the seller’s size chart to make sure you make the right choice.


  • Made from a rubber blend
  • Waterproof
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Non-slip soles to protect you on slippery floors
  • Made with a shock absorber and anti-torsion system


  • Not recommended to be worn without socks

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5. Best Unisex High-Tops: Shoes for Crews Pembroke

If you’re looking for a comfortable and classic kitchen shoe that offers extra support for your ankle, then consider this high-top sneaker From Shoes for Crews.

The exterior on the breathable knitted textile uppers on these shoes are specially treated to repel liquids, keeping your feet dry and cool on the inside. The removable insoles make it easy to put in an orthotic or other insert to increase comfort and fit.

These lace-up shoes are highly slip-resistant, relying on Shoes for Crews anti-slip technology to give you a sturdy footing and traction on all surfaces and slippery environments. Sizing is true to fit, in sizes ranging from 4 to 13, including half-sizes. For men and women, this bootie-style high top will have you looking good and staying safe during your time in the kitchen.


  • High top for good ankle support
  • Breathable knitted textile uppers
  • Removable insoles
  • Anti-slip technology on the soles


  • Sizing is tricky with the same sizes marked for men and women
  • Available only in black

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What to look for:

When you spend long hours on your feet working in a home or industrial kitchen, you’re doing a lot of standing and running around, often on floors that are sticky and wet from hours of food prep. That’s when you need a good pair of kitchen shoes to help get you through it all. It’s no secret that kitchen environments go hand in hand with grease and liquids, a lot of which can end up on the floor. Whether at home or at work, the last thing you need is to slip on some grease or water and go flying to the ground. That’s where kitchen shoes come in, but here are some features that make good kitchen shoes stand out from regular shoes. Consider these factors before investing in a pair.



Kitchen shoes come in a variety of styles and while you want to look good when you’re working, safety and fashion don’t always go hand in hand. Kitchen shoes are specifically designed to be more functional than fashionable, since what you really need is a good shoe that is comfortable and has a non-slip sole to keep you safe in a slippery environment. That’s not to say you have to invest in a pair of kitchen shoes that are unattractive or not to your taste – many are available in different colors and whimsical designs, as well as a variety of styles, from high top sneakers and clogs to oxfords. Many kitchen shoes are designed specifically for men or women, while there are many styles that are unisex. With such a wide range of choice, it’s totally possible to find something that suits your personal taste and gets the job done, too.

Laces versus no laces:

Shoes with laces can end up being a tripping hazard. The last thing you need is to trip on an undone shoelace while you are when carrying hot pans or nicely presented meals. That’s why many chefs prefer to wear slip-on shoes with no laces. While some top quality kitchen shoes have laces, others have more convenient bungee laces or are slip-ons. The one you choose will depend upon the kind of work you do in the kitchen and the likelihood that your shoes will come untied during the day.

Slip-resistant soles:

Slips, trips and falls are the most common workplace accident, especially in a busy kitchen environment. So much ends up on the floor – spilt liquids or condiments, food debris or even the mopping and cleaning up of a spill – all of this and more can make floors dangerous. A slip-resistant sole is a must-have on a kitchen shoe. This means looking for a shoe with a rubberized sole with treads that has preferably been tested and certified as slip-resistant. This way you can feel confident on your feet when you’re running about preparing and serving food.


If you’re spending a lot of time on your feet – and let’s face it, kitchen work sometimes seems endless – your feet are going to need to breathe. If the shoes you are wearing don’t have enough ventilation, your feet can become too warm, uncomfortable and even start to smell. Look for breathable fabric, and if you choose clogs or a molded shoe, go for one with a sling back, which provides some ventilation.


Kitchen shoes come in a range of prices to suit most budgets. As a general rule of thumb, shoes made of synthetic materials will be less expensive than those made from genuine leather. As well, shoes with a steel toe guard will also cost a bit more. While you should never spend more than you can afford, if you are on your feet a lot, a better quality shoe will last longer, saving you money in the long run if you don’t have to buy a new pair every couple of months.


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